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    i am currently a full time mummy but have a NVQ level 2 in hairdressing and NVQ level 2 in children and young peoples workforce. i have two daughter kiera age 7 and brooke age 4, and my gorgeous luna who is 9month old, I run a group called fylde husky's meet, ive arranged 6 walks so far in the Blackpool area :) check for upcoming walks
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    arts and crafts, and quality time with my kids and luna :-)
  1. Todays 7th Fylde Husky's Meet Was Really Good :) Their Were Over 15 Husky's In Total, Thank You To Everyone That Came xx

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  3. so we went to the vets yesterday for lunas health check and she weights 13.5kg/ 29lbs, the vet said we should feed her more, but luna wont eat more!! she has 3meals a day each with 1+half cupful of food, they have said to drop it to 2 meals a days with more food but most of the time she leaves food n picks at it later!! is she at a normal weight or should I be feeding her more??
  4. luna is 4month old today :) shes growing so big, and she is such a love to have xx

  5. emmaj87


    my gorgeous luna Sitting :-)
  6. emmaj87

    laidback luna

    just chillin
  7. emmaj87


    luna killing her squirel
  8. emmaj87

    luna cuddles

    luna havin cuddles with daddy
  9. emmaj87

    luna and brooke playin

    luna being silly lol
  10. emmaj87

    luna and my daughter brooke

    luna is 2month old :-)
  11. whats the nest question? or is it still the fur one :-)
  12. luna learnt to "SIT" today :-) so proud of my clever little baby.

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