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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, so am still a bit shaken. We live in a quiet suburban neighborhood with mowed manicured lawns... We were walking peacefully up the street to our house in the sunshine, when suddenly our neighbor's dog ran out of the yard with his leash trailing behind him, and attacked my dog! He has been barking and growling whenever we go by - their house is on the corner one block away, so we can't avoid it unless willing to walk a long detour. Anyway I was so surprised, I couldn't believe he was actually attacking - I was trying to drag my dog away (he met the attack head-on, with growls and bared teeth) but the attacking dog followed us - finally I got angry and I advanced on the attacking dog and yelled "Get Away!!" At that, he backed off. I realized that I actually have no idea what I should have done... I'm also worried that my own dog is going to become "dog-aggressive" after the incident. I checked my dog over carefully and I think his thick husky fur helped - no punctures, no bite wounds. He seems to have defended himself well, though he was confined on leash and the other dog was free. Anyway it was a nasty encounter and I'm mad that my neighbor, who came running out of the house at the noise, has not even come by to ask if my dog was hurt. ( I couldn't stay to discuss what happened of course, because our dogs were busy fighting...) What's the best way to handle a dog attacking your dog?!! Tempted to give that dog a good kick next time he tries it! (OK, probably not a good idea - I know)
  2. So I posted before about our new puppy (Loki 8 weeks) being attacked by my older husky (Kyra 7years) while Kyra was standing over her food and Loki was playing under her legs. We chalked that up to food aggression and started feeding them in their separate crates, which has worked and made things a lot better. Tonight, just 10 minutes ago, Loki jumped up to nip at Kyra's neck, just like he always does - and usually Kyra just plays along - but this time Kyra attacked him again. We jumped in a lot sooner than the first occurrence, so luckily Loki didn't get hurt - just scared. Now I'm not sure if Kyra would've kept going at him had we jumped in, but now I'm scared to have them around each other. Kyra has NEVER had a problem with other dogs - but then again we've never brought another into her home for so long. If she doesn't have the patience for a puppy, how in the world would she have the patience for when my fiancé and I start having little ones running around and jumping and tugging all over her. I need any help I can get. We love this puppy, but Kyra was my first dog that I raised on my own and I love her like my child. And I would NEVER put my future children at risk. What do we do???
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