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Found 2 results

  1. My Siberian Husky being an Alpha Male dog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZJhCBTf8Hg
  2. Hi all! I've been searching the forums and didn't find a topic that seems to address an issue I have currently with my pooch. I'll get right to the point, I have a challenge with my Siberian Husky, Phoenix, who is possessive of me... toward other dogs especially with puppies. Phoenix is a red/white Siberian, spayed, and she's just over 5 years old now. Up to about 3.5 years she was extremely friendly with all dogs and going to the local off-leash dog park was something we did several times a week. She was very submissive as a puppy but grew into a confident and often the "alpha" dog when in groups. Her favorite groups were other Husky types. She has always done better with dogs her size; She gets excited and has a pray instinct with small animals, including smaller dogs i.e. under 20lbs, I've been cautious about, but there hasn't been any incidents that cause alarm. One day she just started getting aggressive at other dogs at the park. At first I thought it was a one-time strange occurrence. I did all the normal stuff, checked her health and monitored her behavior. But, it happened over and over - but not every time we went to the dog park. Almost like there were good and bad days... So, I started tracking when the issue occurred, if there was a pattern. I found that she only got upset at other dogs if either I paid the other dog attention or if the other dog was fast walking/running towards me. I thought it was a protective "issue" for some time, like she was putting herself in-between me and "dangerous dogs." However, I ruled that out as she will let a scary/dangiouus human come right up to me and she greets them like they are her best-friend. She has always been wonderful with humans... she is often the dog my friends/family introduce their small children to as she is very patient and doesn't react to the small tugs and pulls some children cannot help as they learn proper behavior with a dog. But back to Phoenix and being possessive of me. For about a year and a half now, I just take her to the park when I know we will be alone or very few other dogs present. I avoid petting other dogs and try to stay away from them and thus avoid any incident. I don't want to be that owner that has the "problem dog." We leave if the crowd gets large or if I see a puppy coming. Puppies are the worst, I think their lack of understanding her "hints," to get away from me, don't help and then it's a puppy I have to worry about her possibly "terrorizing." So, we go for a lot of walks now, just the two of us. She is well exercised and a healthy dog. I'd like to get her back to going to the dog parks. It was really nice not to have to keep her on leash (she got more varied exercise that way) and I truly think she liked playing with the other dogs. We have another dog in the household - a male Doberman Pincher. She has no issue with him. They grew up together and are at worst they are like brother and sister - occasionally bickering at each other but 15-min later they are sleeping in the same bed. By the way, the Doberman is totally fine at the park and with other dogs. No issues like Phoenix's possessiveness. Any ideas for how to address the possessiveness? I should note, back when this all started I did take her to a trainer/behaviorist, but it wasn't very helpful. The training noted that one reason Phoenix got aggressive was because I was tensing up when dogs came near. I try, but it's a bit difficult to stay loose and confident when you worry that your dog is going to be the problem at a greeting. The trainer also note that, "Female Huskies get this way at 2-3 years, and it's normal." I don't know if this is true, she is my first Husky (I had border collies before - what a difference, but that's another story...). So, is this normal behavior? If it is, are the actions I'm taking (dog parks at low volume times and solo walks) the best course of action or can I try some other things to help her maybe be friends again? Thanks for taking the time to read and if you have ideas I'm open to them. Cheers!
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