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Found 12 results

  1. My husky is a year old and has began to bite. I recently moved back in with my husband and 2 teenage sons and he's bitten all 3 for different reasons. He's become food aggressive since contracting parvo and the biting has spiraled from that. What could be triggering this behavior and how do I get him to stop
  2. Lately Maya has been snapping at several people, to the point where its becoming a problem. When I pet her paws she does a deep in her chest growl, she never bares her teeth, ever. and she will reach out and try to bite my hand. Its the same when I pet her hips, she does the growl and reaches out very quickly to bite my hand. She does the growl most of the time someone pets her, rarely with me, but when she does its scary. I don't know if i should say bad girl, or if i should try to show her its okay. She has never been an affectionate dog towards anyone but me, sometimes My family. But the snapping is slowly getting worse and I don't know what I did to make her get to this point. She doesnt ACTUALLY bite anyone, Just lightly puts her teeth on their hands and pulls away. She has nipped my brother hard a few times, hes 9, cause he pulls on her fur,paws, and lays on her, so I dont usually blame her.
  3. Hi All, I got Mowgli castrated around 6 months ago as my friends and family said it will calm him down etc. I read alot on the internet and on the Owners Club prior to him having the OP and it seemed to make sense and shut everyone up. Before getting Mowgli done he was a very happy dog and loved everyone and every dog. A couple of weeks after his op and to present day he is now VERY aggressive towards EVERY male intact dogs. I am lucky that I have come to know most the regular dog walkers in my area and they are very tolerant of Mowgli when he tries to kill there dog and most are trying to help me overcome the issues. The other night we met a couple of dogs which one was an intact male. We have seen these two dogs once before and Mowgli showed some slight aggression towards him but I held him back and all was good. This time I was not so lucky. Both the other dogs (off lead) ran up to Mowlgi to say hi, and at first he was fine. The male then went and smelt his bits and all hell broke loose. Mowgli grabbed the dog on his side and through him off. He then went and locked onto his neck and would not let go. It took all my strength to separate them and hurt both dogs at the same time. The owner done nothing and stayed back which is understandable. He was ok with me and his dog appeared fine. What do you do when this happens ? Has anyone had this kind of issue and / or does anyone have any advice on how to work through this. HELP
  4. So Nala - the love of my life, my baby, my best firend - is only these things to me. She is not particularly fond of anyone else really. Even living with my parents and siblings for entire 4-year life, she is still semi-nervous around them for some reason. And don't even get me started on strangers. For anyone who read our intro, I am moving into an apartment soon and being a twenty year old making this break for the very first time, I'm sure you can assume that I will be having roommates. My future roommates came over one day and I wanted them to meet the furball they would also be rooming with, they came inside, behaved calmly (so none of that high pitched getting all up in her face nonsense), and I had Nala on a leash. So Nala is obviously excited (or nervous, she does like a high pitched whining/talking thing when new people come over) and she is rubbing up on my new roommate, thinking nothing of it, she reaches down and pets her head. To which Nala growls aggressively and (I think, I couldn't see very well) snaps at her This is not the first time she has behaved like this. She has bitten my brother twice - under circumstances that no one is particularly sure of because no one else was in the room either time and he is 8 years old so of course he says she just bit him out of nowhere. And she has "bitten" my boyfriend once - this one I witnessed firsthand. She play-fights with the family's beagle regularly (she has never hurt the beagle or even attempted to, just play growls and fights), and my boyfriend came from England to meet me and my dog for the first time and when he saw this play fighting he didn't realize it was harmless. He attempted to intervene when he thought Nala might hurt Molly and Nala turned to growl or snap at him and caught his nose. Witnessing this first hand, I am not trying to defend her, but I don't think she meant to bite him, I think she just meant to snap and her tooth grazed him, but I'll include a photo of his injury and you guys can be the judges. So all in all, I am worried about what may happen when we move into this apartment. She has even had a slight attitude with me lately - if she is standing right in my way and won't move on her own and I just nudge her (literally a nudge) she will growl and sometimes even snap. When she was younger, I took her out to Petsmart regularly to socialize her with both people and dogs, and she did fine back then, but as an adult (both of us) I haven't had time to come home from work and drive half an hour to get to the city to socialize her. I am hoping that with this move to the city, I can get her out and walk her around the complex and the surrounding areas for her to be around strange people regularly. One more thing that should be noted, I have attempted to train her professionally twice, both pretty unsuccessful because she is impossible to motivate, especially when out in public. She won't do anything for treats, toys, clicks, or whistles. I mean how do you train a dog that doesn't want any kind of reward? Please please help lol
