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Found 4 results

  1. Can someone tell me what color my 2 and a half week old pup is. I thought he was just black and white but his face is pretty dark and he has some off white. Also his hind legs have some grayish coloring right behind the black. Here’s some pictures.
  2. Hi everyone, we really need help with a name, we can’t agree on anything! 😫 he’s a handsome little dog and just 5 weeks old right now, we don’t bring him home for another 4 weeks but we’d like an unusual name that compliments his dark colouring, any ideas would be great folks, thanks
  3. Hi, just registered on this site. I have a one year old sibe called tala. Her show name is midnight blue paradise. She is black and white with black/brown eyes. She is the most affectionate animal I have ever met. It is a privelege to own her. She's as strong as an ox and totally mental but severely pack orientated. She talks constantly. Cheers.
  4. Hi everyone hope you can help me, I had to rehome my puppy because of work commitments and to my horror i got a text at 3am on weds 9/07/14 saying she had got off her lead and he couldn't find her. This was at Austin street, Old stoke I have been looking for her since there was a sighting at Kenyon rd 4.15 and the last sighting was at 5.20 at stoke bridge heading towards the train station. She is black and white with blue eyes her name is Yasmin she isn't good with loud noises so she is probably petrified of all the traffic. i have contacted the police, councils dog warden, Facebook, all Ipswich vets everything and have been walking around looking for her. Her new owner however has done nothing please help me find her
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