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  1. We appreciate the thought xxx but you really don't have to you obviously have a great heart. If you wish to still buy something donate treats to your local dog rescue xx We appreciate the thought xxx but you really don't have to you obviously have a great heart. If you wish to still buy something donate treats to your local dog rescue xx Looks like it could be locked up in Cardiff.
  2. I hope they compensate you fully xxx me and my boys thank you for your thoughtfulness and the work you've had to solve the problem.
  3. People think they know huskies when they haven't a clue. Some think they all have blue eyes. She is a very pretty girl xxx
  4. Rats are cute hubby doesn't agree (hence 3gerbils, what is the difference??). So I enjoy your pics x hope Remind is feeling better soon x
  5. 7 years ago today we bought home Charlie who has grown from a 4 month old pup to a grumpy little man full of mischief (very good at getting husky brother in trouble)
  6. I will admit to hesitation before opening this thread but those are cute snakes I could live with. What a thoughtful brother taking his sister's out xx
  7. Di has impeccable taste x
  8. She may have a timid nature. Time will help and she will adjust, I'd let the pups socialise on their terms when you are there they may squabble but that is normal and they will settle with each other. Our boy is chilled and relaxed most of the time (quite lazy actually lol). As I wrote the above he took exception to being called lazy and emptied his food all over floor!!!! Have to love them lol
  9. Thank you will check happy Christmas xx
  10. Here it's Turkey stuffing pigs in blankets roast potatoes sprouts (for me) cauliflower (for Rob) Christmas pudding for afters boys will have turkey and pig in blanket. Alcohol of some sort will be consumed and a box of chocolates. Happy Christmas x
  11. goingsolo

    Secret Santa

    Beautiful Pics Santa hasn't delivered ours yet. Hope everyone has a lovely day xx Happy Christmas from Tina Rob Charlie and Solo x
  12. Am i really the only one who loves sprouts xxxx i know I'm alone in our house lol
  13. Where's the sprouts?? Or are they not so keen lol
  14. Whilst waiting to meet Solo in the reception area I said to my hubby "if he's grey with blue eyes we're taking him aren't we?" To which Rob smiled. We took him lol. (Solo a rescue we had no idea of colour markings till first meeting just he was a male). Love him to bits but have a soft spot for the red heads.
  15. Although Charlie not tiny he is short of leg and Solo has always just ignored him. To explain Charlie was here first tends to be grumpy and when Solo joined us would bark at him Solo's response was to lie on him till he shut up! Charlie hàs had a go 3 times first 2solo stood and took it third he'd had enough and put him in his place no problems since. They will find their own way and a neutral meeting place is a good idea.
  16. goingsolo


    Black birds by Gretchen Peters quite a dark song but keeps going round in my head
  17. goingsolo

    Xmas Lights

    They're back so lovely thanks Marc xxxx
  18. Might have to look for these x agree about j.k. Rowling love Harry Potter. Have read everything James Herbert wrote but if you want something a bit off beat the chronicles of at Mary's series by Jodi Taylor are a firm favourite, it's not time travel ( it is they just can't call it that)
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