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    I'm a first time husky owner. I got rogue at 8 weeks old and she's been a loyal family pet saving my oldest sons life. Fast forward to 2015 and rogue is going to be 4 and had a litter back in nov 2014 and we ended keeping a boy and a girl so we have a total number of 3 huskies/ 4 cats/ 2 snakes and two children Liam and Jacob . Please feel to add me . I'd also love too meet up with lots of people .
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    riding around with my husky

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  1. so I've been watching a few videos on YouTube and I really wanna go scootering with my 3. The pups at the min are only 6 months but mums used to running with me attached to the bike and I think she misses it badly !!!!!! Can any one help me out I do not know the first thing about lines attached it looks so confusing I've had a look at one of the threads on here but I'm confused also do they have to wear x back harness or will there k9 harness be ok???? Any help would be a help
  2. My turn with my mad lot mum daughter and son On left ( chain collar) Rogue 3 years Middle (pink collar) Winter 6 months On right (blue collar) Hunter 6 months
  3. We're going vets later next week for his injections ive never h as any vet look at any of my dogs eyes I'm now worried
  4. Next year can we have some were near London where people can get to? I live in central London and would love to go but don't drive so reply on transport. I'd really love to experience one of these camps
  5. This is my new boy pup his eyes are amazing ive never seen eyes like this on any husky
  6. this is my 6 month old male pup from my litter of 4 we had we have kept 2 the girl is winter and the boy is hunter with mum rogue
  7. So rogue had her pups the 11th november and we had already had in mind we were gonna keep one. 6 months down the line i have the boy left that was for my brother in law apart from now hes gone quiet on us and hes not talking to us for some werid reason so we have decided were keeping him. we have named him "hunter"as when hes playing on the local green he "hunts" his sister in the bushes.im on my mobile at the min so its not letting me put a pic up
  8. Yea thats what i was worried about just dont want him ripping them out
  9. So my male pup has dew claws on both back legs was just wondering if theses will have to come off at some time or another . "hunter" was one of my pups from last year that i was holding back for family memeber now i guess its his loss coz im keeping him hes such a lovley boy so the count in my house hold is 4 dogs 1 ferret 4 cats 1 fish 2 children and a grumpy other half
  10. Typed in husky into Google and it pop up
  11. huskywolfdog

    My puppies

    Rogues litter of 4, winter were keeping( back right) And the boy (white face) is going to my brother in law other two are now in there amazing homes
  12. Why does it have to be so muddy

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