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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, This will be my first post here on the forum, My boyfriend and I recently rescued an 8 year old husky fluff from a shelter. We've had him a little over a month (adopted August 2nd, 2018), and he has had 12 very severe and scary seizures with us, and one episode that we think was a *very* mild seizure, where he sniffled, sneezed, went limp, and was coming in and out of consciousness. He was surrendered with absolutely no medical records, so we had *no* idea what we were getting into, or that he was so old, because the shelter thought he was no older than 6. We've since been able to get them, and there's only one brief mention of seizures when he was 4 that didn't result in any follow-up, let alone diagnosis or prescriptions. I've had dogs before, and so has my boyfriend, but have never had to contend with seizures before. We have a preferred vet, who advocated the use of CBD oil for his also very severe seperation anxiety, which has also shortened the duration of the seizures from two and a half to almost 3 minutes to less than 2 minutes (it's progress in my eyes!,) the post-ictol phase where he is deaf, blind, and very weak is much shorter, and also the amount of time it takes for him to return fully to the goofy fluffball he is has significantly improved to just a couple of hours instead of several days. The only pattern we've recognized is that they only happen late Tuesday evenings and early (2:30am) Wednesday mornings, which is the dead-center of the work week, and we both wake up before 6am for work, and he looks spacey and sleepy the hours leading up to one. When we stay up with him until he relaxes and lays down after a seizure, we don't get -any- sleep, and if we try to go to sleep anyway, he will bark non-stop unless we are sitting up and staring at him. Sometimes he has just one a week, and other times, he'll have three of them within a 15 hour time frame. So I have 2 questions... One--Does anyone else have experience with a similar situation? How do you get sleep? We want to sleep. We're so tired. If the answer is as simple as "suck it up," I can deal with that too. Two--Could the heartbreak of being abandoned by the family he's lived with for eight years be the cause of this? Since this does not appear to have been an issue when he was abandoned, could this potentially be a temporary reaction to adjusting to his new family? His sniffling reminds me of the videos you see of sad dogs missing their owners when they pass or give them to shelters. You know what videos I'm talking about. If there's any information I'm missing that's vital, let me know. I'm just looking for opinions and input, not necessarily veterinary advice Thanks for reading! Thibideau the Husky, Sam (mom) and Derick (dad)
  2. Hi all! I've been searching the forums and didn't find a topic that seems to address an issue I have currently with my pooch. I'll get right to the point, I have a challenge with my Siberian Husky, Phoenix, who is possessive of me... toward other dogs especially with puppies. Phoenix is a red/white Siberian, spayed, and she's just over 5 years old now. Up to about 3.5 years she was extremely friendly with all dogs and going to the local off-leash dog park was something we did several times a week. She was very submissive as a puppy but grew into a confident and often the "alpha" dog when in groups. Her favorite groups were other Husky types. She has always done better with dogs her size; She gets excited and has a pray instinct with small animals, including smaller dogs i.e. under 20lbs, I've been cautious about, but there hasn't been any incidents that cause alarm. One day she just started getting aggressive at other dogs at the park. At first I thought it was a one-time strange occurrence. I did all the normal stuff, checked her health and monitored her behavior. But, it happened over and over - but not every time we went to the dog park. Almost like there were good and bad days... So, I started tracking when the issue occurred, if there was a pattern. I found that she only got upset at other dogs if either I paid the other dog attention or if the other dog was fast walking/running towards me. I thought it was a protective "issue" for some time, like she was putting herself in-between me and "dangerous dogs." However, I ruled that out as she will let a scary/dangiouus human come right up to me and she greets them like they are her best-friend. She has always been wonderful with humans... she is often the dog my friends/family introduce their small children to as she is very patient and doesn't react to the small tugs and pulls some children cannot help as they learn proper behavior with a dog. But back to Phoenix and being possessive of me. For about a year and a half now, I just take her to the park when I know we will be alone or very few other dogs present. I avoid petting other dogs and try to stay away from them and thus avoid any incident. I don't want to be that owner that has the "problem dog." We leave if the crowd gets large or if I see a puppy coming. Puppies are the worst, I think their lack of understanding her "hints," to get away from me, don't help and then it's a puppy I have to worry about her possibly "terrorizing." So, we go for a lot of walks now, just the two of us. She is well exercised and a healthy dog. I'd like to get her back to going to the dog parks. It was really nice not to have to keep her on leash (she got more varied exercise that way) and I truly think she liked playing with the other dogs. We have another dog in the household - a male Doberman Pincher. She has no issue with him. They grew up together and are at worst they are like brother and sister - occasionally bickering at each other but 15-min later they are sleeping in the same bed. By the way, the Doberman is totally fine at the park and with other dogs. No issues like Phoenix's possessiveness. Any ideas for how to address the possessiveness? I should note, back when this all started I did take her to a trainer/behaviorist, but it wasn't very helpful. The training noted that one reason Phoenix got aggressive was because I was tensing up when dogs came near. I try, but it's a bit difficult to stay loose and confident when you worry that your dog is going to be the problem at a greeting. The trainer also note that, "Female Huskies get this way at 2-3 years, and it's normal." I don't know if this is true, she is my first Husky (I had border collies before - what a difference, but that's another story...). So, is this normal behavior? If it is, are the actions I'm taking (dog parks at low volume times and solo walks) the best course of action or can I try some other things to help her maybe be friends again? Thanks for taking the time to read and if you have ideas I'm open to them. Cheers!
