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Found 1 result

  1. I thought I would start a little thread on cleaning up after inside accidents as there seems to be a few people having some issues of late I have been very lucky with Ronin and his toilet training, but my advice comes from experience with my previous dog that had daily accidents towards the end of her 14+ years. One of the big problems with inside peeing, especially on carpet is that urine contains ammonia which as we all know stinks to high heaven. Many cleaning products contain ammonia so our dogs can smell even the smallest amount and think "hey great, it must be okay to pee in an area that already smells of pee, woo-hoo!" The other problem is that if we don't clean it up well enough, the dog will still have a target for repeated offences. A wet and dry vacuum is obviously a great tool but for those that don't have one, my suggestions are as follows; You will need Paper towels White Vinegar (cheap stuff used for cleaning) Baking Soda (Bicarb soda) Spray Bottle 1. Blot up as much of the urine as possible, use around 6-8 sheets of paper towel, place over pee area and stand on it, repeat until most of the wetness is removed. 2. Mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle 50/50 and liberally spray the area. The vinegar neutralises the ammonia. 3. Blot again 4. Sprinkle around half to one handful of baking soda on the area and leave to dry (this will remove the smell of the vinegar) 5. Vacuum up baking soda when dry. The above is pretty basic, you can use a fan or hair dryer to speed up the drying, you can brush the bicarb in to the carpet before vacuuming, or you can add some dish washing detergent and water to another spray bottle and spray over the baking soda (this cleans a bit better but takes longer to dry and I seldom bothered with this step) Anyway, there are all sorts of magical cleaning formulas they sell in pet shops and supermarkets for urine costing big dollars, that don't work as good as the above in my opinion, so save the money and spend it on dog treats to reward your dog for going potty outside
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