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  1. Selective deafness yes mine has that too lol
  2. Hello Angie and your beautiful pups xxx
  3. Welcome to you and Spartacus xxx (and the pug xx)
  4. Solo is shedding big time it definitely never ending lol
  5. When we were looking to adopt first (male) husky we met didn't like or get on with other males as we had Charlie we went no further with him. Solo on the other hand loves everyone male, female human or dog though is slightly scared of daughter in law's bichon/cavalier cross.
  6. Glad he's back safe and looking really sorry (not)
  7. Welcome Aris and mum xxx
  8. Hope she is better soon xx
  9. He is very cute xxxxx
  10. Ferdy (on left) has a friend Freddy xx
  11. Welcome to the forum and to the world of husky xxx tip 1 we love photos
  12. Solo doesn't really bother with cats but squirrels that's a different matter lol
  13. How sweet welcome to the forum. Not had a puppy as we adopted but my advice is be firm and consistent. Xx
  14. Welcome xx Arlo is a handsome boy x
  15. I'm sure it will be fine mine aren't crated and we only have the occasional chewing episode which he would do if we were here.
  16. Sounds like the husky is owning him (don't know why I'm laughing we're owned by 1 too)
  17. Agree with the above Sid is very clear on waiting times. She makes to order customized items and the quality is better than anything I've found in chain pet stores and tbh the prices are more than comparable. Why order if you're not prepared to wait and coming on here with your post when we are all fans is Ill thought through!
  18. I have a suspicion that brushing just makes them grow more lol
  19. I pull Tufts every time he goes past he's trying to go round now so I can't lol
  20. goingsolo


    Solo can spot a squirrel lol we have had to unhook him from a tree several times.
  21. Lovely photo welcome to the forum xx
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