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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, Hopefully you are doing well. I am a new member, welcome me on the forum.
  2. Upon reading some of the other forum posts on here I've noticed some identical behaviors in my dog that also describe a pregnant dog. she's losing hair on her belly developing teets and nesting, is always super clingy and its gotten worse as of late. Can anyone tell me what exactly phantom pregnancy is and/ or are these hormonal effects of Skyy still being fully intact at her age (almost four years old), and never having a liter? help oh yeah also... HIII IM SARAH THIS IS MY INTRODUCTION ... story about Skyy and I: Hi, I'm Sarah, first time husky owner located on the south shore of Massachusetts. my husky is Skyy Blue I acquired her from a private seller in fitchburg Massachusetts, where she was still with her mom and dad husky. The woman just simply couldn't handle all three dog, four kids, in her sisters home, newly moved and post divorce. The day that I met Skyy she had escaped out the front door after I pulled in front of the home, before I even got out of my truck. Upon opening my door, I saw, sitting that a husky about a year and a half was patiently waiting for me to open and exit my vehicle. she wast the most beautiful all white husky with two blue eyes. She howled with excitement. Almost like she already knew that she would be coming back with me.This was to be my best friend. When I followed the dog and the woman back inside her house the woman asked me if I wanted to meet the parents (she had them crated in a separate part of the house out of concern I wouldn't be able to handle them all at once.) I assured her I always grew up with many dogs and it was fine, so she proceeded to let them out. Boy did Skyy's mom and dad have a few questions for me! mom gave me a once over barking and yipping at Skyy to stay back while she sniffed my feet and checked out my scent. Then dad proceeded to circle me and glare majestically before giving a big sigh and then a huff and taking a seat. Skyy was barking.... the entire time... and we all went into the back yard where the woman had a porch that had a separate entrance by gate that I could spend some time with sky alone in. Well protective husky mom didn't like that idea. While I was in the pen with Skyy her mom proceeded to yelp yelp yelp at dad who, annoyed, raised his paw and with one swoop knocked the latch and Rolled his eyes. In mom came with dad lumbering behind her. The woman, a little embarrassed but lacking a surprised expression like the one on my face, said "oh.... she tells him to open the gate or doors or whatever so they can all get in. they're smart....eh hmmm." Impressed and a bit fearful of what genes my dog may have inherited, but still even more so in love, I asked the woman if she would be willing to hold skyy for me. I was coming into some money but the check would need some time to clear. she said of course but made it clear if someone else showed up with the money she would have to let skyy go to them. understanding fully that she was a first come first serve money talks re-homing situation. I got in my truck and almost pulled away. The woman was on her way to work and I was watching her exit her home and cross the driveway to her vehicle. I glanced down at my wallet resting in the center console and on a whim and out of complete understanding that Skyy was an absolutely awesome pup and anyone else would scoop her up in a heart beat. Even though I needed the hundred dollars for something else at the time, I proceeded to grab the five twenty dollar bills from my wallet, and raced out of my vehicle to catch the woman before she departed. "Excuse me." I said. "I really want this dog, would you be willing to accept a partial deposit of $100 dollars and I can come back in a week with the rest when my check clears? $100 now to guarantee me skyy?" she smiled... and said yes. a week later Skyy and I drove out of fitchburg to her new forever home in Weymouth where we would begin many adventures, and still have more to start.
  3. Hello everyone.. m a newbie husky owner from Central India. Its a hot place with temperature ranging between 11°C & 48°C. I recently adopted a siberian husky. I am his third owner infact. The dog was actually bought by a bureaucrat's son. He didnt focus on his studies 'cause of the dog n for this reason, his father gave this lovely husky to his friend(2nd owner) when the poor boy was just 3 months old. This second owner of his, coincidently used to live in the same street next to my home. I used to watch Alex go out for walks with someone at that time, n used to see him tied to a mango tree during the day time(where the temperature here reaches 30-40°C). That gguy already owned 9 other pet dogs apart from Alex, n wasnt able to maintain him. After watching him suffer for 5 months, i finally was offered to keep him with me. Unfortunately, i discovered that he gave Alex up because of his deteriorating health, and continuous diarrhea(which i guess was messing up his surrounding near his house). Poor boy was just vaccinated, no proper de-worming, no proper food!! i feel bad for him.. well alex has been with me n family for past 3 months.. he is the heart of my family.. both my mother n father are in their old retirement age n Alex. Father is Paralyzed on right side with hypertension and CABG medical history, mom also has diabetes n hypotension.. brother was in depression and I was struggling with anxiety issues and mental disorders.. from the day Alex has joined us, our house has become a HOME! We spend time with him, n each other!! N love him.. keep him in air conditioned room, give him proper diet, take him for a walk... n yeah!! Without a doubt, he farts real stinky... but he is active, interactive!! Talkative, lovable and exceptionally brilliant.. Just to cope up with this newbie experience i have joined this forum.. i came here searchin for the fact that huskies fart or not.. i always used to suspect its my elder brother, but after spendin 3 months with them, i am pretty much sure its Alex n not my elder brother! XD Anyways, happy to be a part of the pack!!
