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Found 5 results

  1. Molly going crazy over the squeaker. Sapphire ripped it from her toy so I was squeezing it and molly started doing this, so i had to naturally record it and post it. Also, please be nice about her face. Yes she is a full Siberian. She was bit by my eldest Siberian when she was 9 Weeks old. It was one of those accidents that cost me a lot of time and money. She's a wonderful dog with a face that only adds to her personality!
  2. Hello! Nova my little 10 month old husky is getting a baby brother, in fact, it is her own half-brother. I am looking for any kind of advice on how to introduce the two. If anyone has any fun stories or advice about two dogs, I am open ears. We get the little man on July 11th, he will be 8 weeks on that day! thank you in advance! -Nova's Momma
  3. Hi. My fiancee and I recently adopted a young Husky. She will be one year old April 20th of this year. A student we knew did not have the time to dedicate to such an active dog between two jobs and going to school full time and I knew we had the love and time to dedicate to her. So we took her in. However, we do have two cats. The cats are taking well to her and don't seem to mind that she's around, but she wants to play something awful and they are not having it. We are worried that she's is going to be too aggressive with them and injure or kill one of them. From Husky owners who have previous experience with this, my question is, is there any way to make her understand that our cats aren't interested in playing in the same way she is and she needs to be a little bit more relaxed with them? I know huskies are very predatory, but I don't feel as though she thinks of them as a snack as much as friends. She is always happy to see them, but they are not as happy to see her when she is excited. Thank you so much for your help. Everyone, meet Nova.
  4. My Khloe' is about 5 years old, she woke up fine, and was howling her normal 'good mornings' And then about 30 minutes later she came inside after rolling her in dirt. (Which I've heard that to be an ego thing for dogs, its like perfume to them). I cleaned her up with a little baby shampoo & a wet towel and dried her. Then she was outside again, for a while, I kept calling her hoping she wasn't rolling in dirt again and when I looked outside the window, she was throwing up. Since then she has been pacing around the house and through the whole back yard in and out of the doggie door. She stopped and laid outside twice by herself in a circle and tried to relax (its also freezing rain outside very lightly, but, still its odd for her to lay outside by herself in the freezing rain. She's a mommas girl and is always by my side or sleeping under me. She won't eat. And she is being weird, its obvious she doesn't feel well as she comes to me for comfort but then leaves soon after to continue pacing.. I made a vet appt for 3, and its 1 now. Any idea of whats going on? Or, has anyone else experienced these symptoms with their huskies? My other Husky, Skyler, is almost 6 and he is not eating and is stomach his making a lot of noises, I am sure he will be ok, as this as happened to him before.. But, I am still curious if anyone knows what either of these symptoms are from? Thanks so much
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