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Found 14 results

  1. My 4 year old Husky, Saria, began acting odd a few days ago. She began by whimpering often and wanting attention more than usual. She also would hide under the bed for no apparent reason- she only goes there when she has a toy or treat that she didn't want any of our dogs to get. I thought she was behaving that way because I haven't been able to walk her lately or take her outside to play. So I bought toys, took her out for a walk to see if that would resolve it. I noticed she was more upbeat with a new toy, and I was happy to see that improvement. As of a few minutes ago, her behavior completely shifted. She began whimpering even more, and would grab a bigger squeaky toy and whimper while it is in her mouth. Her tail is also down which is something I haven't ever seen in her. Everywhere I allow her to go, she takes her toy and begins whimpering again. She is not in any physical pain (which is why I haven't taken her to a vet) and maybe think she's going to be in heat soon. I also was rubbing her belly yesterday and accidentally squeezed her nipple to find a good amount of white liquid/ milk (?). I've read about false pregnancies among dogs and it seems like she could possibly be going through something similar. Anyone has been through this situation and would be able to provide any help? She isn't pregnant (not spayed though) and I don't know what could've triggered this.
  2. My 60lb, 9 month old, Siberian Husky (Mac), will only eat his kibble if there is either water or bone/chicken/beef broth mixed into it and slightly soaked into it. Most of the time he just laps up the liquids and then pushes on the food with his nose to squeeze more liquids out, when he can't get anymore flavorful liquids out of his bowl and/or semi soaked kibble, he starts to whine and push his bowl around looking for more. Sometimes he eats all of his food, probably 1/3 of the time. I've tried adding fresh chicken or beef to it with veggies all chopped up fine, and he just ends up picking those out unless I put a lot of liquids in the bowl and he will chomp down everything sometimes. I just want him to be eating enough food for his age, I rarely give him treats and only feed 2-3 times a day, lots of walks/runs. He will literally wait days until I give him food flooded with broth or water.. Can someone help me? This is frustrating, I know this is the only kibble he will touch because I've tried a lot of them and this one is by far the winner by a long shot. Taste of the Wild, with or without the Ancient Grains. Thanks for the advice or comments.
  3. I have a 5month old male pup, Apollo. I got him at 6 weeks for my 10 yo son. A coworker had an oops litter and was in a hurry to get rid of them. After bringing Apollo home, I noticed when I would take him outside to potty, he would love to go in my flower beds that contained rocks. It didn't take long to teach him to go in the grass. To this day though, I continue to have issues with him going in the house or in his crate. I learned not long ago that this coworker kept the pups on a cement patio, so I've read it can be difficult to potty train if they learned to go on hard surface at the beginning. In the past with other dogs I've had, I used the rub the nose in the mess, spank and take outside along with setting timers and watching for cues and it didn't take longer than a week to house break. This has absolutely not worked for Apollo. What makes it hard is we have 1.5 acres that is not fenced so it is left to us to take him out on a leash. Failed methods: ---setting a timer frequently. He would go outside, come back in playing and just stop and go right where he's at....shows no cues he had to go again. Or we go outside for a long time, nothing. Go back in, reset a timer for 5 minutes, but he'll go before the timer...again he shows no cues. He knows when I say let's potty, to run to the back door, but he doesn't let me know on his own when he needs to go out. (I've never in my life not seen the timer method not work!) ---crate training. I work night shift. I was setting my alarm every 2 to 3 hours to get up to take him out. This helped until he learned what time I get up for good and in between the last alarm and before I officially get up, he would pee in his crate and then cry. I think he learned when he goes in crate, we take him out, and clean it. So, I started letting him wait it out in his mess. Eventually it didn't bother him and he would lay in it...after a few days of this battle of the wills he stopped for a time. When it started again, I put a divider in there. This did help until he became too long legged and when he slept stretched out his legs were sticking out. My bf is currently not working and home a majority of the time so he lets him out frequently during the day and at night while I work. We have had incidents where we take him, he goes, back to crate, stares at us and pees in the crate. Now I do admit recently he has been better about holding it. He's smart. He knows as soon as that leash goes on, we go straight to the grass and he's quick about doing his business. Yes, we give him lots of exciting praise, or treats, extra play time etc... ---umbilical method. Well, when he doesn't show you cues he needs to go and just randomly pees even while attached to you, I don't know what to say. I stopped this and letting him in the house when less than a month ago, I had him in bed with us, bf called him over to him and Apollo stepped over me to walk to him then stopped between us and peed in our bed before I even saw his stance, it happened so fast. I'm scared to let him back in the house to try again because bf gets frustrated easily with the pottying in the house (we moved there a year ago and he feels like it's tearing up the house). Money is strapped at the moment with him not working or we would build a dog run. We let him out frequently, take him walking in mornings and evenings with play time. I think he wants to be by our side at all times. Bf wants to rehome him bc he's frustrated with him not housebreaking and seeing him in crate. I don't want to do this, but I know I have to think of Apollo too and it's not fair to him that bf lost his job after we got him and money is strapped right now. Apollo is so smart other than this potty stuff lol! Yes, I have used enzyme sprays, tried vinegar and regular dawn dish soap to clean up messes. Any other advice?
