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    I'm a first time husky owner. I got rogue at 8 weeks old and she's been a loyal family pet saving my oldest sons life. Fast forward to 2015 and rogue is going to be 4 and had a litter back in nov 2014 and we ended keeping a boy and a girl so we have a total number of 3 huskies/ 4 cats/ 2 snakes and two children Liam and Jacob . Please feel to add me . I'd also love too meet up with lots of people .
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    riding around with my husky

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  1. Typed in husky into Google and it pop up
  2. huskywolfdog

    My puppies

    Rogues litter of 4, winter were keeping( back right) And the boy (white face) is going to my brother in law other two are now in there amazing homes
  3. Why does it have to be so muddy

  4. Getting ready for rogues puppies

  5. Feeling sleep :o

    1. Emma


      Me too. Need some matchsticks, lol.

    2. huskywolfdog


      Yea or paint eyes on my lids lol

  6. i do let rogue off but she has a large rope attach to her harness just in case she spots any thing i can just simply step on the rope
  7. here is a few pics of my girl
  8. wants to go camp

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. huskywolfdog


      nah as i have no transport of my own :(

    3. Dave


      Ah, that's a shame :(

    4. huskywolfdog


      yea as i really wanna go as well

  9. cant wait for biking to start again with my dog :)

  10. huskywolfdog

    me an my girl

    chilling in the sun
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