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  1. I'm presupposing Ana is female what gender is moosey? I ask because I had an issue with two females: Ivanna and Alexa. Alexa's a white wannabe alpha female extreme. She used to lift her leg and immediately mark over the spot the boy just marked! I tried for three years to get she and Ivanna to get along but Alexa wanted none of it, one day while I was outside the fence, Alexa laid into Ivanna and literally stripped the flesh off the bottom half of Ivanna;s left front leg. Took two surgeries to get her back together. I had to re-home Alexa. I was told by a canine behaviorist that females tend to be more scrappy than the males. My case I'm thinking was an extreme example. My advice is to keep a sharp eye on the two if they are females, If one is a male (moosey) and Ana female they will work out the differences if they are both female, they may or may not, I'd just keep an eye on them and watch to see if over the next few months the aggression does or doesn't escalate, if it looks like it's decreasing over the next 4-8 weeks breathe a sigh of relief. If it is escalating either look into obedience school, or if it begins to feel really dicey re-homing one or the other. I hope it doesn't come to the re-homing. Hopefully it's a boy-girl alpha thing and they will work it out. All the best, I hope this will have a happy ending for all. Carmen OFM
  2. Gosh! they all broke the cute-o-meter it's off the scale! too precious! Enjoy them for many healthy years! Some real Pulitzer potential here!! Carmen OFM
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