  4. I have a 7 year old male, who i've had for about 4 years. He came from a stressful, lonely living situation and adjust well to living with me and my other dog (he never tears things apart or chews them like he did with his prior owner). However, since I got him, he seems to get tired of dry dog food every couple months. I change it and he is fine for a while. Now, since around Christmas, I struggle to get him to eat every single meal. I've changed his food, Ive put freezedried raw toppings on it, dog gravy, etc. He is excited and eats it right up for a couple of days, then looses interest. Sometimes, he wont even come in the room when i put the food down. Sometimes he will just lay down next to the bowl. He almost always tips the bowl over. When he does eat, he usually doesnt finish the bowl unless i put more topping on it. Ive had it to the vet and there is nothing physically wrong. He gets a good amount of exercise, I play with him a couple times a day and he plays with my other dog everyday too. Ive contacted a trainer, Neither of them have any input on how to resolve this. Any idea would be greatly appreciated. This is very frustrating. Thank you.
  5. Hi! I've had this issue with Odin since he entered puberty; he's sort of aggressive towards young puppies - but ONLY husky & malamute puppies. He gets along fine with small dogs when off leash in the dog park, but once a husky or mal puppy comes in I have to chase him around to make sure he doesn't hurt it. The first 'greeting' he does towards the puppy would be to run straight to it, wrestle a bit then bite the neck. The puppy was terrified and crying and he still won't leave it alone. It's scary to look at and scary for the puppy owner too. He'll growl and try to pin the puppy down, and bare his teeth when I pull him away. He'll go back to chasing and biting the puppy's neck if I let him go. It seems like he's turned into a playground bully and I'm really concerned about it. How do I correct this behavior? We don't always meet husky or mal puppy during our visit to the park so I have only few chances to correct him so I need to do it right.
  6. I have a 4 yr old female husky mix, she has been checked out by the vet and is healthy. we adopted her a little over a month ago and she's been great, up until last week. She has started peeing on the couch and getting in to trash while we're gone. The longest she's ever alone is 9 hours max. She goes out twice in the morning and twice in the evening and gets plenty of play time. This morning, I had left and my roommate was getting ready, there was not even a half hour period between when i was gone and he came out of his room and she had gotten into the trash. There wasn't even much in it.... She will go for 10ish hours at night when we are at home, so its not like she isn't able to hold it. We would like to avoid crate training if possible. any advice would be great.
