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Found 12 results

  1. Hey there! I'm interested in adopting a Siberian Husky puppy, and since I've never owned one before, I was hoping to get some advice when it comes to breeders. I have been searching for quite a while to find the perfect puppy, and I thought that I had, but later I was idly searching for husky pictures and came across a forum on this website, in which another user had in a similar situation to mine requested advice and discovered that his dream puppy may actually be riddled with health issues, and with your guys' help he decided on a much safer puppy. I'm hoping to have the same wonderful advice, so here he is! The breeder is Breeders name removed, and from what I could tell, they seemed very legitimate, with AKC certified parents and Champion Bloodlines, and the puppies looked healthy to me, but again, I am new to the world of huskies and am likely overlooking obvious health issues. I attached first the 3 photos of the puppy, an 8 week old male, and following those are the photos of Jax, the father, and Kita, the mother. Following those are the health guarantees they offer. I called them as well, and they seem genuinely interested in finding safe and suitable homes for their huskies, and were happy to help me. What do you guys think-is he a safe bet? Are there any questions I could ask the breeder to clarify anything in regards to his health? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hey everyone, After hundreds of Google searches & hours of reading I decided making an account would prove much more helpful & could answer specific questions. Poncho found me June 3rd 2017, She came bumbling out of the woods to me like she had known me her entire existence. My life has never been the same. Malnourished, Tic/flea infested, covered in dirt, mud and Lord knows what else I picked her up, feeling every rib...My main concern was feeding her first & cleaning her up second. The first food I ever gave her was bread, as that was all I had in my bag at that moment (she popped out during a hike) and I wanted to give this poor baby something until we made it back to the car to go buy real dog food. Well you'd think a dog who appeared to not have eaten in weeks, possibly months would gobble down whatever dog food was placed infront of her, I had sped to the nearest gas station & bought a can of dog food, I know now that Poncho is not a fan of wet food but at the time I was baffled at her turning her nose up to the wet food. Well, I get her home, Bathe her, remove every tic (I lost count after 15) and just love on & cry over my new found blessing. I made an "asap" appointment with a vet, and we were in the office the next day. This is where my questions will later come in.. Poncho was diagnosed with heartworms and a bad infestation of parasites, This was in June. She is on heartgard monthly, and Doxycycline 10mg 4 pills 2 times a day. I took to the internet to find the best vitamins, supplements, oils, and whatever I could to ease any discomfort, aid her prescriptions, and help with her extreme need to gain weight. It is now October & Poncho has maybe gained a solid 10 pounds, her ribs don't show, but her hip bones jut out and she has an overall lanky appearance. It never fails when we are in public that a remark is made about her needing to eat, or that I am starving her. It kills me. What can I do? Poncho is fed a mixture of Pure Balance dry kibble with Ol Roy moist lightly on top, I just now got her to grasp the concept of a bowl, feeding her used to be an hour or longer feeding her by hand until she was done. Every other day she gets a scrambled egg cooked with coconut oil, I pop a fish oil vitamin into the scrambled egg and add a small amount of flax seed. She will eat about half of this. I've read up on the health benefits of coconut oil & it just so happens she loves it, I've gotten where I melt a teaspoon & drizzle over her dog food. I boil chicken breast, I'll give her small amounts of bacon, I've tried tuna (wasn't a big fan) I'm aware the parasites make it very hard for her to gain weight & the only noted side effect from the heart gard is lack of appetite (she hasn't reached the coughing stage, or just doesn't cough) What can I do to combat these side effects? I am open and willing to try anything. has anyone tried ground pumpkin seeds to aid in the fight of heartworms? I've read about this. What do I do? I want to get her to a healthy weight, kill the heartworms & parasites. I'm 24 years old on minimum wage, I'll procure whatever i need to give her a long happy life. People say I saved her, but she saved me. I don't ever want her to be in pain or succumb to her health problems. I need any and all information, reccomendations, regimes that have worked for you, tips, advice, anything... I'm all ears. Thank you in advance. I'll be more than happy to answer any and all questions.
