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Found 103 results

  1. My 18 month old alaskan husky/malamute mix Miska! https://imgur.com/gallery/o64Wq8y I just wrote about a story that happened to me a few days ago where Miska put himself in the line of fire to defend me at a park! Here is the link to that story if you are interested
  2. Hi All, We're looking at moving from the UK to NZ with our husky in 3/4 months time. He'll be three years old, but has separation anxiety and I was a bit naive in thinking that someone's in cargo with them but that isn't the case. We're now worried as we've managed to leave him on his own for 3-4 hours but not for 12 hours as will be needed for this kind of flight. The pet travel operators think it will be fine, but we're worried/nervous and wondered if anyone's attempted this before? We have a few months to work with a trainer on this, but wondered in the meantime if anyone had any advice? Cheers in advance!
  3. Hi, our husky pup (11 months) Luna has a lump on her nose. It appeared earlier today and has started this evening to get worse. Her cheeks are swollen and the lump appears to have moved to the right and swollen to a larger size. We have tried putting ice on it and also gave her an antihistamine and it still isn't getting any better, we are really starting to get worried now. Does anyone know what we could try?
  4. Hi guys! I'm new here so I hope I didn't break any rules Anyways, Damocles had got me curious lately and I've been dying to ask this question but sadly I don't have a friend who owns a husky but I've been googling around and figured that this might be the best place to ask. So Damocles used to have a clover mask with a very light circle around his eyes which is barely noticeable unless closer examination. During his 8th week I started to noticed that he developed a full mask which is not there before, and I haven't seen a husky with this kind of pattern and coat color in my country since most people here owns the common coat pattern and colours. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi! I've had this issue with Odin since he entered puberty; he's sort of aggressive towards young puppies - but ONLY husky & malamute puppies. He gets along fine with small dogs when off leash in the dog park, but once a husky or mal puppy comes in I have to chase him around to make sure he doesn't hurt it. The first 'greeting' he does towards the puppy would be to run straight to it, wrestle a bit then bite the neck. The puppy was terrified and crying and he still won't leave it alone. It's scary to look at and scary for the puppy owner too. He'll growl and try to pin the puppy down, and bare his teeth when I pull him away. He'll go back to chasing and biting the puppy's neck if I let him go. It seems like he's turned into a playground bully and I'm really concerned about it. How do I correct this behavior? We don't always meet husky or mal puppy during our visit to the park so I have only few chances to correct him so I need to do it right.
  6. Hello everyone ! So about a month ago, I got a husky puppy. He was showing no signs of having his ears stand up until this week where his ears are really close to standing. Then unexpectedly my other dog (Great Dane) Bit/ scratched him in the ear and he was bleeding from it. I washed him with warm water and made sure the ear finished bleeding. Now there is a major difference in both ears. One is active and the other is just droopy and moves occasionally . What should I do? and Will his hurt ear still stand up?
  7. Hi, I'm getting really worried i have a female husky who is 13 months old and will hardly eat? I think it's down to me spoiling her and giving her to much choice! I have tried the she will eat when she's hungry for 3 days and she literally ate no more than a handful. She loves her veg like carrots and sweet peppers Brussel sprouts etc! But again keeps only when she feels like eating them. (I had a male husky for 10 years and had no problems with him) she's on barking heads biscuits but again will only eat a little. She isn't ill as she will happily eat a dog chews/bones. I think I'm giving her to much choice and she's become spoilt. I try her with chicken, boiled mince,lambs liver etc and she will eat tiny bits of them she now hates wet dog food! As i said she will happily eat dog chews/bones and is healthy. Sometimes i hear her wake up about 4am and eat all her food in the bowl but then that's very rare she does that. I heard that huskies will only eat as much as they burn off the calories which i don't know if it's true as my last husky i had no eating problems with. Sorry for the long message I'm just getting worried. She's not really thin but she's slim and needs to put some weight on. Thank you for reading this.
  8. Every morning I take the dogs on their walk at 7am. There is never anyone out and it's nice and quiet. Well this morning a lady who runs with her dog was out jogging and she didn't have her dog leashed. It came charging across the field that is the same size as a football field right at us. Here I am with both dogs attached to the walking belt and me. I am trying to hold them back while this lady doesn't have a care in the world. It charged at us and Tuff bit him. Not hard enough to draw blood but I had to yell at the lady to call her dog back. I was soooo angry. Tuff put himself in front of me and his sister and protected us. I was proud of him. I always knew he was protective of us. When it's just us at home he will lay across me when we sleep if he hears something. Mind you he is almost 100lbs. He's no light feather. LOL. I can't stand ppl who don't think they need to have their dogs on leash. When she finally called her dog back I heard her say my dog was trying to pick a fight. SOOOOO annoyed. Guess we will need to go earlier. Any ways that is my rant and yes huskies CAN be protective.
  9. Hey guys! I recently rescued a 3 year old, male, Siberian husky from my local shelter! I'm posting on here to see if ya'll have any helpful advice for working on training a 3 year old or just general husky owner tips!
  10. My name is Ashley Sager. I am a founder of pomskies.com; a site where you can find the lovely and beautiful Pomsky puppies. I loves the pets and dedicated my life to give them all that they need and deserve in their lives. I have write many blogs for Pomsky puppies. Blogs like Pomsky temperment, breeding process of Pomsky, Pomsky shedding, Pomskies are real or not and many more.
