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Found 15 results

  1. My husky is a year old and has began to bite. I recently moved back in with my husband and 2 teenage sons and he's bitten all 3 for different reasons. He's become food aggressive since contracting parvo and the biting has spiraled from that. What could be triggering this behavior and how do I get him to stop
  2. Help Me Please!! Hello I need some help with a 2 year old husky female named Jasmine. I have had her since she was 5 weeks old and here recently she is acting different then she has ever before. She seems scared of everything. I cant take her out to walk or anything. And she is also nipping at people when we are outside and she has never been aggresive before. I dont want to lose my babybut if she doesnt stop viting im afraid i will have to give her up. What do i do??
  3. Hey! I have a 6 month old siberian husky girl, and she is biting me whenever she is frustrated, wants to play, when she is tired and so on! I feel like her biting is becoming Harder and harder, and i dont know what to do... I am afraid it will escalate! Do anyone have any tips for us?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm after some help. I have an eight month old husky boy called Tikaani. I take him to puppy classes every week to help with his obedience and train him a little everyday. Recently I've been finding that training is becoming, shall we say, a little over stimulating. We train for around 20mins and in that time he is good as gold (for the most part) however towards the end he starts to get incredibly bitey. He ignores toys and will charge and bite my arm. I'm not sure how to deal with this, I've been told to put him in a crate or quiet room with something to chew on to calm him, BUT (and this may be where my inexperience comes into practice) would this not be rewarding him for biting behaviour? Or is removing myself from the room enough to make him think that biting is not acceptable? This doesn't only happen during training but also when playing as well, after a time he'll ignore the toy and then think I'm the better option. I remain calm and don't flap my arms, push him away or make high pitched noises so to encourage him, unfortunately I can't say the same for others in the house that he will then pursue relentlessly. Most of the time he's a lovely lad but his biting is getting stronger. Please help! Thank you
  5. our pup keeps mouthing the cat on his neck we keep trying to distract her when it happens but she keeps going back to him what doesn't help is he lets her do it like he enjoys it he is a bengal
  6. My husky puppy is 10 weeks & we love him to pieces but we can't seem to stop his play biting when he's in that playful mood! He bites our hands & feet & our other dog constantly! Will he grow out of this stage as he ages!? I just don't want him to grow up biting people & usually huskies don't have an aggressive nature! When he was younger & still with the breeder, I never saw him do that! When he's tired, he's calm & will let us hold & love on him but not when he wants to play! It's all bite bite bite! He starts puppy training classes on the 26th. I will definitely be addressing this issue with them at Petsmart! Anyone else have this problem with their puppies? Any input would be appreciated!
  7. Hello, I love my puppy but he loves biting everything. He is 8 weeks and I guess that's normal. He bites EVERYTHING!! Especially me. When we are playing I put my hands and fingers in his mouth. If it hurts I will yelp and he loosens up "sometimes." Sometimes I think he finds it funny because he will bite harder and it looks like he is laughing. When I am praising him and rubbing him and speaking softly to him, he gently bites my fingers and hands. He is so gentle at that time. This dog is awfully smart. He loves to bite, he is eating my slippers, T-shirt, he is even biting his wire crate....good luck with that! I want it to subside before he gets older. He is 8 weeks. I don't want him biting other people...that is absolutely not acceptable. Lastly, I read that putting peanut butter or other foods on your finger will help in subsiding his need bite. Instead he will begin to lick your hands and fingers.....Any thoughts on how to stop or lessen the biting?
  8. My husky is almost 4 months old (born March 2nd, 2014) and he likes to bite my feet, legs, hands, arms for attention and the longer I take to respond the harder the bites get. I've tried ignoring him and turning my body 45 degrees away from him until he stops but that just makes him bite harder, so I remove myself and leave the room but that doesn't have an effect on when I see him the next time because he keeps on biting. I've tried yelling No! that doesn't even affect him. I've tried holding his snout and yelling No! and not letting go until he calms down, that just gets him to come back and bites me harder as soon as I let go (he thinks I'm playing with him? idk). I even tried pulling him away every time he bites, he just comes back and bites harder. I don't know what to do, and it's starting to get painful as he's teething he bites harder than usual. He bites on my clothes all the time, and when I try pulling them out of his mouth yelling No! he tugs on them harder. I tried yelping too, doesn't affect him. Is this normal? How should I handle it? and how long until I can see results and behavioral change? Also, I ran into a lady who had a german shepard for 7 years and she told me that it's normal for puppies to be like that and that they grow out of it on their own before they reach one year. Is that true?
