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  1. Yea I'm sure it will. He actualy had this once around 10 years ago. The camera flash is really making it look nice and bright lol. He used to average his weight around 72lbs. Once he had reached 82lbs. For the last year he's averaged 52lbs. He can eat a pound or 2 of minced meat or chicken in one sitting. It's like he waits for them instead of eating his food..Orijen adult... Should I increase his intake? This is gonna cost a pound n a leg lol, but worth it.
  2. Hi, we did a blood test and snap dx test all looks Very well. Prescribed him Teva-Fluconazole 200mg for 2-3 weeks for his Mushroom infection. Thanks again!
  3. You're right, I did one last year and a urinal test this year, everything was fine so I will go do one ASAP.
  4. My Husky is having a hard time standing and sitting, but once up he walks fine. Going to the vet for his shot once a month, was cured for an infection of sorts but just noticed after a lot of shedding his front side looks very reddish now. 2nd picture is a nose cut he just got...again. If anyone sees something please let me know thanks.
  5. He says thanks lol just came from outside he got a 6 foot twig stuck on his harness, was so hilarious. He's looking great for an 85 or so year old
  6. Wait maybe you're doing it right or maybe it doesn't really matter. I just did it to go slow and see what happens.
  7. Quick update, I've been giving Wolf lintbells yumove tablets once or twice a day and I believe they're working great! He gets up walks around, up and down stairs, even eats them on his own! Usually he's picky. Thank you so much for the recommendation. Also crunch up a multivitamin once every 2-3 days and place it on his food.
  8. Actually this one looks perfect https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DSA81HW/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A1LSQN0TGU0RQ1&psc=1
  9. Just wondering if the lintbells yumove tablets and a multivitamin will be overkill. It will not be correct? Maybe it's not a good idea to get one that already has glucosamine? Maybe these are ok: Excel Time Release Multi-Vitamins for Senior Dogs? Ty
  10. Great info thanks. I feed him cooked beef or chicken twice a day plus his Orijen food. Ordered the tinker bells hips and joints supplement as well. If you guys think I should order at least obe more thing let me know :))
  11. Hi again guys, and girls, I ordered lintbells yumove tablets because it was the only one I can find shipped to my area. It also has a lot of the stuff you guys talked about Glucosamin, green lipped mussel, etc. Should I add some vitamins also? Can you please recommend me a product that also has 5mg of Zinc in them like Armani and Alinah suggested? Or any other product you think I should order, thank you so much, I should have done this 5 years ago!
  12. Hi there, BingBlaze n Skyla! Do you use metacam on a daily or weekly basis? I noticed he gets a bit paranoid when on it LOL, it's kinda hilarious actually. Can you recommend me a schedule to keep him on it or something? I will look for the linbells yumove tablets also!! Thanks so much.
  13. Hi all, I have a Husky/Labrador mix (looks way more like a husky) and he's turned 14 years old last month. Have had him since he was 4 months old. I would like some advice or opinions if possible. He's been eating 3 things for the majority of his life, Origen regular adult dog food, as well as beef and chicken breasts from the grocery store that I give him twice a day. Also Pedigree dog biscuits. He was 80lbs, than 72, than 52 last month. Last year his back legs cramped up and could barely walk so I brought him to the vet and they gave me Metacam to give him and suggested I walk him 2-3 times a day and not too far. He recovered very well but he's not like a young dog. Everything went ok for a year and just last month he had the same problem. It might have been also because I neglected him a bit and sometimes would walk him only once which I've stopped doing since. So I brought him to the vet and checked both his blood and urine and they turned out fine however the vet does not think he has much time left in him and was surprised he's lived for 14 years. So I bought Metacam again and gave him 1 week's worth instead of the usual 2 weeks and he's again recovered and walking well and is eating his Orijen food as well as the beef and chicken. He had stopped eating Orijen for a week.. Now is there anything else I can do to possibly avoid this back leg cramping? He does not have arthritis but not 100% sure and he also had Lyme Disease caused by a tick in 2013 which i cured, but I know some lyme always remains.. Should I run another SNAP 4Dx Plus Test maybe? What about dog vitamins? What else can I do, he's such a great dog I want to do as much as possible for him. I'd like to see him live as long as possible. One of those wheel chair thingies maybe? I've also bought him a nice memory foam bed for only 85$ on Amazon which he LOVES sleeping on, as well as on the cold tiles in the washroom lol. Thanks for reading this any advice and opinions are appreciated! PS> That Metacam anti-inflammatory has been a god send I find, would recommend it to anyone with an elder dog with back leg issues. This is him 5 years ago
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