  5. Hi everyone. I'd like to apologize in advance for any possible grammar errors, or my sentences being all over the place. It's 6am here and I've had very little sleep in the last couple of nights — I feel like I've turned the Internet upside down trying to find a solution for my lovely B. I'm also sorry for a lengthy entry, especially cause I haven't been an active member, but I feel like this is the place I can come for an honest answer. B's story started in September 2013. She was the only girl in the litter if I recall correctly and she was the most quiet and reserved one. I picked her up at just 5 or 6 weeks old. I know now and I knew it then, that it was very unresponsible thing to do because a puppy should have been left with the mother for 8~10 weeks. But the situation was that she had to be picked up. These people weren't professional breeders. I believe my first mistake was the early upbringing. I couldn't find any other dogs to socialize her with, until she was around 6-7 months old. We started hanging out with another group of dogs and their owners. It was absolute torture for her — she'd only want to get away, no matter how much I tried for her to make a 'bond' with another dog. Nothing worked. At the same time, we noticed her disobedience to orders and decided to take her to a professional dog trainer. She was in training for two weeks. First week was just the trainer and her, I joined the next week and we practiced together. She was doing great, it was showing how much of an intelligent dog she is. The trainer, though, wasn't completely satisfied. I don't recall his exact words, but even if I did — the guy was incredibly cryptic, and I wasn't sure what it was that he wanted to say. What I remember is that he kept telling me about how I have to take control of her and 'dominate', get her respect otherwise I'll end up dead in two years, once she reaches three years and matures. I think I managed to do this, but partially. B doesn't jump at me, she listens and walking her is not a problem (never really was anyway). She doesn't like combing, washing is impossible and checking her for ticks is hard work, she can't keep calm so I'm guessing she doesn't actually trust me? I have never really tried to provoke her, but I'm afraid she would turn aggressive if I'd take her food, toy or if I'd touch a wound for example. To get to the point, B has bitten four times. First time she bit my mother while she was giving her a cookie — my mom's friend was next to her and B wouldn't stop barking so she 'caught' and scratches her hand a bit (She doesn't like some people at all, for no real reason. We couldn't find a "pattern" no matter how hard we tried). This has happened again, similar thing. They weren't real 'bites', and weren't directed towards my mother. She loves both of my parents very much as they often play with her and give her treats. Third time, she bit a woman petting her. The woman took her head with both hands, even though we said not to DO anything until B approaches, she wouldn't listen. The woman had to go to the hospital and she got a few stitches. Fourth bite happened to my grandpa. I don't exactly know how it happened, but from what he said - he tried to 'clean' around her eyes, and he grabbed her by the collar so he could clean her better. She bit him, and let go when he hit her on the head. No stitches, but the doctors said it was quite a bad bite. Now, I'm not trying to make excuses for B, but grandpa doesn't have a gentle hand, and he always played with her in a very unappropriate way (hitting her with a glove on her head, smacking her paws while she's sleeping). We've told him to stop doing that, but obviously B hasn't forgotten. The trainer said if she bit someone from the household, she has to be put down, immediately. I honestly don't think he even listened to the whole story. I live in a small country, and professional help is something I am not able to get here. There is literally zero trainers that work with more mature dogs, or deal with more difficult examples of aggression. I'm terrified of what will happen next. My heart is broken into pieces, but I know I can't keep her if the first trainer was right. I can't risk her biting again if there's a chance it could be fatal. Has any of you heard of such cases, do you know if there's anything other option for us, other than putting her down? Thank you very much in advance.