  4. Hi everyone. I'm fostering a Husky for a dog rescue, he was rescued 3 weeks ago from a life of abuse and neglect, he is a year old, a stunning white Siberian husky with ice blue eyes. Despite his awful start in life he is so trusting and loving. He is currently fostered to me as a critical care placement as when rescued his organs where starting to shut down. I've had him 3 weeks and he is like a different dog already. Big learning curve as I've got a little terrier cross age 10 and 5 rescue cats so a young large all be it skinny husky is a learning curve. I'm hoping to adopt him once he is well enough to be up for adoption.
  5. Hi everybody! I'm a new member here on Husky Owners! I'm 15 and I have a husky named Bucky! (after the Marvel character of course!) He's sweet but also very crazy. He's the first dog I've ever had and I'm his primary owner other than my mom. I'm so excited to share my dog with the community! And get some tips on what to do with him because he's a tough one. Bucky boi.mp4
  6. Hello! I've mentioned some of this under my question thread (didn't realise this was here!:). My guy's name is Arlo & he's about six months. I got him from a husky rescue group & he may have shepherd in him! We were told he was dumped at a shelter because of a malformed eye & the rescue group was notified about his existence & took him in. They had his eye removed soon after & he's actually really lucky he lost it so young! He's a really sweet boy & super trainable - so far:) He's also a lot of work; energetic, stubborn, & comical! Talks a lot too! I'm glad I found this site! Thanks for having us<3
  7. I've finally joined the forum. If you don't know of me yet, I'm Marc's cousin & I was invited to the annual Husky Camp as family last year to do some photography & was invited again this year.. Or the correct term would be that I just turned up anyway with a camera to take some snaps of this years (2016) camp too, because it was so good last year. I'll be uploading lots of shots taken this year so everyone can see them & hopefully summon up even more encouragement for people to attend in 2017. I'll have to ask though, where's the best place in the forum to post them? Thanks
  8. Hi, just registered on this site. I have a one year old sibe called tala. Her show name is midnight blue paradise. She is black and white with black/brown eyes. She is the most affectionate animal I have ever met. It is a privelege to own her. She's as strong as an ox and totally mental but severely pack orientated. She talks constantly. Cheers.
  9. Hi there! I'm Chloe and I'm 16 years old. I've just finished High School which means I have more time with my precious dogs! I have two dogs, although I want a lot more. I live with my parents and older brother, so two dogs is all I could get and I'm not complaining! My first dog is Holly. She is a beautiful 4 (almost 5) year old, female, Labrador. She's had two litters in her lifetime and they were both successful and a wonderful experience for everyone, her included. She often has little play dates with her pups ^_^ They're all nearly full grown now. Anyways, she's an amazing dog. She guards the house with her life, and she's the softest dog you'll ever meet. She's very hyperactive though, so she doesn't really do well indoors. She'd much rather be in the garden or out on a very long walk. My newest addition to my small pack is Freya. I got her when she was about 2 months old as a surprise present from my parents for doing my exams. My brother got a holiday with his friends abroad when he did his exams, so they said they had to come up with something as equally amazing for me. It's definitely the best and most unexpected surprise I've ever had, and it almost gave me a heart attack. I came home from school, which was a relatively bad day anyway, to find my parents in the living room and a cardboard box on the floor with a cushion on it. They said something like "Sort through all that crap I found in your room so I know what to throw out". I was kinda annoyed at this because I'd had a painfully long and hard day anyways, I didn't really want them nagging at me for this, as they'd done before. So I wasn't like "wow, this is weird. They've never done this before...". I opened it and I almost cried with joy... She was there in the box with a cute bandanna around her neck ^_^ She was so sweet, she started crying until I picked her up. I was thinking of names of her, I was going to call her either Yuki, Sansa or Fira. My mum was giving me ideas like "Breeze" but I didn't like them... I said each name to her, like you do. But when I came to Fira, It came out "Freya" on accident (my brain had a malfunction) and she barked at me!! It was so cliche but so cute, so I was like "YEP! Freya, her names Freya". It was perfect :') Ever since I was 4 I wanted a Husky more than anything. I used to bug my family by repeating over and over again that "Husky's are the bestest dogs in the whole world!". Me and my 4-year-old lisp... 5 months have flown by and she's a great dog. She get's along well with Holly, even though they play fight and get jealous of each other occasionally, but that's normal. Sibling rivalry, I suppose. They're my baby's and I'd never be able to live without either of them. So, We're all glad to be a member of this website! I saw it and I was excited to have somewhere to go when I have a question or problem. I'm encountering lots as time goes on, I've never owned a Husky before, so it's a new experience for me. Please, if you've got any advice, tell me! I'm always welcome to any help I can get :') Thankyou so much for reading! - Wolfee
  10. Hiiii peeps! I'm Kita, my other half is Tom and our bubby Malamute is Kovu. Is is 8 months old but the size of a wolf! We've recently bought a house in Bedford (only down the road from Milton Keynes where we're from) but are still new to the area and are looking for new Husky friends to meet with Kovu so he cam ve around his own kind. We have another dog Toby (Welsh Collie cross) but he's 8 years old so a bit boring and antisocial as he was a rescue from Battersea dog's home. I was recommended this site from Niki who we met up with earlier this evening, who said it's a great place for advice and to meet other Husky/Malamute owners. I'm still getting used to the site but have got lotttts of piccies of Kovu I will upload and will put a couple up of Toby the Collie too. Hopefully speak to you soon. Take care x
  11. Would just like to say hello to everybody and to ask for your patience with me as i am new to forums and huskies also so may ask lots of questions.
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