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  1. Takes a while for hormones to settle back down , that could be all it is , when was she vet checked? Have you checked her vulva for any signs of redness/infection etc ?
  2. How often are you Bathing her ? Now it's warmer is she getting wet more often ?
  3. Is he trying to hump her ? Humping isn't always mating , it can be him dominating her or its just over excitement and he's getting a bit too excited having a new friend to play with , unless she's in heat Also please research breeding as its not as easy as just putting a male and female together and then having cute puppies, there's genetic screening tests that need to be carried out , are they both registered huskies? Are they breed standard and good examples of the breed? Are you able to afford vet fees for mother if she needs a c-section , are you able to care and look after a litter of puppies if something happens to mum during the birth ? There are a LOT of things to consider when wanting to breed, temperament change in both dogs is also very common
  4. Skyla loves chewing on sticks too lol
  5. My girl is 24 inches which is big even for male husky standards so you definitely have a big tall boy on your hands
  6. So long as they get on and you can afford a second and have the time for them both then why not give it a try and see
  7. Thank you They do tend to loose it on their legs and back end first compared to everywhere else
  8. When my girl blows her coat she looses ALL her undercoat and some guard hairs too she looks like a completely different dog , especially as she's a wooly
  9. What brush did u use ? When my girl blows her coat , I use an undercoat rake and slicker brush on her but she does loose some guard hairs when she blows also , it could just be her coat is getting ready for another blow , so long as you've now got the correct brushes and her skin seems ok and she's not actually getting bald patches I wouldn't worry too much , it might take a couple of coat blows to get back into its normal/old condition
  10. Absolutely however for medical reasons sometimes shaving can't be helped
  11. Personally I'd keep cat separate completely With regards to the growling etc it could just be she's feeling a bit sensitive due to her season but it might be worth getting her checked over to be safe make sure there's nothing else going on causing her pain
  12. My boy loves small dogs , actually seems to get on better with smaller dogs then larger ones (he absolutely adores my cousins Pom With regards to cats it can be done BUT you need to always be aware one day the prey drive can kick in, could be years down the line , never leave unsupervised either and never drop your guard , would you be able to still love your dog if 8/10 plus years down the line it killed your cat
  13. She might darken a bit but id be suprised if she goes grey just because her skin has liver pigmentation
  14. I've got a Ford fiesta zetec and it fits my 2 but they do go in the back rather than the boot
  15. Brilliant ,saves a bit of money too which is always nice lol
  16. Unfortunately the longer you wait the higher the chance that testicle has to become cancerous, it does need removing , if it was going to drop it would have by now , just remember vets do this kind of operation all the time and it's very routine for them
  17. Welcome! I'm @ skyla_bear on Instagram , just gave you a follow
  18. Theyre actually a medium dog breed, any puppy should be continued to be fed on what the breeder has them on to start, any change needs to be done gradually Where are u based? I'm from the UK so would only be able to recommend brands we have here which might not be available elsewhere
  19. The Siberian Husky was originally developed by the Chukchi people of the Chukchi Peninsula in eastern Siberia. They were brought to Nome, Alaska in 1908 to serve as working sled dogs, and were eventually developed and used for sled-dog racing. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siberian_Husky
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