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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone! Im new to this forum and created this account to help give me insight. Recently, I adopted a husky who is around 50 pounds who will be available for pickup around next week. After constant worry and extensive research about huskies escaping fences, I'm worried my dog will try to escape. Our backyard is pretty spacious, however, the fence is relatively short with some sections made of brick and others iron. We have one gate that is chained but we are planning on installing a PVC pipe above it to fix the problem. However the biggest problem we are facing is the brick wall as it has a unique feature where the brick wall slowly becomes shorter and shorter all around the perimeter until it reaches the end of the backyard. It starts off at 5 feet than slowly shortens all the way down to 3 feet 10 inches. What do you guys think would be the best extension to fix the problem at hand? Thank you very much ahead of time!
  2. Hey there! I'm interested in adopting a Siberian Husky puppy, and since I've never owned one before, I was hoping to get some advice when it comes to breeders. I have been searching for quite a while to find the perfect puppy, and I thought that I had, but later I was idly searching for husky pictures and came across a forum on this website, in which another user had in a similar situation to mine requested advice and discovered that his dream puppy may actually be riddled with health issues, and with your guys' help he decided on a much safer puppy. I'm hoping to have the same wonderful advice, so here he is! The breeder is Breeders name removed, and from what I could tell, they seemed very legitimate, with AKC certified parents and Champion Bloodlines, and the puppies looked healthy to me, but again, I am new to the world of huskies and am likely overlooking obvious health issues. I attached first the 3 photos of the puppy, an 8 week old male, and following those are the photos of Jax, the father, and Kita, the mother. Following those are the health guarantees they offer. I called them as well, and they seem genuinely interested in finding safe and suitable homes for their huskies, and were happy to help me. What do you guys think-is he a safe bet? Are there any questions I could ask the breeder to clarify anything in regards to his health? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Hi Guyz please anyone can tell me whats causing the red eye in one side of my 4 month old puppy .. its been a while it comes and goes back on the same eye its not itchy at all not watery. As i realize there are veins which turns red and the whole white area is also red.The other eye is normal white. Anyone had something similar before.Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and I have an 8 month old female Husky which i would really love to know whether it is a real pure Husky out of curiosity. The possibility of her not being a pure husky will never change the way I love my dog, it's just that she has a thin looking head and face (not puffy or wide as other huskies). Here are some pictures
  5. Oops! We appear to have brought a dog home with us from the rescue XLCR off-lead when we went up there! In our defence, we fostered Bolt for 6 months up until a year ago when he went to his furever home. But it wasn't to be and he's had to come back in, so we've taken him for a few days to give him a bit of tlc. He really, really needs someone who'll run him (he's been run for 4 or 5 miles every day in the last year) so won't stay long with us Was quite touched when we saw him again for the first time in a year - I'd sat down in the off-lead and, without prompting, he came and lay down next to me! I'm not a great believer in dogs remembering a great number of things but I certainly pretended that he obviously recognised me, LOL! Though he did run across the off-lead when called by the name we gave him when we fostered him Here he is playing with NewSky (to differentiate her from our Sky!) who we'd collected from the kebab shop outside where she was dumped out of a car (we knew her name as she's chipped - was owned by someone who couldn't look after her when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and he gave her away, possibly to the people who dumped her). Yet another lovely dog who, through no fault of her own, has ended up in rescue - hopefully she'll be adopted quickly as she's lovely (well, they all are!)
  6. My now 4 month old female Siberian Husky is still going to the bathroom in the house.. This is what we have been doing for her: We crate her all night while we are sleeping, let her outside to go potty during the night if she is crying. Then let her out again as soon as we get up, after she eats, and before we leave for work. When we are gone for 8 hours a day, we have been gating her in our mud room where her crate is so she can move around. We put a pee pad down for her. What I have been seeing is she does not ever seem to try to hold her pee/poop, she just automatically goes to the pee pad or where the pee pad usually is, even if it isn't there she will go. She goes a lot during the day while we have her gated off in that room, but I feel like at this point she should be able to hold it? Or at least my husky years ago was able to. When she has free roam in the house while we are home, she still will go to that spot whenever she feels and go to the bathroom, she doesn't try to go outside. There HAS to be something we can do to teach her that pottying in the house is NOT acceptable and that she NEEDS to go outside to do that. Someone, ANYONE! Please help me out! I know that she can hold it, she seems to be too comfortable with going whenever she pleases instead of asking/waiting to go outside. Sincerely, A very frustrated, confused momma.
  7. Morning All Just stopped by to say hello, Kobi has been with us for almost 3 years now and we love him to bits. We have recently been up against some health issues and I wanted to ask you guys if you had any experience with the following please? - Firstly Kobi started to show signs of an itchy ear and progressively over some weeks it became obviously worse to the point we could see a dark brown build up, no amount of ear cleaner, cotton wool would seemingly shift it and with Kobis continued scratching became obvious we needed a vet visit. - Since Kobi was 'treated' for a microbial infection in the ear , it hasn't really got a great deal better, the dark brown waxy substance has subsided and his left ear is certainly no way near as inflamed and irritated as was before. The vet said he had cleared a lot of gunk from the inner ear and said the ear drum was in tact. - It looks as though this may have gone to his right ear, although we cannot see the same dark substance, Kobi is beginning to scratch at that ear. Sadly he also is scratching his bottom lips too, this is causing them to become scratched and raw also. - In addition to this we have also noticed Kobi wanting to scratch, lick, bite, clean his anus very vigourously, to the point where if left he would bite and bite. Now I want avoid too much detail but had to explain best I could. I imagine it very irritating if itchy bottom. We thought worms but is wormed regularly, tablets from the vet. On inspection I can't see anything obvious, other than after he has been at it it's very clean. - Kobi has also taken to licking things, a lot, the sofa for instance, he will constantly lick the sofa as if trying to clean something from it or clean his tongue?? To the point where if not stopped the sofa is sodden at that spot. The sofa isn't it, he will lick the tiled floor, or the wooden floor boards - I have also noticed Kobi has had a drippy nose... So all in all doesn't make great reading. Kobi is our everything, our little boy we couldn't have and now we are at our wits end as to what to do. As said we had been to the vets and Kobi is that anxious he can't have a muzzle on so last time had to go under for his ear exam and as the vet put down an existing condition cannot claim through our insurers. Kobi eats a kibble diet and water, we occasionally make chicken with plain rice as his stools were a little loose, I thought after a bout of diahorrea I assumed a sore bottom, hence the cleaning, but this is going on some. Not sure what detail I could add, any advice, help, experience shared or given at this stage would be most appreciated. With best regards Kobi & family
  8. Here I'll post Chester's evolution and results in dog shows
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