  3. Hello! (: Brand new to this forum, and I have an interesting question to ask. How do you socialize an adult dog if they were not properly socialized as a pup? The reason I ask this is I have recently adopted a 1 year old husky/malamute mix from a family that lived out on acreage for that entire year, and all I can say is when I asked if she was house broken, they told me she just "stays in the garage". Now, she is not dog aggressive, just very VERY motivated. She does not care for people (she grew up with a very large human family), she is sometimes food motivated, but if we walk down the road and she sees another dog, she is high alert, wants to go see that dog ASAP. Even when we go for a drive in the car she will turn around, fully in her seat, and stare out at the dog, even when we have turned the corner and the dog is long gone, she's still staring. I understand her longing to be with her fellow people, as she was restricted from seeing or meeting with other dogs her whole life so far, and to suddenly be brought out from that old environment and see things are much different then she thought before must be mind-blowing and very exciting. So I bring her to work with me to meet people and hear the sounds (I work at a gas station and she sits behind the counter with me), we go out to dog pools and have her swim with me and the other dogs or even dog parks and run around with other dogs, which are truly the only times I ever see her happy. For the 2 months I have had her, she has been very obedient for a husky/mal mix, at least in my opinion. She knows her sit, down, stay, high five, shake, knows her new name and will usually come when I call her name at the park or anywhere else, but if another dog comes running at her or distracts her, bam she's off like a lightning bolt until I can try and call her back to my side again. This might all be in my head because she's still very young and it's her rebellious stage, but I still feel like I need to socialize her more as she is just so obsessed with every other dog for lack of a better term, even if that dog won't even give her a glance, she will not break eye contact and she goes so stiff, almost like she's about to chase down a squirrel. I just moved cities, so I do not have any close friends with dogs I trust to teach her calm and collective manners, and when I let her run free at the dog park, I still feel like she isn't learning the proper way to socialize. I eventually want to get a second dog a couple years down the road, mainly so maybe having a buddy at home that grows up with her might make her feel better, but I fear he might gain some of her habits and even worse when that time comes, if that time should ever come. What are your guys opinions? And please don't hold back, I'm open to all suggestions as I want to help her as much as I can. We're going for training lessons, I'm just trying to figure out if she will benefit from a one on one session with a experienced trainer, instead of a group of dogs? This is her, with her cat friend Harley. I call her Kida. (:
  4. Hi All Since I live in TX, I can no longer leave my husky outside during the day while I am at work since it gets so hot so I am attempting to crate train a 5yr old dog. Why do I have to crate train her? Because if I dont, I come home to a new surprise each day, trash all over the place, pillows allover the floor, and the worst one, she gets in the pantry and eats raw food which makes her sick. I can not risk her eventually killing herself. We just started the trianing saturday and its not going so well. I dont like putting her in during the night because she will be in the crate from about 1pm - 6pm (we put her in the house during our lunch instead of the morning). Since we started crate training she is snobby around me.. I know this sounds silly, but really, I think she is extremely upset at me. I call her over and she just stares at me, which is super weird bc Maya is extremely attached to me and no one else. This morning I tried to let her out as our usual routine and she just threw herself on the floor and would not move. I dont know what to do.. Suggestions? Only way I can get her to move is if I get the leash since she loves walks... other than that.. she pretty much hates me right now. I dont know if buying the crate was such a good choice after all. I'll appreciate any advice or comments. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.
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