  7. Hi, My husband and I have 2 huskies, Molly and Sammy. Both will be turning 6 during the first half of this year. We've had Molly since she was 8 weeks. She's the sweetest, greatest dog, but there have been some changes in her that have me worried. Typically, when the dogs are outside, Molly likes to stay out longer than Sammy. Sammy likes to come in after like 10-20 minutes, then go back outside after another 20 minutes. But, when I want them to come in, they usually do well with responding. If I need some coaxing, I'll say, "do you want a treat?" and their ears will perk up, and they'll come running in. I'll give them a little piece of treat. That was working great up until the weather started to get cold, so maybe like 2 months now. Once the weather turned colder, Molly, especially started to want to stay outside longer, and using "treat" became effective maybe 20% of the time. Now, over like the past 2 weeks, she REALLY doesn't want to come in, and when we gotta leave the house, like for work, we need her to come inside. So, now it's like I don't really want to let her outside if I am going to need to leave the house within like the next 30 minutes or so. If you go outside to get her, she'll run away from you all over the yard. It's not a big yard. Fenced in, probably about 60x30. Now, she acted this way periodically last year, so if this was all that was going on, I wouldn't actually be worried - I'd be working on training, but it's this other stuff that started like 2-3 days ago that's freaking me out. Okay, so the other evening, my husband and I went outside together to get her inside. We weren't mean or yelling or anything, but we were stern, like "Molly, come." We kind of had to corner her until she kind of gave up on bolting past us, and we took her in, but she resisted a bit, which is weird. It was raining and muddy, so we had a little towel to dry off her feet, and she was cowering against the door, shaking and making low whining sounds (the low whining is something she's done ever since we held her when we were visiting her before we could take her home--she does it when she's gotta do something she doesn't want to do, like if you're holding her and she wants to go). When we let her go, she ran upstairs. A little while later, she seemed to be a little better, but she would still kind of not come to us, and still appeared in a somewhat fearful stature, not the perky, high-energy dog she usually is. This evening is the 3rd time I think....she was outside most of the day. It's raining and very wet, and yet she would lay outside with her nose under the fence gate, like they usually do, or she'd lay on the tiny back porch. It was about 10pm, and I wanted her to come in so I could head upstairs. I went outside and she ran from me, over to the fence and was flat up against it, then she squatted like she was peeing, and then she didn't run from me as I walked over to her, but she was cowering a little. I put the leash on her and she was resisting a little, like she did not want to come in the house at all. I can't think of anything me or my husband might have done inadvertently to cause her fear or anxiety, nor can I think of anything inside or outside that may have caused this change, like any loud noises or whatever...Sammy has no problems in or out, so whatever it is, he is not sensing it or privy to it, which also makes me think it's not anything outside like an animal, etc. So, I brought her inside and was trying to get my shoes off and then get a towel to dry her off, and she kept kind of trying to slink away, but she was still leashed. Tail between her legs, shaking, whining. I toweled her off, unleashed her, and said, "okay, go ahead." and she left and I heard her run upstairs. She came back down because the doors were closed and went to her spot between the end of the couch and the wall. I had a little treat, and she came to me for that, but other wise, when I come into the room, she sort of turns her head and tries to avoid me (not always, just briefly after this coming in the house episode stuff). We're going to try increasing exercise, with walks, dog park, etc. Try reinforcing some training, and so on. Then look into taking her to the vet. I've already googled this and have read some posts to this exact thing - sudden change, won't come inside, shaking and seeming fearful...- and the responses seem to be things like, fearful of something inside or outside...in pain, cold, a result to some change, etc, but no one has given any responses with the answer for their dogs behavior. I can't think of anything that has changed or happened. These weren't huskies, so I thought I'd inquire on here if anyone had this issue and figured out the reason, or has any other advice I might not have come across. Thank you!
  8. my husky is almost 4 years old now and we have been having some serious issues with him marking in our house recently. my husband also thinks that he has respect issues towards me because it only happens when i am home. for example when i went to take a shower today, my husband came home for his lunch break and noticed that dan had marked in 2 places. he is also really bad about getting in my face and panting and whining at me. i always take it as he needs to go outside and potty, but recently he will do it right after i bring him inside so I'm thinking something else is bothering him and i don't know what it could be. i work part time and i am home with him a lot, he gets tons of attention and is spoiled rotten, i take him to the dog park a few times a week to get him exercise and to play with other dogs. my husband and i are just worried because we have a baby on the way and i am afraid we won't be able to give dan the attention that he needs. has anyone dealt with this sort of behavior before or does anyone have suggestions on how to fix it? any suggestions would be very appreciated.
  9. my husky is almost 4 years old now and we have been having some serious issues with him marking in our house recently. my husband also thinks that he has respect issues towards me because it only happens when i am home. for example when i went to take a shower today, my husband came home for his lunch break and noticed that dan had marked in 2 places. he is also really bad about getting in my face and panting and whining at me. i always take it as he needs to go outside and potty, but recently he will do it right after i bring him inside so I'm thinking something else is bothering him and i don't know what it could be. i work part time and i am home with him a lot, he gets tons of attention and is spoiled rotten, i take him to the dog park a few times a week to get him exercise and to play with other dogs. my husband and i are just worried because we have a baby on the way and i am afraid we won't be able to give dan the attention that he needs. has anyone dealt with this sort of behavior before or does anyone have suggestions on how to fix it? any suggestions would be very appreciated.
