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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! My partner and have debated at length for the last year and a half about getting either a husky or a husky collie mix. We currently own 4 cats and 4 guinea pigs. We live on 6 acres of land (which we can use for doggo) that are horse exercise paddocks along with a back garden of about 700m2. My in Laws own and live on the land in a bungalow next door with a Wheaton and a Miniature Schnauzer, both love other dogs. I run fitness boot camps in the garden and visit clients in a gym for a maximum of 1-2 hours per day, but my partner in normally home when I’m rarely not! We’ve done a TONNE of research, although I know that we will never be 100% prepared. I grew up crate/agility/obedient training dogs and have no problem being an alpha, stern with positive reinforcement and providing 2+ hours of exercise. We want a husky because of the work; we understand the reward! We’re prepared to be in snowstorm when the coat sheds and have already looked in to the money for stupid amounts of toys, raw vs non raw food etc... the elephant in the room is our pets. Ultimately I don’t care how much I want a husky if I think my cats will get killed it’s game over. We have a “cat wall” which would be great for them to climb up and hide in hidey holes and on ledges. We’re talking about putting a cat flap on the lounge door and keeping it as a no husky zone. I understand that no matter how much I trust my dog after a decade we can never leave them unattended together. My question is, I’ve heard horror stories and successes. Even with all my plans, daily classes, training, exercise, toys, crates, cat escape routes and hyper vigilance.. am I living in crazy town thinking this is possible? Thanks in advance (sorry about the length of the post!!) Maddie
  2. If anyone remembers me you may be reminded that I've been on this site for a very long time without owning a husky... But guess who has one now!!?? This girl! -Happy dance!!!- My pup, Arcanine (Arcie for short) is 3 months old. I will be getting him sometime after 5PM today. What should I do when I take him home? He needs a bath, he was kept outdoors and is a smelly baby. ): Should I wait later in the day to give him one and show the home first or would it be okay? I am going to show him where to potty, and associate him with the crate by giving him treats. I'm going to fill up a Kong with peanut butter and freeze it so he will be busy in his crate for a while. I'm putting it in my room, will it be okay that he sees me sleep and get up in the middle of the night? I will be waking him up every three/four hours for potty. Im going to keep the food bowl out in the open. Some people do not like that but I have too busy of a schedule to put him on a feeding schedule. If things prove that he needs to be put on a feeding schedule I will. I have three cats, I will slowly introduce. I will pet my cats and set them on my lap to show they're family. Phew, anything else?? Sorry if it's a lot! Here's a picture of my sweet boy.
  3. our pup keeps mouthing the cat on his neck we keep trying to distract her when it happens but she keeps going back to him what doesn't help is he lets her do it like he enjoys it he is a bengal
  4. When we got Kato we already had three cats. All three are outdoor cats so they come and go, but they like to snuggle down with us at night and at the moment they're unable to because Kato barks and pulls towards them. Has anyone successfully managed to introduce their husky to cats? Or does anyone know of a menthod that might well help us to teach Kato not to chase them. I know it's asking them to go against their instinct, so I know it's not going to be easy and take time, but if anyone can help with a method that would be a massive help. What we've been doing so far is keeping him on a lead with one cat in the room and everytime he sits downs or lies down or seems disinterested we give him a pat on the head and praise him. I've been reluctant to introduce treats at the moment in case he expected this all the time the cats are around (which would make him one fat dog!). We also praise the cat for not running at have some salmon on hand to feed to them for being understanding too, but it's almost as if now we've made it so far and then progress just won't go any further. They'll never be left on their own if we go out or go in the garden etc, becasue I know that the relationship between husky and cat can be very changable if the cat does something that makes the dog see it as prey, I just want them to get on when we're all in the same room. I have a clicker for some clicker training that I've been working on for getting him to 'heel' if anyone thinks this might help with the cats too?
  5. Hello folks. I'm Trish, I live in rural France, and next week I'm picking up my husky crossbreed puppy, aged 11 weeks, called Cézanne. He is one quarter each of Husky, Malamute, Belgian shepherd and Pyrenean sheepdog (though the grandparents might also be crossbreeds, so there could be more breeds in there). I have bought him as a companion animal to my Breton spaniel/Gordon setter cross, Zola, who is now 13. He will be crated in our living room, where we spend most of our time (we work from home and are not out much). However, I also have three adult cats - one aged nearly 20 - and would appreciate any advice on handling introductions, etc. Is the prey drive is equally strong in crossbreeds? Do I need to keep him crated or on a lead at ALL times when the cats are around? I can supervise encounters in the house but are the cats more at risk in the garden? Or do I just need to suck it and see? I've heard such horror stories about Huskies and cats that it is making me a bit apprehensive, as I love my cats very much. FYI, we have one hectare of (near as dammit) unfenced orchard, surrounded by mostly arable farmland (but also a chicken farm!), the garden is full of rabbits, and I usually walk my dog for 3km each morning either on-road or round the local lake. Is this enough for now, or will I need to add an afternoon walk to take the bounce out of Cézanne? My spaniel is old, so 3km is all he can take now in one go, though he spends most of it off-lead, quartering, so he goes a fair way, and he also runs round the garden all day. I don't plan to take Cézanne off lead until he learns to come back (or possibly never...). I have bought a Halti harness for him (the type that goes round the nose), and a backpack, plus a training lead, standard collar, standard harness and a 10m tie-down tether. Any advice greatly appreciated. T
  6. Hi. My fiancee and I recently adopted a young Husky. She will be one year old April 20th of this year. A student we knew did not have the time to dedicate to such an active dog between two jobs and going to school full time and I knew we had the love and time to dedicate to her. So we took her in. However, we do have two cats. The cats are taking well to her and don't seem to mind that she's around, but she wants to play something awful and they are not having it. We are worried that she's is going to be too aggressive with them and injure or kill one of them. From Husky owners who have previous experience with this, my question is, is there any way to make her understand that our cats aren't interested in playing in the same way she is and she needs to be a little bit more relaxed with them? I know huskies are very predatory, but I don't feel as though she thinks of them as a snack as much as friends. She is always happy to see them, but they are not as happy to see her when she is excited. Thank you so much for your help. Everyone, meet Nova.
  7. I apologize if I'm repeating an already asked question but I couldn't find a thread on cats and don't know how the search works for some reason. My boyfriend and I both like cats and were thinking of getting one but if it's a bad idea I won't and I'll just forget it. I've found a boy I'm willing to adopt and the owner says he gets along with large dogs and if there's a problem I can return him to her. Well, thoughts? Horror stories? Pleasant anecdotes anyone?
  8. Hi Everyone, I've been wanting to get a husky since forever, and have done a whole lot of research on them. I'm fully confident on tackling the training of one (having trained dogs before), the amount of exercise she'll need etc, but I'm most concerned about the possibility of the family cats. I've done a bunch of reading on it, including some on this site, and have found a lot of answers saying Nope don't even try it, and also quite a few saying their husky/ies gets on fine with cats. The consensus I'm seeming to find is that huskies that have been raised since very young with cats get along fine, while those that are introduced from about a year+ don't work always out so well... I know it's also really dependent on the dog's personality itself, so I wanted to ask you all what you thought and your stories. I have the chance soon to get a husky less than 3 months old, but am doing my best to make the right decision! If you've had success, how did you introduce the animals? How young was your dog? Any difference between males/females? Any other information you can think of! Thanks so much! Tari Xxx
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