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Found 7 results

  1. So everything i ordered arrived today. Even though i have an ankle injury i wanted to put the kit on straight away! The quality of the equipment is exceptional. Everything feels top notch and well crafted. The bike attachment feels strong as does the lead. It is made of a material which feels like nylon rope, seems very strong. Brass connectors are easy to use and the carabiner is very heavy and exceptional quality.
  2. Hi I am picking my husky up this Friday she will be 8 weeks and want to order one of these juluis k9 harness and want to know does anybody know what size I should be ordering Thanks
  3. hi guys new user here really need some help/advice/recommendations from experience husky owners so i just got home from work for my boyfriend to tell me penny slipped her harness apparently she laid on the ground popped her shoulders in and just wiggled out of it.she refused to come back, refused to sit or obey any of the commands we have taught her, just got a wild look in her eye and ran off into a housing estate .oh and btw she was running in the road!! chasing cars which was terrifying for my bf. luckily he managed to catch her before anything bad happened but i worry next time we wont be so lucky. at the moment she wears an ezy dog quick fit harness she did escape from it once before when she was little but i think that's because it was to loose. collars are pretty useless she just pulls them off she is a husky x shepherd 3 years old any recommendations or advice is greatly appreciated (sorry if this is long winded/ doesn't make sense/ posted in the wrong section)
  4. So I just finished ordering some new harnesses for the girls as it was getting annoying fumbling around with different harnesses depending on what we are doing with the dogs. Currently they have two different harnesses and a leader/harness combo each for a different activity. One anti-pull harness for jogging. One harness for pulling (Pasha does not have one of these because she is still too young) and the combo piece is for walking in public places to give us more control of them. I recently found a website called Alpine Outfitters (by accident getting some pictures for a post I made in another thread) and after reading up about their products I decided that it was time to get them an "All In One" harness that we can use for everything we do with them. The one that we decided on is as follows: Urban Trail Harness http://www.alpineoutfitters.net/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=155 This harness can be used for many different activities including most joring activities (Aurora LOVES doing this with my roller-blades) and is comfortable enough to wear for hiking and walking activities. The harness is also custom crafted by their body measurements and comes with stitching of their names into the harness. So last night we measured both dogs for their harnesses and picked out colors that will match their collars so that we can easily differentiate between them. Since they are custom crafted they give you the option of putting "D" rings anywhere on the harness you would like so that you can utilize them for different activities. I had them put a "D" ring on the back for Joring and on the front for walking/jogging and I hope that the front one will do the same type of thing that the ones we have now do which is not allow them to really pull because if they do they will get turned to one side. One bad thing about them being custom made is that they will take between 2-4 weeks to be made and sent to us so we won't have them for awhile Regardless I am excited about getting some new harnesses! I will keep everyone up to date and once we get them I will provide a review!
  5. Hi all, Kobi has never really liked harnesses. He didn't like his first no pull harness and now doesn't like the idea of his X-Back, he runs sideways from me rather than forwards. I've noticed that he won't go through a dog flap either, presumably because he doesn't like the plastic against his fur? Has anyone else experienced this??? Thanks
  6. Kita-n-Tom

    SnowPup Kovu

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