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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone.. m a newbie husky owner from Central India. Its a hot place with temperature ranging between 11°C & 48°C. I recently adopted a siberian husky. I am his third owner infact. The dog was actually bought by a bureaucrat's son. He didnt focus on his studies 'cause of the dog n for this reason, his father gave this lovely husky to his friend(2nd owner) when the poor boy was just 3 months old. This second owner of his, coincidently used to live in the same street next to my home. I used to watch Alex go out for walks with someone at that time, n used to see him tied to a mango tree during the day time(where the temperature here reaches 30-40°C). That gguy already owned 9 other pet dogs apart from Alex, n wasnt able to maintain him. After watching him suffer for 5 months, i finally was offered to keep him with me. Unfortunately, i discovered that he gave Alex up because of his deteriorating health, and continuous diarrhea(which i guess was messing up his surrounding near his house). Poor boy was just vaccinated, no proper de-worming, no proper food!! i feel bad for him.. well alex has been with me n family for past 3 months.. he is the heart of my family.. both my mother n father are in their old retirement age n Alex. Father is Paralyzed on right side with hypertension and CABG medical history, mom also has diabetes n hypotension.. brother was in depression and I was struggling with anxiety issues and mental disorders.. from the day Alex has joined us, our house has become a HOME! We spend time with him, n each other!! N love him.. keep him in air conditioned room, give him proper diet, take him for a walk... n yeah!! Without a doubt, he farts real stinky... but he is active, interactive!! Talkative, lovable and exceptionally brilliant.. Just to cope up with this newbie experience i have joined this forum.. i came here searchin for the fact that huskies fart or not.. i always used to suspect its my elder brother, but after spendin 3 months with them, i am pretty much sure its Alex n not my elder brother! XD Anyways, happy to be a part of the pack!!
  2. My girlfriend and I recently adopted ~2 year old husky and we're noticing some pretty bad anxiety issues with the crate. We've only had him for about 2 weeks and we do feel like we messed up the initial crate training (we gently pushed him into the crate the first time). Ever since, he's been more and more reluctant at going inside the crate. At night, he's starting to pace a lot more and whine more and louder as well. What we've tried to do and have tried to do: 1) Giving lots of praise and treats when he goes near or into the crate 2) Giving his food/water inside the crate. This step we've off and on either closed or locked the door behind him as well to help get him used to it while we're still in sight. 3) We put all his toys and everything inside the crate with him as well. But unfortunately, he's seemed to learn at this point that food inside the crate is bad because he's extremely reluctant to go inside the crate completely. Even during normal feeding times, he'll only put in his front two paws. As for the praise and toys, he appears to be completely uninterested in both of those; he barely plays with the toys we got him and seems unfazed when we try to praise at all. So at this point, we're at a loss. We feel awful for our dog that he sounds to be in a great deal of anxiety/distress when he's in the crate. And we do have a feeling that we crate trained him wrong at this point. We're just out of ideas on how to get him to better associate the crate with positivity.
  3. So i recently adopted a husky, and we been together for about a week now. He is 18mo old, male, and his previous owner claims he is house-trained. Which seems very likely, as the first and second day he didnt pee in the house at all. But perhaps he was a little scared of the new environment? But since then he's been having accidents almost every day, and recently more frequently. In the beginning is was probably my poor schedule managing, but now i would take him to the backyard to pee (his designated place) and he would not let anything out and when we go inside after about 15 mins he would have an accident. I read that dogs likes to pee where they pee'd before and enzyme cleaner is a good solution to get the smell off. Which I did, but i think after i started using this he pees in the house even more. (not at same places). I tried startling him when he does it, it kind of worked in the beginning, and now hes not even startled anymore. I take him on walks too about ~2 hours in total a day. Around the same time, maybe 30mins difference. So i don't think its the result of poor schedule anymore. My guess it could be indoors territorial marking??? In the first few days, he would not have enough pee to mark most trees on our walk, so he would just lift his leg up and nothing would come out. Now, he's starting to drink more water (mostly from the toilet, cuz he hates his bowl for some reason), and he would pee a little here a little there on all the trees. So me guess is that he's holding in all this piss for storage, and releases randomly when he cant hold it anymore. But he should know at night that we're not going on another walk till morning, and he should've released himself on the evening walk or when i took him to the backyard before bed. Another thing is Urinary infection? I haven't taken him to the vet yet, thinking of going next week. Could it be? Any suggestions?
  4. Hi everyone! I just adopted my boy from the Humane Society, and I'm a little concerned. He's SUCH a good boy and we love him so much, but he's just been laying around a lot. Today marks a week that we've had him, and I know that I'm probably just being paranoid because a week isn't much time for him to get acclimated, but it worries me. He's been to the vet and has all of his vaccinations, his heart worm and parasite tests came back negative, and the vet didn't seem concerned. I don't have much prior information on him, but I do know that animal control found him and he was neglected. He was covered in fleas, has callouses, and fly strikes on his ears (they're scarred and the hair isn't growing back). He seems like he was strictly an outside dog, and now he's inside with us. He has started eating (he is picky) and he drinks a lot of water. He likes walks, but other than that there isn't much energy going on. He comes inside and just walks around a bit and lays down. The Humane Society thinks that he's only 5, so I hope he comes around. I'm just wanting some reassurance that this could be normal for a rescue dog, and am wondering if anyone else has had any kind of experience like this or advice? Thank you so much!
  5. Hi All Since I live in TX, I can no longer leave my husky outside during the day while I am at work since it gets so hot so I am attempting to crate train a 5yr old dog. Why do I have to crate train her? Because if I dont, I come home to a new surprise each day, trash all over the place, pillows allover the floor, and the worst one, she gets in the pantry and eats raw food which makes her sick. I can not risk her eventually killing herself. We just started the trianing saturday and its not going so well. I dont like putting her in during the night because she will be in the crate from about 1pm - 6pm (we put her in the house during our lunch instead of the morning). Since we started crate training she is snobby around me.. I know this sounds silly, but really, I think she is extremely upset at me. I call her over and she just stares at me, which is super weird bc Maya is extremely attached to me and no one else. This morning I tried to let her out as our usual routine and she just threw herself on the floor and would not move. I dont know what to do.. Suggestions? Only way I can get her to move is if I get the leash since she loves walks... other than that.. she pretty much hates me right now. I dont know if buying the crate was such a good choice after all. I'll appreciate any advice or comments. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.
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