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  1. Welcome xxx beautiful girl xx
  2. Never knew about the cat she is beautiful xxxx
  3. Welcome to the forum. 2years is a good age to adopt (post teenage lol)
  4. You've summed it up with the line "he's well behaved when he wants to be" welcome to the wonderful world of husky lol. He looks gorgeous a full picture please xxx
  5. I'd much rather mine be on lead and in control especially if you come across something new last week 3horses were ridden past us. We had no idea how Solo would react so we kept still and calm I shouted to the riders that he may react so be aware this was appreciated. As it was he was fine with them just watched closely if off lead that has potential for hazard all over it. Mine are fine when we meet most dogs (exception the local rottie who Charlie hates for some reason) but we've had off lead dogs come up to us growling and that is wrong but the owners don't care.
  6. We've had one sitting on our fence when we had a pond lovely looking birds
  7. As the owner of a mixed breed (aka mongrol) he has had more health problems than the husky. His ulner plates closed prematurely as a pup causing his legs to bow. We had one operated on (horrendous they have to cut a chunk out of the bone and he is full of metal) and we know he could be prone to arthritis in a few years. Being a mix is definitely no guarantee of good health.
  8. Very close for fun would go husky and practicality car x thanks for sharing
  9. My phone doesn't fit in my walking bag and had no pockets.
  10. We've all seen and laughed at those you tube videos of huskies throwing a tantrum. Not quite so funny today when it was ours lol. We had a lovely walk around Haughmond Hill met lovely dogs and lovely people. By the carpark there is a cabin which is a toilet facilities and a lovely basic cafe and I'd promised other half a bacon butty when we got there only when we got there we found it was closed today. Solo likes his walk and knows we stop for a butty, he gets a bit of sausage, and was disgusted it dared be shut so threw himself onto the floor screaming! Tbh thought he'd hurt himself but it s
  11. A great secure area and a friend to play with happy dog xxx
  12. Hi Tim and Herbie x well done on giving him a new life xx (our boys are both from dogs trust).
  13. ive been away from home for 2 days just shown this to other half who laughed then said he loves him this is one special pup
  14. Awww pretty girl xxxxx welcome to husky owners
  15. Knew he reminded me of someone limahl lol he is stunning and looks a wonderful handful.
  16. People like him will never listen and always know best as long as your happy he will not put your dog at risk then smile sweetly and ignore. You could ask how he trains them and say you don't agree with it to see if that stops him.
  17. Love time and patience xxx well done
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