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  1. Dear Sam and Kassy-Fluff welcome to the best place a Husky and its owner could find themselves! May you have many happy years with the on-line "pack." Your "kids" both are beautiful Huskies. They remind me of the Agouti form of the breed. Very striking and memorable! Have fun and grow young together the three-some of you! Carmen OFM
  2. Thanks, Marc My community has let up a bit regarding on-line communiques (Thank God!). I do have to have safety features on and limit my time on-line outside of research/study but at least I'm able to spend some time with folks who really know about the wonders of the Siberian Husky and are unabashedly passionate about them. I'm more and more impressed with the depth of experience and knowledge the membership displays and the willingness to be of help to all who come in need. This is really an impressive site! Thank you and your dedicated staff for taking the risk of making this available world-wide what a wonderful way to connect with folks and cultures one would never have the opportunity to meet. Most of all, thank you for putting up with the likes of me!! I pray this site and its membership will go on for many successful years. Blessings and Peace in this Easter Season. Carmen OFM
  3. God grant you many happy, healthy and peacefully blessed years together, may you grow forever young! God's Richest blessings on your union! Fr. Carmen OFM :cake:
  4. Genetics, family lines, the fact that some canine breeds are more prone to prey drive than others, put it all together and you have some idea of what's causing the issue of prey fascination. Although Huskies are pure Canis domesticus/familiaris the domesticated dog, and not at all wolves, there are some breeds that on the Evolutionary tree are closer in behavior to the original Canis Lupus than others. The Husky is one of them along with most of the northern breeds this is one of the reasons why wolf packs will allow Huskies into their packs should the Husky get loose and return to the wild. German Shepherds are another again pure dog, but behaviorally have kept some "customs" of their ancestors. What seems "horrific" to us is natural to them. We humans are the visitors into their realm; it's up to us to adapt/adopt into their world in which they very graciously invite us. That being said, I do not condone the random killing of prey animals by my husky, That's why I kept them in a fenced in run and when out they were always on short leash or harnessed to a sled or cart so their energy could be channeled positively. I found that most of my issues occurred when my kids were off-leash; I learned early on if they're out and about, they're on leash or in the enclosure for their safety and the safety of the lesser critters that they would consider "food/snacky-time" treats. I don't know of any other way of keeping Huskies from snacking on Mother Natures "tid-bits". I defer to the wisdom of those more experienced than I in this regard but this is my experience and I had good results in curbing my kids prey drive with this method. Thanks. Carmen OFM
  5. Great Pix of the two "Kids" Sora has a really wise look on his face almost saying "you can look but don't touch the baby, he/she's all mine!" those two are going to grow young together I wish them (and you!) many happy healthy and fun bonding years together! Blessings!! Ah Yes! Apollo was an incredible husky. He loved little creatures when he was on the street before I adopted him the story goes he befriended a Chihuahua who was lost and protected it until it found its way home. He would guard baby rabbits from the rest of the pack should they find their way into the Husky run. He housebroke and trained every foster and rescue that came into the house within days, He saved me weeks of time labor and frustration he was a living miracle dog the most loving sensitive creature you could imagine. The stories of his singular love and devotion are many. He crossed over 2 years ago September 2. My first to go, I still tear up thinking about him an amazing being. I was the one who was fortunate enough to have him. He was a one-in-a-million spirit companion what a blessing. I'm eagerly awaiting our re-union when it's my time to cross over. That's going to be a stampede of Huskies!! Carmen OFM
  6. I love the threesome shot! looks like you've all bonded beautifully many happy years growing young together! Enjoy these days they pass too quickly into memory, Savor the time and find every opportunity to enjoy the company and love of each other. Carmen OFM
  7. When I fostered a Whippet terrier (long story) my Apollo the teacher took over his training, He taught Zeus that when he played with the Huskies and they got too rough for him Zeus was to hunker down belly to the ground and stay put. That was a signal that Zeus had enough. When Zeus did this, immediately Apollo would stand over him and chase off all the other huskies and guard Zeus until he felt brave enough to get up and run again. when Zeus was ready he'd shoot off like a bullet and the play would begin again. He was rapidly accepted as one of the pack, the guys and gal were sad for days when he transferred to his fur-ever home. I don't know if my situation was an exception but I believe the Pack will work out their own signals as to when enough is enough. Especially if you have one Husky who's a teacher to the rest. Carmen OFM
  8. I'm presupposing Ana is female what gender is moosey? I ask because I had an issue with two females: Ivanna and Alexa. Alexa's a white wannabe alpha female extreme. She used to lift her leg and immediately mark over the spot the boy just marked! I tried for three years to get she and Ivanna to get along but Alexa wanted none of it, one day while I was outside the fence, Alexa laid into Ivanna and literally stripped the flesh off the bottom half of Ivanna;s left front leg. Took two surgeries to get her back together. I had to re-home Alexa. I was told by a canine behaviorist that females tend to be more scrappy than the males. My case I'm thinking was an extreme example. My advice is to keep a sharp eye on the two if they are females, If one is a male (moosey) and Ana female they will work out the differences if they are both female, they may or may not, I'd just keep an eye on them and watch to see if over the next few months the aggression does or doesn't escalate, if it looks like it's decreasing over the next 4-8 weeks breathe a sigh of relief. If it is escalating either look into obedience school, or if it begins to feel really dicey re-homing one or the other. I hope it doesn't come to the re-homing. Hopefully it's a boy-girl alpha thing and they will work it out. All the best, I hope this will have a happy ending for all. Carmen OFM
  9. Gosh! they all broke the cute-o-meter it's off the scale! too precious! Enjoy them for many healthy years! Some real Pulitzer potential here!! Carmen OFM
  10. You are so right on! Christmas isn't the only time for peace good will; Easter also brings it to the fore as well. Thanks for the great meditation! I may use it in myEaster Homily in the morning! :-) Carmen OFM
  11. Have you tried boiled ground beef? Nothing other than ground beef boiled in plain water welldone? My kids couldn't resist it. You'll Need a vitamin supplement with it for what may be lacking nutritionally in the beef. When normal eating is resumed' slowly sub in the kibble a few pieces each meal. This is very slow process eventually weanthe dog off the beef and resume kibble nibbling. This worked for my Tuvok a problem eater. Ihope this helps. Good luck Blessings and prayers. Carmen, OFM
  12. Ginger, Your words have touched me deeply. St Francis of Assisi, the founder of the Order to which I belong, insisted that his brothers care for one another and creation as a mother would for her children. Your recognition of the caring/nurturing side of my personality confirms for me my hope that I am continuing to follow what my Founder and Spirit-Father would have me do. Thank you for your intuitive and sensitive insight and encouragement, as well as your consoling thoughts and presence in this post. May God fill you with every good gift and may your fur-baby and you have many, many healthy happy and blessed years together! Happy Easter if you celebrate the feast definitely celebrate the great gift of Spring! Peace and Good! Carmen OFM
  13. For those who are celebrating the festivities of this Spring Season, May you have a Blessed Pascha, Easter, Passover celebration. May the time spent with family and friends (2 and 4 legged!) be renewing and life giving. Enjoy the goodies and the time! Peace and all Good to you all. Carmen OFM
  14. Yes, the time does pass, the pain does blunt but the memories last forever thanks Nixy! I appreciate the hugs back atcha'! she was a great girl, amazing how they leave such deep paw prints in one's heart in such short time. Thanks a million! Carmen OFM
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