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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all! for those of you who may remember, I just wanted you all to know that my Sable Siberian, Apollo crossed over the Rainbow bridge Sunday September 2, 2012 at 2:15 PM Eastern Standard Time. I couldn't get this to you sooner for that I apologise. The suspected diagnosis was osteosarcoma located in the right shoulder with possible surrounding tissue involvement. Apollo went from healthy no symptoms to euthanasia in less than one month it happened so very quickly like an avalanche. He was his cheerful bright self up until the very last two days when the pain just got to be too much and all he could do was lie and pant. His diabetes complicated the situation and no amount of analgesic helped ease any of it. I had the honor of walking him to the gateway and see him through to the other side. As the propofol was taking hold I had my hand gently on his neck and he simply lowered his great head to rest between his two front paws as if he were going to take an afternoon nap. Not a peep, not a word, so very very serene. Even during the pentabarbitol administration he just drifted off with the same expression on his face he always had when he was peacefully enjoying an afternoon nap. I hope I have such serenity and peace when my time to pass away comes by. What an incredible lesson, what an incredible Husky! His ashes are in aplace of honor in my study in a cedar chest surounded by cedar boughs and blue praire sage leaves and branches and his framed picture surmounting the top of the box on which I had put a large paw which reads: "Apollo 1997-2012 Wise Teacher, Faithful Friend" The pack is not the same though they have continued on. Tuvok has taken the alpha position since Hero is now in the throes of senility and really doesn't know where he is most of the time and suffering arthritis as well. They don't howl as they used to because Apollo used to lead them and Octavian although he tries just can't sustain the song as Apollo did. I miss him terribly. So does the pack. There will never be another to match him. As I promised the community I will not replace them as they go so when the last one is gone they either send another friar to live here with me or they bring me back into community. Thank you for putting up with all this. I just wanted you folks to know he's waiting for all of us I know he is running wild and free. The silver of his harness gleams brightly as he darts across the heavens with pride he takes his place among his ancestors he has done them all proudly in his life! Run free Apollo, see again with those soft brown eyes that could look beyond time, play with the passion you always had and loved to share with every creature. Go with love and give it as only you could, with joy, in abundance and freely. God willing I hope so meet you again . . . the attachment is Apollo at his finest. What you see is who he is Thanks. Fr. Carmen OFM
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