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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all! Looking for advice/help. Out husky is 3 years(as of January) old but we only got on the 4th March. She's been in the family since birth but due to family troubles we've ended up taking her. Up until us she lives with two other huskies (mum and dad). When we first got her she distoryed al it if things and we put it down to missing them. However since then we've looked after her daughter for two weeks and she did the same so now we know it's us she's missing. She's very loving and follows me round everywhere, she's definitely a mummy's girl! Shes crated in the day and she's stopped moving the crate across the room, although does try and get out. She doesn't shred anything any more either (i.e mats and bedding) however she does scratch the door massively and it's a big problem due to us being in a rented house... we touch a massive gambled having her and I promise don't the landlord she was excellent behaviour. We are seeing progress but I just wondered if anyone had any more tips or advice. She doesn't bother with toys and we have a kong. Thank you.
  2. I've had several dogs in my life time and worked with a great many more. I've been around more than my fair share of huskies and had a hand in the raising and early training of several litters of husky pups. I'm really at a loss here. I don't know if maybe I'm just overwhelmed because I'm disapointed but I could really use some outside advice. Today we adopted a 2 year old female husky. At her previous owner's home she was very vocal at us and very hesitant but after a few minutes warmed right up and by the time we went to get her into the van she was laying her head in my hands and enjoying full on cheek and neck fluffs. She rode in the van beautifully without a sound, relaxed and calm. Outside our home she was inquisitive and friendly. Inside? Not so much. She sat in front of the door and wouldn't move until we got her crate set up, now she's laying in the crate and growls at my husband every time he comes near it. I know it'll take her a while to get used to her new surroundings but I'm also worried. She won't take either food or water. I'm a little heartbroken that she won't have anything to do with me at the moment but I am absolutely prepared to be as patient as she needs for as long as she needs. No other dog I've had has been this way. Do you suppose this is just a normal transition or a red flag? Any advice welcome!
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