  10. So today I was out on a jog with Freya, and we stopped on our way home where a woman who lives near me was in the garden with her dog (an adorable fat lab haha), and it was all going well until I put my hand through the bars of their gate to stroke Meg (the woman's dog), and Freya snapped at her... It wasn't a snarl or anything too aggressive, it was more of a mini lunge and a quick grumble/bark... She's never done it before, and she's such a happy-go-lucky, friendly kind of dog that I wasn't expecting it. Plus, I've heard everywhere that Husky's aren't the most protective dog, so I was kind of shocked. It was fine, the woman and I just found it quite funny, and they got along quite well, sniffing and playing but as soon as I called Meg over to me and she began licking me or whatever, Freya just snaps at her ;'D Anyone else ever had this experience? Is it anything I should be worried about? I'm just putting it down to her being a jealous moo haha ;')
  11. Hi. My fiancee and I recently adopted a young Husky. She will be one year old April 20th of this year. A student we knew did not have the time to dedicate to such an active dog between two jobs and going to school full time and I knew we had the love and time to dedicate to her. So we took her in. However, we do have two cats. The cats are taking well to her and don't seem to mind that she's around, but she wants to play something awful and they are not having it. We are worried that she's is going to be too aggressive with them and injure or kill one of them. From Husky owners who have previous experience with this, my question is, is there any way to make her understand that our cats aren't interested in playing in the same way she is and she needs to be a little bit more relaxed with them? I know huskies are very predatory, but I don't feel as though she thinks of them as a snack as much as friends. She is always happy to see them, but they are not as happy to see her when she is excited. Thank you so much for your help. Everyone, meet Nova.
  12. Hello! We are new Husky owners, and our cute Kiana is now 5 1/2 months old. The vet said she is entering adolescence, and it's obvious. She knows basic commands from puppy school and is in advanced training, but she only minds when we have treats. We practice training her every night, but when she is not in a "training session," she will ignore us. For example, she loves to grab shoes, blankets, couch pillows, etc and dash around the house. She no longer responds when we say "NO! Drop it!" and thinks it's a game. We will even give her short "time outs" in the bathroom after she misbehaves and make her do some commands before she returns, but she goes right back to it when she's done. Sometimes she nips at our feet and hands when she is frustrated and wants our attention or when she doesn't want to follow a command. She challenges us every day. Kiana gets two 30-60 min walks a day and some playtime in the evening. Any suggestions for curbing this bratty behavior?
  13. Quick story for those that dont know about Maya... She is 4yrs old, her owner died 2yrs ago, the husband is depressed, Maya was uncared for, Maya is now overweight, Maya moved in with my boyfriend, son and I on Sunday Nov 17. Ok, so here's the problem.. I'm walking her as much as possible to help her get back into shape. I work from 7am - 4pm so when I get home she gets overly excited and jumps on me. It hurts a little but it doesnt bother me as much, although my bf says thats unacceptable (is it?). I go for the leash and she goes wild once she sees it. She tries to grab the leash with her mouth and it makes it very difficult for me to put it on her. (Im afraid of getting bit). Once I put it on her she bites on the actual chain and pulls it as she rushes towards the door. I know she is just letting me know she is ready to go for our walk but this makes things more complicated. It takes me at least 15min just to get her leash on. PLEASE HELP!
  14. Ten days ago I brought home from the local humane society a 13 week old puppy, who just happens to be husky mixed with something else (no one is 100% sure but could be hound). This is my fiance's and I's first dog together as well as my first time with a husky. My fiance had a husky when he was younger but did not do any training since he was so little. I know everyone says not to get a husky unless you have worked with them before but we all have to start somewhere and he is our starting place. We are at our end with him (we are not going to give him up, however, this is a learning process that will take time and we just have to find what works for this breed). He jumps up on us, nips at us, climbs on the furniture and when we take him off and tell him no he just gets back up there like it is a game to him, tries to knock us over to get out the door, becomes fixated on my cat and chases her down. He knows sit and that is about all, we are working on other commands but we need help with these problems first. We have even tried NILIF and that worked for a day but now he gets aggressive if we try that. Maybe we aren't doing it right. He is good on a leash and walks excelently. Any advice would be helpful at this point. I know people say pets are as smart as thier owners, we are smart but this is our first husky and we are determined to learn from this as we are to teach him. Any advice would be helpful. We have enrolled him in puppy classes but that starts in two weeks and we need to start trying something that will be effective now for the problems listed above. Thanks, Carrington
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