  9. Hi, my husky is 7 months old and I've been trying to stop him from biting ever since i got him at 7 weeks old. He bites for attention and when he is playing. Also he bites if you sit on the ground with him and sometimes he starts humping the person on the ground, especially my girlfriend when she tries to get up. The biting isn't hard yet but I'm afraid it will get hard. I tell him "no bite" and either keep my hands still so he loses interest or move them away or grab his lower jaw and push his gums into his mouth so he bites them (this seems to work, he licks my hands after instead of biting). If it gets to bad i put him in timeout (his crate since i have no other time out place). I'm making progress with him for me but my girlfriend, my mom, my dad, and my parents dogs are having trouble with him biting. Any tips on trying to stop him from biting?
  10. Suggestions needed! Kodi is a one year old husky that still has lots of energy. He gets a morning and evening walk/run. During the day he sleeps in the house and is totally chill. I'm off work this summer (school teacher) so he and our other dog don't have to be crated as much. His most annoying behavior is his biting/mouthing. He does this behavior in two situations mostly. One, when people come over he barks, jumps and mouths to greet. To stop that I hold him back by the collar, try to make him sit or lie down and then let people approach him, or I put him outside if he is over the top. He does calm down after a while and he will submit generally... 2nd situation is when I go outside with my daughter (2.5) to play or mow the lawn etc.... He will come outside too. he tends to want to play and to initiate play he will run full tilt at a person and jump or bit/mouth their arm. If I'm not super attentive he does this to my daughter, she cries, I can't even get him to sit or down as he keeps running around the yard in excitement. If I play fetch or tug of war with him it helps a bit but he still gets like this again and again until I give up and go inside. Yesterday this happened after dinner despite the 10km run he went on in the morning. I know his intension is to get us to play- but he does it in a dog way not a people acceptable way. He doesn't want to fetch balls much but will go for his toy duck a bit if I drop everything I'm doing and engage him. I'm super frustrated that we let it get like this and that I am fearful to have anyone over. He has bitten all of us, broken skin on my husband, myself and my father in law.... and annoyed other family members. I want to feel safe to invite friends over with small children but right now I don't. Suggestions????
  11. Hello husky family... curious to know if anyone else has a husky puppy who bites, not aggressively but it is definitely intentional. I have tried all the recommended tricks and nothing is working. She will bite me when she gets over excited, it's playful but she is getting bigger and it's starting to hurt. She will also come over and nip my butt if I am hugging someone or not paying attention to her. She jumps on my youngest and will grab ahold of him (he's 6). We've put her in her crate for 30 sec. at a time, we've put her outside, we've chained her up for 30 sec, over and over. She is worse outside.. my son can't run or she is all over him. I need to fix this asap or nobody will be able to play in the backyard, I don't want my son getting hurt by accident. The only thing that kind of works is bitter apple, she can't stand it, if I just show her the bottle she will back off, so I know she understands. Is this a phase.. does anyone have the same experience? The other night I took her for a walk and I had to cut it short and when I turned to go back home, she realized it was over and she got all mental, starting biting the chain, jumping up and biting my elbow.. I couldn't even walk, it was ridiculous. She's been to puppy training and performs very well when we are there, very showy but at home she it is different.
  12. Hi, new here. I was just wondering, my husky has turned 10 months. He stays outside in the back garden and when any of the family go out to the back to him he gets excited and playful and jumps. The problem is when he jumps he jumps for your arms and nips them. Everyone shouts no at him when he does this and turns around and ignores him. He will then go and start nipping the back of your legs to try and make you turn around or push himself between your legs lol. Nothing we do seems to stop him from nipping. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. So after Andi got comfortable enough with me and my boyfriend to finally start acting like herself, she started getting into this habit of biting. And in the past few days it has turned into jumping and snapping at my face. I think she's just being playful but I really need to stop this behavior before it gets any worse. I've tried redirecting her to toys and that will work for all of 30 seconds... I've tried putting her in time out but it doesn't seem to faze her very much at all.. It's only me she will act this way with so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've tried to show that I am the "pack leader" as much as I can (always the first one out the door, making her sit for food, etc.) but she still misbehaves and it only gets worse when Matt leaves for work. She's also gotten into this habit of barking and howling whenever I tell her "no" or "down." Not really sure what else to try. I know she's still just a puppy and it's going to get worse but I just want to make sure I'm doing everything I can and that I'm not missing anything.
  14. Our smaller husky nips when she plays, our big dog just ignores her, or puts her back in her place, but more recently she's been doing it to dogs in the park and chasing smaller terrier types. She's about 9 months old She got into a little fight with another husky the last time we took her out and I have the teeth holes to prove it. The fight was nothing really, but was more than playful if you know what i mean and i don't want other owners thinking we have a bad dog. She gets on great with a northern inuit and a few other dogs that she knows. It's hard to explain but she's not aggressive, just nips. I know Zena's worried about taking the dogs out on her own, and our dogs are almost always off their leads so telling her off is difficult if she's 20 yards away. Any suggestions?
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