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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, about a week ago Ocean, my 4 year old Husky, chased down a street cat. I tried to intervene to train Ocean and to save the cat, and got myself bitten in the process. The bite is fine and i took a tetanus shot and antibiotic course as a precaution. the wound is minimal. i have since been interacting normally with her. Anyway, last night Ocean started acting out of character: excessive hauling, no appetite. she was fine this afternoon, although still no appetite, and then turned aggressive and tried to bite me. that is not her normal and it has not happened in the 4 years. I would appreciate some advice please; what do you think is going on?
  2. Help Me Please!! Hello I need some help with a 2 year old husky female named Jasmine. I have had her since she was 5 weeks old and here recently she is acting different then she has ever before. She seems scared of everything. I cant take her out to walk or anything. And she is also nipping at people when we are outside and she has never been aggresive before. I dont want to lose my babybut if she doesnt stop viting im afraid i will have to give her up. What do i do??
  3. Hello, I have a 9 month old siberian husky who has been very possessive and aggressive towards me for a few months. She will grab my socks, cloths, hair clips and won't let go of them and if i try she will snarl and snap at me. If i do take it back, she will jump on me and bite me and won't let go until she gets it back. At first, i used to do a treat trade where i will give her a treat if she drops it, but that has stopped working. I don't know what to do to get her to stop being so aggressive and possessive. Please help me, tell me some tips or tricks or advice on how to train her properly. Thank you!! side note: ill insert a picture of what she did to me this morning trying to get my hair clip back (this is not the worse of it, she has drawn blood on me before sadly). I've also gotten scars on my hands because of her bites. It makes me very sad because i love her so much and she is a sweet dog i just don't know how to get her to stop being so aggressive.
  4. Good morning, all! Or at least it is here now that the 90.1" of snow we have gotten this winter is FINALLY starting to melt! Hooray for Spring! It has been a while since I posted, want to thank everyone for all of the awesome advice and suggestions a few months back on Aurora's house training and behavior with our Snow Bengal. It all has helped and Aurora is an amazing pup now! Big pup, that is. Something new for y'all.. Ever since we got her at 7 weeks, yes I know this is pretty young for a pup to leave their mother and this may be a reason, she is always protective/aggressive with her food.. She has never bit anyone, but she growls very loud and stuffs her face into her food so you cannot get to it. Recently, I feel it is getting worse. Every day when I feed her, I pet her to let her know I am there and not a threat to her eating and she always growls and gets defensive. Last night as a snack, I put some veggies in her food bowl. As I was petting her, she jolted at me. Did not bite, but I pulled away before she had the chance. I took her food away and she wasn't upset when I grabbed it, it seems she only gets upset when I am touching her. So as she was snacking last night, I sat on the floor with her and put an oven mitt on, just in case, and rubbed her entire body gently. She growled the entire time but did not try to bite. What can I do about this? She is now 6 months old and in the future she will be around children, I don't want her to ever hurt anyone and I also do not want her to be uncomfortable to eat around other people. She also is very defensive of her water when other dogs are around (I NEVER feed her around another dog, that would be too stressful for her) Thanks everyone! I look forward to hearing your responses.
  5. Tonight we came upon a lady walking a bull terrier or mastiff type, she had stopped to pick up after him but he was not on a lead. It is a route we do very often and meet many friendly dogs, but did not know this one. Logan is cautious of dogs off the Lead and stayed close to my side. He as always was on his flexi lead. We stopped to give her time, but suddenly the other dog took a very aggressive stance and then darted straight at us. I stepped forward to put Logan behind me, but the dog dodged me and went straight for his neck. Logan very agilely jumped clear of him and as we turned round, it came for a second attack. I think we both connected with the other dog. It took off about twenty feet, turned but was very dubious of returning, the owner had time to catch hold. It was tugging and still being aggressive. I managed the usual of "keep it on a lead, control your dog" but was a little flustered and trying to see if Logan had been hurt. The lady was being very apologetic. We walked off in opposite directions and once under a street light stopped to give Logan a closer check. I noticed blood on my hand. Good news, not Logan's or mine. Sorry for the long post, but wanted to get that down before I finish this needed Jameson's. My real question is, despite nothing can be done, should I report this to the Police? If not for my benefit, maybe someone else's. Or does this just put me on a list of people who's dogs have had 'incidents'? Feels better just posting all that, or is that the Jameson's?
  6. Good evening everyone! First of all I want to apologize that my English isn't that good, but I'll do my best to explain what's the problem we have. In February, my mom got a Siberian husky. By now he's 3 months old and he's adorable little puppy, however - Ares is quite aggressive towards my sister. She's 8 years old and their game might begin simply by just gentle bites or chasing around the house, but it soon becomes a struggle for my sister to escape from the dog as it's literally biting till blood. When we try to separate them or show Ares that what he's doing is wrong by gently tapping him on the nose, he only starts growing and biting us. I can tell he does that with aggression as he's showing his teeth and gums like the angry wolves do (probably not the best comparison but you get the idea). He still has his calf's teeth which make it an absolute pain. He's also doing the same when he's eating and you try to approach him. He takes a defensive stand and crouches down a little bit while growing. Trying to get his water bow or touching his food results in a lightning bite. I guess his behaviour while he eats is normal, however this night he shocked us and we're not completely sure if his behaviour will change in future: He was sleeping on the bed when my sister sat down beside him and pet him gently. He suddenly woke up and bit her all over her right cheek; The wounds are pretty bad. He never did anything like that and we're worried that we can't afford keeping him in the house if this happens again. Any help will be greatly appreciated, I hope he will outgrow this and become a nice dog. Regards, Dimitar
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