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    Sales (facades) @ FGF Limited
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    Dad to Skye, our first and self proclaimed owner of our pack. Skye is a little monkey and loves climbing on trampolines, raised garden beds, sofa's, benches etc etc.

    Upon returning to Skye's breeder to say hi we could not resist taking Saffi off her hands for the next stage in her rehab from rescue to loving pack member. Saffi is a gobby little beasty and will whinge at you for EVERYTHING!!

    Cloud or more aptly Tigger as he loves to bounce became our third. Cloud is Skye's half brother and was in need of a new home after his original owner decided he had had enough of the UK and was emigrating. How could we turn the breeder down when asked if we had space for a handsome cuddly Husky?

    Our fourth and last is Bailee. Joined the pack at the back end of 2012, she is a little noisebox and is always pleased to roll over and have her tummy tickled.
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    Huskies, outdoors, football, american football, computers, internet, reading, technology

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