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  1. It's been 2 weeks and he is still basically the same. He walks a bit, stops his head is hanging low and he generally stares without reacting to anything, after a few moments he like comes back and resumes walking a few steps before again stopping and staring. There's no reaction, you can all his name do anything he just freezes there and isn't responsive till a minute or two and he resumes. He is generally still weak and isn't eating much. He does drink more now that he is on diuretics. I am going to make another appointment with the vet. I am going to ask for them to do more tests because 2 weeks and I'm barely seeing improvements. I'm noticing he is panting all the time and is also licking his lips a lot. He does not cough either.
  2. This gives me some relief. My insides are all in shambles seeing him like this. But it gives me hope espscially if he can perk up within a few days. He was playing running jumping perfectly and then by night time he was barely moving. Yes, they love the rice boiled with the chicken and chicken legs. I will definitely treat him with it tonight. A pic of him some time before his diagnosis.
  3. Was he also weak and barely moving the first few days? How old was he? Like it will take a week for it to work? I know each dog is an individual. And did he have good quality of life? Like a normal slow walk for a senior dog? I dont want him to sleep 24/7 either or be weak. Sorry for so many questions. I am going to buy chiken boil it with rice and feed him tonight see if he will eat it. I hope he feels better in a few days.
  4. Hi, Teddy (10yrs old male) was just diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). His symptoms are basicly weak and barely eating/drinking and moving. He received vetmedin and furosemine (diuretic) yesterday. Yesterday he ate a little bit. This morning he just drank a bit water and did not eat. My question is, what are your experiences with this disease and medicine? I am very worried.
  5. I haven't tried baby oil yet. How often do you use baby oil? Also once a week? I will give this a try and see. Bedankt!
  6. Hi, I am wondering if it's a good thing or not to pluck the ears of a husky. In the last two years my husky (10 yrs old) has been experiencing problems with his ears on and off. He has received antibiotic pills and ear spray. But the infection keeps coming back after a few months. It made me wonder if plucking the ears could help. We have followed the vet's instructions and finished the antibiotic cures. But after about 3 to 6 months it's back again. Anyone experience this? Would plucking help? I have also read cleaning the ears with apple cider vinegar helps, but so far I haven't seen any effects. I clean his ears with a cotton ball dipped in the apple cider vinegar once a week. Anyone have helpful suggestions?
  7. Delene

    New girl

    I recently rescued this girl from a life in a small kennel and living in her own excrement. Her coat was dry, brown and smelly. She had an embedded collar of which she now has a scar on her neck. With some tlc her coat is now shining and she is learning to live inside a house. All in all, she is very friendly, playful and she loves to cuddle. Her name is Tisha and she is now Teddy's (my other husky) best friend. She has a nice black and white coat with unique markings around her eyes. Teddy also has quite a unique coat color. He has a wolfish color on top and white on the bottom with cream coloring around his eyes. PS. all the plants in the background of the picture have been chewed to bits. Some were still salvageable and are now away from her grasp.
  8. She is staying in that room because it's a near empty room. I took out all the furniture out. Aside from pottying inside she also chews everything. She has about 5 toys which are the indestructible ones. I think she noticed that they are unbreakable and she stopped playing with them. She behaves perfectly when I'm present. But if I go somewhere else, she will find the nearest item to chew. So that's why she is in that room with my other dog without any furniture. She has to hold it in for 7 hours when I can get some sleep. My number one problem here is that I can't catch her in the act. I'm thinking of getting a spray that will deter her from pottying inside. That sounds like it could help. There is a small cat flap, but the dogs are closed in a room. I do make sure both dogs are tired before going to sleep.
  9. We are taking baby steps, the one thing I like about her is that she has a good recall. She can walk off leash perfectly while the other will just run away. She is really sweet and loves to cuddle. The one thing that I'm struggling is still the potty training. I'm thinking that I will have to start staying up all night to catch her in the act. She sleeps with the other dog in a closed room. They have a fan and an AC. The other dog knows that he cannot potty inside, but she isn't quite getting the memo. She peed and it soaked his bed. I removed the bed for less headaches in the morning, but it's not nice for my other dog. I'm not sure if there is something I can spray? I clean every morning with bleach and baking soda to get rid of the smell. I'm beginning to wonder if I should take away their water bowl after they eat. Will that work? (She is the one that is laying down in the picture.)
  10. Hello fellow husky owners, I have recently rescued a female husky when she was around 8 months old. She was kept in a small kennel where she was living in her own excrement. The owner would hose down the dog and the kennel (there is a small drain in the back of the kennel). So she had a horrible cough, embedded puppy collar and very nasty fur. Long story short, she is now no longer kept in a kennel and her fur is now shining. Though she still has scars from the collar. I am trying to get her to go potty outside, which she does and I praise her when she does. But she cannot seem to understand that inside is a no potty area. She does not potty when I am there, it is only when I go to bed. So each morning I wake up to clean pee and poo. This is our schedule, they eat dinner at 7 pm and they have access to the yard till around 10:30 pm. The other husky knows it's bed time and he goes potty outside and comes back inside and goes to his bed. The new girl, she too goes potty she poos and pees after eating which I praise her like crazy when she potties outside. At 5.30 or 6:00 am I go to take them out and find poo and pee. She never potties in the house when I am there with her. It's always when I go to bed. Thnx in advance for tips!
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