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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, All Husky lovers! I'm reaching out to ask for your help. I recently wrote an article about the Alaskan Husky vs Siberian Husky breed and would love your feedback on it. If you have a moment, please look at the link below and leave a rating out of 10. In addition to your overall rating, it would be helpful if you could provide specific feedback on the article's content. What did you like or not like about it? Did you find it informative and useful? Are there any suggestions you have for improving it? Your input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your support! Article Link: https://dtua.org/alaskan-husky-vs-siberian-husky/ Mods/Admins: This message is not intended for advertising or spam purposes. Please delete the link if you feel it violates the forum guidelines.
  2. My 18 month old alaskan husky/malamute mix Miska! https://imgur.com/gallery/o64Wq8y I just wrote about a story that happened to me a few days ago where Miska put himself in the line of fire to defend me at a park! Here is the link to that story if you are interested
  3. Hi guys! I have a 1 year old Alaskan Husky male, and Im not sure if I am feeding him correctly. I have tried to talk to my vet about it, but I don`t think he has much experience with huskys so it was not very helpful. Balder has just turned 1 year, and weigh 23kg. The average weight for his type should be 25-28 fully grown, so the weight seems fine to me. What worries me is that i can see all his ribs and his spine, and that many people including my vet says he is underweight. He seems healthy and happy. I have fed him kibble all his life, and sometimes some raw meet. His poop is often loose, so I have tried different brands. Right now his getting James Well beloved, but there is no difference. What do you guys recommend to feed him? Is there any supplements I can try? Should I switch to raw diet? Where do I get raw food from in West London? Any good vets in ealing area? and so on.., Thank you!!!
  4. Hi everyone! Im a 23 year old Norwegian girl who just moved to London with my 1 year old Alaskan Husky - Balder. Balder is my first dog ever, but I have been training horses for a living before so I have some knowledge about training animals. But, I would love to meet other people with husky's and learn more about the breed and training. Right now we are slowly starting to bike together, and both of us love it. Unfortionately I have no idea if Im doing it right. Hopefully I will meet someone here that could help us out! Balder is a sweet boy, and I am a very lucky owner! Heres some pictures: Balder and I biking in Wales this summer
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