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  1. He's the exception that proves the rule lol
  2. The BBC 6 o'clock news had 3 deaths, carrie, liz Smith and Richard Adams unbelievable!!!!
  3. Socialising can be difficult,are there any training sessions near you? Walk in parks if you can there are usually other dogs around. Huskies play can seem aggressive to other dog owners as they make a lot of noise and tend to mouth so if you can meet up that would be good. Mine isn't a fussy eater but I think there might be a bit of seeing what he can get away with going on. It wont hurt to treat for fleas just in case.
  4. Awww such a sweetie x welcome to the world of husky xx
  5. Status Quo are legends such sad news x
  6. My non husky Charlie is the bad one, silent but deadly and he's a lap dog !!!!!!!!!!
  7. Welcome to the forum. We had it pretty easy with Solo because he's a laid back character. I do use a head collar with him as it gets his attention on me though he can slip out of it so I always double attach him to his harness so he cant run off. She will settle and her personality will come out, be prepared to find yourself arguing with the dog and he loves to lie in the way. Time is the best thing and you will be richly rewarded. As for sleeping I think we own the laziest husky ever hates getting out of bed.
  8. She's practicing her Im sorry face already how sweet lol. Beautiful colour, welcome to the forum ( we adopted an adult so missed the cute stage completely.)
  9. When blowing his coat Solo looks patchy un brushed and unloved with some areas thicker than others, it does even out xx
  10. Sounds like Daisy is doing well. Good luck in exams xx
  11. You have to be fair to all and you have thought with your head and not heart and im sure made the right decision. The new puppy sounds a good fit .
  12. Thankyou x I cant Promise due to other commitments but will try to make you Both one In newyear
  13. Welcome. Aaron and Luna xxx
  14. Solo always finds the coolest spot to sleep, usually kitchen floor, maybe that is what your dog is doing.
  15. Our boys initial meeting was away from home and went well. Out if the 2 Solo is the calmest and wd have had a few squabbles but they calmed and get on fine now though I only have 1 husky and each situation different.
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