  6. Here is a video that shows a technique for teaching food manners: http://www.dogstardaily.com/blogs/chirag-patel/teaching-food-manners What do you think of this approach? I've done something similar and its worked well for me. Thoughts?
  7. Duke has acted aggressive before. I've posted about it once. That post was actually not the first time. The first time he snapped and growled at my husband when he tried to pull him off of the bed by his collar. He was sick and had been to the vet. He came home with a cone on his head because he had a catheter in his leg. He was in distress and I just gave him the benefit of the doubt. Last night we had the behavior specialist over, who's been working with us. We were teaching him to go to his bed and stay there until we release him. He was doing great. I'd had him on there for about 10 or 20 minutes, given him a break with some praise and petting, and then put him back. I brought him a bone so that he could be entertained by something and I was sitting on the couch about 10 feet from him. I decided to mess with his bone as I ALWAYS do when he's in the middle of a good chew. He has never acted badly before. He has "guarded" by covering bones with his feet or turning his back to me or laying his ears to the side, but has never growled or bit. Last night he actually bit me. And by bit I mean he curled up his lip and bit my hand pretty hard. He didn't break skin, but it hurt. I then told my husband to come down and test the behavior again, and he growled at him, but didn't actually bite. For the record he respects my husband much more than me. I'm at a total loss what to do. If I didn't have small children this wouldn't be a huge issue. But I have a 4 year old and a 4 month old baby. The behavior specialist (who's extremely reputable I might add) said that he is responding to stress. So he's not even really food guarding as much as reacting to new rules. What happens if he's at the dog park one day and something a small child does stresses him out? The fact that he wasn't technically just guarding food is even more concerning and makes him even more unpredictable to me. The behavior specialist is very concerned that this shows he is capable of the behavior, and can't give any guarantees about how he's going to be in the future and whether this will get worse. Each dog is different. The fact that this went from snapping to actual biting and biting pretty hard is even more concerning. I don't know what to do. I adore this dog. I can't even express to you how much so, but he has totally stolen my heart and I am devastated. Let me assure you that he could tear my house down and I would never rehome him. I have always said that aggression and biting is the ONLY reason I would ever rehome a dog, because of my children. I adore this dog, but I adore my children more. What do I do? I am so hesitant to jump the gun and regret it forever or always wonder. But what if I don't do something and he bites my children or another child at the park or while on a walk? I'd never forgive myself ever. Please help.
  8. Hi everyone. I am new here and dont know how to navigate the site so well, but i found the training section! But, the reason I have come to this site is sad to me. I have a 2 year old pure bred husky i have raised since she was 8-12 weeks old. I am a husband, and a father of a year old son now as well. I recently had to spend time away after i left my job to go back to school. While i was away, my little girl (who is a major part of my family to me) snapped at both my wife, and my son. Since I was on the other side of the country I did the best I could with the situation for the both of them and she was put outside in a kennel. Now, she has never done this before (minus when she was a puppy with needle-teeth as I call it) which she does not do to me anymore. She listens 99% of the time(to me anyways) and does not jump up unless instructed to while I am playing with her. With me, she is an angel. But, I can not let this happen again, so my question is, what can I do to solve this? without putting my son in any harms way, or my wife. I am the only one who really interacts with her due to people saying they are too afraid because of this one incident. But, I have faith in her to be better than ever. I just need to be pointed in a direction to help her come back in the household to be a real part of the family, not just to me but to all of us. It upsets me having her outside because we get worried about having her near our extremely curious and vocal son. Please help me help her.