  11. I've been searching around internet to find husky comics/cartoons/funny pages some you have found? Please share! Here is one in instagram I feel is really amusing to follow ??❤ https://www.instagram.com/siberianhuskypaws/
  12. Hello, I'm doing some research into Huskies and GSDs, as I'm trying to decide which of these dogs would be most appropriate for me and was hoping some experienced Husky owners could give me some advice. I live on my own and have a part time morning job, so will be spending basically all day with my dog bar 4 hours 4 days of the week (6am until 10am), and have no other pets at this time. What I'm looking for in a dog: • Able to walk 5-10 miles+ EVERY DAY. • Devoted - wants to spend time with his owner and loves his owner. • Trainable. I hike where there are rarely other dogs or people about, and want to be able to let my dog off leash. I know Huskies have notoriously bad recall, but I've also seen a lot of people with their Sibes off leash while hiking as opposed to a dog park where there are far too many distractions and risks. • Loyal - I've heard Sibes aren't loyal dogs, but is this really true? I know a GSD fits the majority of these categories very well, but it's the exercise I'm worried about. Could a GSD really handle that mileage even as he gets older? Or would it be too damaging to his hips? If so, would a Sibe be better? Or if you think neither of these breeds are ideal for what I'm looking for, what dogs would you suggest? I really appreciate any feedback!
  13. Today is National Puppy Day and that means you need to post a photo of your dog or dogs (doesn't have to be a husky) when he or she was a puppy (ONLY PUPPY PHOTOS PLEASE).
  14. So my sister in law just had a baby a week ago and they currently live with us. I was worried about my 2 being around the baby. Tuff is 90 lbs and sometimes doesn't know his size, but to my delight he is pretty sure the baby is his. I had the baby while his mom got ready and I turned around to Tuff tucking the blankets up on him and just staring at him. He's in love. My youngest however wants to lick and clean him non stop. Any tips and how to get her to stop. I have been giving her a firm no when she licks and telling her gentle when she sniffs him. I don't want her to think she gets in trouble every time she is makes contact with him. Is it just her natural instinct as a female to want to clean him? Oh and here are the pics I snapped of Tuff tucking in his baby.
  15. Hi Guyz please anyone can tell me whats causing the red eye in one side of my 4 month old puppy .. its been a while it comes and goes back on the same eye its not itchy at all not watery. As i realize there are veins which turns red and the whole white area is also red.The other eye is normal white. Anyone had something similar before.Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi, my name is Hobo I am 2.5 years old and was rescued from the animal shelter late June 2016.
  17. I am a new Siberian Husky owner, Juno is 4 1/2 months old, blue eyes, 30 pounds at the vet this morning for the last of her shots. Training is going well and she is pretty calm around kids and other dogs, really amazing to us. My wife and I have so many questions we don't know where to start. We are feeding her twice a day, 1 1/2 cups each feeding, Blue brand, grain free, we walk and run her daily. The vet said she is in excellent health. Was told she was gray but there seems to be a lot of brown top of her head and little on the legs, from my reading she might be wolf gray, any comments there. The gray is getting darker. Will she keep the cool face mask or will it go away, doesn't matter as we love her to death, just curios. I anyone has ideas or suggestions for a couple of old folks on what to expect, how big she will get, ideas on training or feeding all would be appreciated. I am a 62 year old retired veteran and she works me out, awesome. Anyway have attached a few pics to show progress, you can email me at ***email removed by staff**** if you prefer, would appreciate any before and after pics of your husky if you don't mind, would like to see how they change with age. Thanks again John
  18. Hello, This is Bolt I was told that he is 75% Siberian husky and 25% wolf, and he turns 1 next month. Up until a few years ago I was really scared of dogs. two years ago my sister got two dogs one small and one medium their names are Noah and Bella, and that's when I fell in love! last year I decided to get my own pupp and without knowing what I was getting myself into I got Bolt He was only 3 weeks old when I got him, which now I know is way too young. He wasn't in the best shape because the breeders he was with did not take care of him, but he is all good now. Bolt is very energetic and very lazy at the same time. He loves playing with Bella and Noah, and loves all the attention he gets from people whenever we go out. He also loves naps and enjoys stealing blankets and destroying them. Here are some pictures of him from the past year and pictures of Bella (black) and Noah (brown).
  19. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and I have an 8 month old female Husky which i would really love to know whether it is a real pure Husky out of curiosity. The possibility of her not being a pure husky will never change the way I love my dog, it's just that she has a thin looking head and face (not puffy or wide as other huskies). Here are some pictures
  20. They call me the devil! When you log on to your computer after a hellish 3 months of life and you get called the devil, get called ignorant and inept, get told "you should be put down" how would you feel? That happened to me because i had for sale some husky x shar pei pups. Apparently i'm also F@#k*^g retarded. Wow..... how does a husky lover judge another person without any question? how does a parent of a fur baby make assumption without asking questions? How does a devil like me live right??? Tell me, I'd love to know why im apparently a "C word" for breeding such a mix oh, and a drug dealer breading puppies for drugs BOOM, without any regard or respect for my story... Meet Mia!
  21. Pasadeana

    Gatling sleeping

    My sleepy boy at 3 months old.
  22. Pasadeana

    Gatling Gun Big Boy

    Gatling Gun at 4 & 1/2 months old He is all ears. Been getting his adult teeth.
  23. Pasadeana

    Proud Gatling Gun

    Gatling Gun at 4 months old.
  24. Pasadeana

    Gatling couch potato

    Gatling Gun at 4 & 1/2 months old Look at those legs..
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