  3. Hi Everyone we get our little Hunter in 5 weeks and we can't wait! We've had dogs in the past but this is our first husky! We can't wait to bring our little guy home and want to be as prepared as we possibly can so any advice on what to get/do would be really appreciated! Thanks, Elly&Hunter
  4. Freya has started to go off her food again, she's done it a few times in the past, but this time instead of changing the wet food we're changing the kibble. The kibble they have isn't the best, my mum gets them a supermarkets own brand one, and I hate it, but they pay for it so I can't exactly complain much... But, I spoke to a reputable breeder we have worked with in the past and she told us to try a high end kibble, she introduced me to a very affordable but good quality kibble brand called Csj... She's sending over some samples of the Csj Champ and Hike On kibble for us to try, to see if Freya likes it before we buy a huge bag, I'm just wondering if she will like it better because it's better quality? Also, what's the best advice for changing her food? Adding a little at a time until she's on it fully?
  5. Hello! Nova my little 10 month old husky is getting a baby brother, in fact, it is her own half-brother. I am looking for any kind of advice on how to introduce the two. If anyone has any fun stories or advice about two dogs, I am open ears. We get the little man on July 11th, he will be 8 weeks on that day! thank you in advance! -Nova's Momma
  6. I'm just wondering about this... We have a 8-9 month old blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Lexi, and I've just started to notice that she has darker blue spots on her... Is this normal and just how her markings are, or should I be worried? Thank you for any advice xxx
  7. Good morning, all! Or at least it is here now that the 90.1" of snow we have gotten this winter is FINALLY starting to melt! Hooray for Spring! It has been a while since I posted, want to thank everyone for all of the awesome advice and suggestions a few months back on Aurora's house training and behavior with our Snow Bengal. It all has helped and Aurora is an amazing pup now! Big pup, that is. Something new for y'all.. Ever since we got her at 7 weeks, yes I know this is pretty young for a pup to leave their mother and this may be a reason, she is always protective/aggressive with her food.. She has never bit anyone, but she growls very loud and stuffs her face into her food so you cannot get to it. Recently, I feel it is getting worse. Every day when I feed her, I pet her to let her know I am there and not a threat to her eating and she always growls and gets defensive. Last night as a snack, I put some veggies in her food bowl. As I was petting her, she jolted at me. Did not bite, but I pulled away before she had the chance. I took her food away and she wasn't upset when I grabbed it, it seems she only gets upset when I am touching her. So as she was snacking last night, I sat on the floor with her and put an oven mitt on, just in case, and rubbed her entire body gently. She growled the entire time but did not try to bite. What can I do about this? She is now 6 months old and in the future she will be around children, I don't want her to ever hurt anyone and I also do not want her to be uncomfortable to eat around other people. She also is very defensive of her water when other dogs are around (I NEVER feed her around another dog, that would be too stressful for her) Thanks everyone! I look forward to hearing your responses.
  8. Hello everyone! So, Aurora is now 4 1/2 months old. Ever since we picked her up at 7 weeks, she has been exposed to our Snow Bengal cat, Nova. Nova also has been exposed to dogs, she is a year and a half years old and grew up with two Pomeranians. Aurora isn't mean or aggressive towards her, BUT she plays a little too rough and bites Nova's neck and doesn't understand she could hurt her. Nova doesn't typically fight back unless she is trying to sleep and is annoyed with Aurora's nipping and hitting.. Any advice on how to get Aurora to play nicer with her? I know since she's a puppy she will just want to play, but I'm not sure if there is any way I can get her to realize she's much bigger than Nova and needs to be easy with her. So that way they get along well when Aurora is an adult. Thanks y'all!