  9. So I posted before about our new puppy (Loki 8 weeks) being attacked by my older husky (Kyra 7years) while Kyra was standing over her food and Loki was playing under her legs. We chalked that up to food aggression and started feeding them in their separate crates, which has worked and made things a lot better. Tonight, just 10 minutes ago, Loki jumped up to nip at Kyra's neck, just like he always does - and usually Kyra just plays along - but this time Kyra attacked him again. We jumped in a lot sooner than the first occurrence, so luckily Loki didn't get hurt - just scared. Now I'm not sure if Kyra would've kept going at him had we jumped in, but now I'm scared to have them around each other. Kyra has NEVER had a problem with other dogs - but then again we've never brought another into her home for so long. If she doesn't have the patience for a puppy, how in the world would she have the patience for when my fiancé and I start having little ones running around and jumping and tugging all over her. I need any help I can get. We love this puppy, but Kyra was my first dog that I raised on my own and I love her like my child. And I would NEVER put my future children at risk. What do we do???
  10. Hi guys, So my husky ("Aro") is now 7 months old and is showing increased signs of aggressive behavior toward my wife. He's very good with me and the kids (1 and 3 years old) but has always been very disobedient/aggressive with my wife. We recently enrolled in behavioral training classes to try and keep him under control. Our trainer suggested we get a training collar to help him with his walks and to assist with correcting bad habits when inside the house. This seemed to work since he was much more obedient whenever we issued a command; however he got very aggressive with my wife one day as she tried to tell him to stop biting our son's toy. She reached in to take the toy away and he just lunged at her and bit down on her hand. My wife was very shaken by this and was literally a hairline away from giving him up for adoption. We don't know what else to do. I was told that most huskies (and dogs in general) tend to misbehave at the 6-8 month old mark. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to correct this? Thanks, Beda
  11. Good evening everyone! First of all I want to apologize that my English isn't that good, but I'll do my best to explain what's the problem we have. In February, my mom got a Siberian husky. By now he's 3 months old and he's adorable little puppy, however - Ares is quite aggressive towards my sister. She's 8 years old and their game might begin simply by just gentle bites or chasing around the house, but it soon becomes a struggle for my sister to escape from the dog as it's literally biting till blood. When we try to separate them or show Ares that what he's doing is wrong by gently tapping him on the nose, he only starts growing and biting us. I can tell he does that with aggression as he's showing his teeth and gums like the angry wolves do (probably not the best comparison but you get the idea). He still has his calf's teeth which make it an absolute pain. He's also doing the same when he's eating and you try to approach him. He takes a defensive stand and crouches down a little bit while growing. Trying to get his water bow or touching his food results in a lightning bite. I guess his behaviour while he eats is normal, however this night he shocked us and we're not completely sure if his behaviour will change in future: He was sleeping on the bed when my sister sat down beside him and pet him gently. He suddenly woke up and bit her all over her right cheek; The wounds are pretty bad. He never did anything like that and we're worried that we can't afford keeping him in the house if this happens again. Any help will be greatly appreciated, I hope he will outgrow this and become a nice dog. Regards, Dimitar
  12. Hi there, my name is Monica I just rescued a red husky a week ago. He is about 20 months (owner couldnt tell me exact age). His name is Grizzly. This is my first husky and I jumped in completely blind. I know nothing about huskies except what I have read online the last few days. He is very smart. When I got him he didnt even know his name. I had him responding his name with in a night. His previous owner left him outside with a shock collar. Grizzly was given two options, find a new home or be put down. I was told he had to be fed in his crate because of his food aggression. He doesnt have any food aggression that I have seen, however he is not getting along with my pit/boxer mix. She is now terrified of him and when he enters a room she goes into protect mode and freaks out. This happened after he split her ear and hurt her leg. I have broken up about 8 fights a day. It has gotten better only 2 today, but Im at the losing end. I love both these dog but have no clue how to stop them. Any tips I would Love I have tried everything I canthink of, I have never had a dog fight before so I dont know what to do. Sorry if this is to long.
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