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  1. From today's fun even Charlie enjoyed it. Snow day tomorrow (writing my reports the joy of school supplying a laptop lol)
  2. Welcome to husky owners Abbie xxxx the puppy is so cute x he/she might have had a questionable start to life but has a future full of love to look forward to.
  3. Shopping done parcel wrapped and inspected will post tomorrow xxxx
  4. Obviously they have done the night shift
  5. goingsolo

    Secret Santa

    Have done human element will do puppy element this week 😀
  6. Solo is our husky. Charlie is our little un and im Tina
  7. Don't mind if it human dog or mixed my boys love anything xxx
  8. My boys were not named for meanings and they are both rescue dogs so had names but: Charlie (original name Thorn) is named after the original rescue chimpanzee at monkey world in Dorset (daughter huge fan) Solo was named by someone at dogs trust and Rob liked it (nearest to Han Solo he ever going to get lol) Loving the mystical names all your pups have x
  9. Have never heard of a snowshoe seems very appropriate for a husky kitty lol she a very pretty girl x
  10. I have a friend who is also a big fan who went to a book signing my daughter asked her to get me a copy as well xx
  11. I didn't get to meet him but still a happy bunny
  12. Love the second picture draws me in x
  13. Wow what a story lucky Poncho was blessed the day you found each other. She has put on weight, that's great well done xx what you are doing is working and it won't hurt if she puts weight and condition on slowly. She is beautiful and you both look very happy xxx welcome to the wonderful mad world of husky and all it entails and welcome to husky owners a community of mad owners who all love their fur babies and offer the best support x
  14. Welcome to husky owners one very cute puppy xxxxxx
  15. How scary for you all hope they get the balance of meds sorted quickly xxxx
  16. My boys are always secured in car at start of journey,I say start as Solo is able to undo seat belts at buckle end if I forget to cover them he's good though as he releases Charlie as well!!
  17. goingsolo

    Secret Santa

    I'm in UK please xxxx
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