  9. My now 4 month old female Siberian Husky is still going to the bathroom in the house.. This is what we have been doing for her: We crate her all night while we are sleeping, let her outside to go potty during the night if she is crying. Then let her out again as soon as we get up, after she eats, and before we leave for work. When we are gone for 8 hours a day, we have been gating her in our mud room where her crate is so she can move around. We put a pee pad down for her. What I have been seeing is she does not ever seem to try to hold her pee/poop, she just automatically goes to the pee pad or where the pee pad usually is, even if it isn't there she will go. She goes a lot during the day while we have her gated off in that room, but I feel like at this point she should be able to hold it? Or at least my husky years ago was able to. When she has free roam in the house while we are home, she still will go to that spot whenever she feels and go to the bathroom, she doesn't try to go outside. There HAS to be something we can do to teach her that pottying in the house is NOT acceptable and that she NEEDS to go outside to do that. Someone, ANYONE! Please help me out! I know that she can hold it, she seems to be too comfortable with going whenever she pleases instead of asking/waiting to go outside. Sincerely, A very frustrated, confused momma.
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Jillian and I am a new husky owner (I grew up with a husky as a kid but I wasn't the one training/taking care of him of course!). My little furbaby's name is Aurora and she is red Siberian Husky. She is currently 14 weeks old and I have had her since she was 7 weeks. The first week was great, because she was quiet and not used to her surroundings. NOW, she is a comfortable little terror! Of course she is teething and I have asked so many people what the best way is to go about that, and have been told to "wait it out and tell her NO".. Not working out too well! She doesn't nip at me or my boyfriend all that much anymore, but when visitors come over she gets very excited and it's almost as if she really can't help herself. Any advice on this? She also still has accidents in the house, I know we have to keep up with her and let her out often but I am wondering if anyone has any tricks to getting her to "ask" to go outside instead of just do it whenever she feels? I have plenty of other questions, but I will start out with those! Thanks everyone in advance! Aurora The Siberian (on Instagram as "snowbengalnova")
  11. I have a problem with dog toys... I know how important it is for my two dogs to have mental stimulation when I'm not there with them, but they only have 2 toys... I've had my Labrador, Holly, for almost 5 years now and ever since she was a puppy she had a massive problem with chewing... The first week we had her when she was just 7 weeks old, she chewed off and (I'm sure) ate the corner of my mum and dad's new couch... Since then she's chewed everything you could imagine, even dry wall. (not even kidding) and one time she even chewed a wire which was plugged in... Her teeth are ridiculously strong, so it does impact the types of toys I'm able to get her... I can't get her the normal toys, like squeaky toys or even your average chew toys! She just destroys them within minutes. The only two toys that have survived her are robe-like toys, but there are only so many you can buy. She has a tug-of-war rope and a small rope-ball (we quickly learned that Tennis balls were useless). It's a problem because she gets bored with them and goes for things like shoes and clothes any chance she gets. And, our Siberian Husky Freya is more into the soft-toys (like normal dogs!), not the ropes and stuff, so she's always quite bored too. I gave her a plushie the other day which she loved to play with when she was younger, but Holly just destroyed it... She left stuffing everywhere. We've tried literally every type of correction method for Holly's chewing since she started the chewing... I even tried those anti-chewing sprays! Nothing works. She's like a chew-hulk-dog. I think it's just her type of personality... She thinks it's incredibly fun to chew things... Every time she chews something up that I've given her, like a shoe or something to keep her from chewing anything important for a while or just to keep her entertained, she leaves the mess everywhere and comes to sit by me as if to say "look what i did! Isn't it awesome?!" so I think there's no fixing it ;') Maybe she'll stop with old age <3 Hopefully. Can anyone give me some advice about this and recommend some very strong (and I seriously mean indestructible) dog toys? Thank you for any help!! - Chloe
  12. Please help! Freya keeps vomiting, but it's not like normal vomit... It's just clear, as if it's water, with a few... Chunks in it now and again (gross I know)... She's acting a little bit strange too, she's not eating, not playing with a chew I gave her, she's lying down a lot and she looks as if she's exhausted... Is this serious, or is it just a 24 hour thing? Should I take her to the vets?! Thanks for helping, - Wolfee
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