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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! My husband and I just got Onyx 3 days ago, he is 15weeks old. He and my older puppy Odin (8mo) seem to get along pretty well. The only problem I have with Onyx is potty training him! We have a small area at the back of our house that Odin happily uses as his toilet, but Onyx completely refuses to use it I took him straight after he woke up in the morning, after meals, and after playing but he just won't go. Tried taking him an hour later, still no result.. And then just after I gave up he peed on the floor! I don't understand why he seems to dislike the toilet so much! I know he's older than Odin when I first got him and he can hold his bladder longer, but I remember Odin still had to go straight away after he woke up in the morning.. I really want him to be housebroken, but it's really hard to get him to go in the toilet area so I can't praise him in the moment Any tips will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello all I just have a few questions we just got a new puppy after we lost our last Siberian after 16 years 4 years ago we finally decided to fill our house with another Siberian The questions I have is the puppy will go accident free all day long but at night it is like pulling teeth to get her to go outside she is leashed and escorted by my wife or I at all times but once it gets dark she doesn't want to budge please if any of you could help us out it would be greatly appreciated she just turned 9 weeks old and the other question I have is the puppy pads a good idea until she is fully trained. It has been almost 20 years since we have house trained a puppy any help would be greatly appreciated Steve and Wendy
  3. Hi there. I typed a huge intro and sadly my tablet freaked out on me and the whole thing was lost. So instead here is the shortened version for now and I will fill in more info later. My new puppy is not old enough to come home yet, but I am too excited to wait before talking to some people that share my enthusiasm for the breed. I can try and ad some photos, but I am not entirely sure how that works yet.
  4. Hello, I am house training my puppy to go potty outside. So far it is WONDERFUL! I say Pee pee and take him out back and he goes. I used to give him a treat every time but now I don't, but I still give him praise. He has a crate and I place a pad in his crate at night for him. He only pees on the pad. The crate is huge and I separate the back from the front (hopefully that makes since). He does not go when I take him for walks. We will walk and walk and walk, he will wait until we are back at home and go in the back to potty. I'm fine with that. So far he has not pooped in the house. That's a miracle. The first day I got him I gave him free reign of the house. He was peeing everywhere. I immediately went online to get some help. I put him out back at first and my husband went and got some pads and doggy treats. I got different opinions about pads for huskies. Some say they don't work, others have said its great for training. I only use them for his crate. Sometimes during the day he has to be in his crate while we're gone. I also keep him on a leash, when he is not in his crate. I think because he is confined most of the time he will comply, because when I let him off the leash or out of his crate he will pee in the house. My question is...Is there an age or time when I can let him roam free in the house and he will not pee everywhere? I don't want to keep him confined forever. Also, he will be 8 weeks in 2 days.
  5. We recently got a Siberian Husky puppy. She is now 10 weeks old. We are having serious issues with her pooping in her crate. She will pee outside no problem but rarely poops outside. Then she will poop in her kennel overnight and roll around in it. During the day she is in the kennel for about 3.5hrs and then I let her out on my lunch break. I let her run around the backyard for 30 mins before going back to work. When we get home from work, there is always a mess of poop. The breeder had her in a larger kennel, and seemed to have no accidents. What can we do to fix this problem? I've heard that Siberians are a stubborn breed, but I didn't think it would be this bad! We have tried regulating her diet and only feeding her at 6am and no later than 6pm to see if that would help and it hasn't. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  6. I posted on the forum that we were thinking about getting another puppy. Now it arrives in a few days!!! It's from the same breeder as our first dog Aura. I'm a bit nervous about the dog flying here as opposed to driving but I'm sure it will be fine. It's only on the plane for 2 hours, then hubby can pick it up from a city 2 hours from our home. Any tips for bringing a new puppy into our life?
  7. We've had my puppy for 4-5 months now, & about two weeks ago I noticed a small spot on the top of her muzzle (right before her nose begins). It was red, and looked like a cut. So I figured she scratched it on something & let it heal up. Which it did almost, until I came home one day & it was back to red & it was bleeding a little, freshly cut. & repeat. Problem is, it happens around different times & I never catch her in the act of whatever she is doing, which I assume is rubbing her nose against something... Is this normal? I was going to ask the vet but apparently last time they only needed shots for her & no vet actual visit... Any tips or anything? I feel so bad for my baby...
  8. Hello, again! I introduced myself months ago, so I could come to this forum to learn more about what to expect before we got our baby~well, now she is finally home!!!! Please welcome, Mishka! We have had her for 4 days, and she is doing pretty well. Despite doing alot of research prior, I still find myself with a ton of questions! I think mainly because, while I trained several dogs before, I have never trained this dog and each dog is different, right? And, too, I think I would really benefit from feedback telling me I am doing things correctly. But for now, I just wanted to say hello! So....HELLO! I wish I could get a decent awake photo of her, but she is too quick for me!
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