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  1. I rescued a 6 month old puppy last month. He was malnourished and kept in a crate a lot. He was not potty trained or neutered. I just got him neutered and all his shots. Working on potty training but what I have noticed is when he goes out back with our other dog he eats poop. How do I stop him from eating poop? His poop, her poo, deer poop. I've had 3 other huskies and have never had one eat poop.
  2. Ok, so my huskies are crate trained. When we leave the house they go in their crates. My oldest is 9 youngest is 6. I work from home and only leave then for 4 hours max. The last 2 weeks anytime I have left, 3x's my oldest Tuff has busted out of his crate. He broke one, and I had to order a new one. I don't know why at 9yo he has decided to break out. I had to get a carabiner to hold his crate door closed when we leave. When he gets out he poops and pees all over the house. Anyone have a crate trained dog that all of the sudden has decided he doesn't want to be in there? Advice, suggestions??
  3. I need some tips....Tuff has become OVERLY needy the last 4 months or so. He thinks I need to have a hand on him 24/7 or I don't love him. It's becoming a problem. I can't do this anymore, no one needs that much attention. Anyone on any ideas on how to break it? He gets plenty of attention, play....I'm not giving his sister more attention that him. He's always been a lil needy but it's on a whole new level these days.
  4. The brand is Select Pets. I use Select brand for my CBD and other things so I went with them for the dogs CBS as well. They have 4 flavored and 1 unflavored. Right now mine are using the bacon one and are really liking it. Select Pets
  5. Anyone give their dog CBD? Tuff a few months ago had knee surgery and needs some joint care after. I started him on some joint supplements and it caused bloody stool. So I took him off of them and got it all cleared up. I got him some cbd drops (bacon flavored) for dogs and was interested if anyone else has tried any. I take cbd for joint pain and it works well on humans. Also I should add that his is for dogs not humans. Thoughts?
  6. Thanks, there is another right after this one where he is yawning.....He was over the pics. LOL
  7. 1 week post surgery and everything is looking good. We had a quick check in at the vets tonight. He seems to be healing well.....just driving his mom nuts BUT what's new. 7 weeks to go. We no longer have to wear the cone of shame to bed. THANK GOODNESS!!!! Next apt is next Friday.
  8. YA the chill has worn off. LOL. It's his favorite time of the year. The air is cold and all he wants to do it sit outside with his nose in the air. BUT.......he's only supposed to be outside on his leash with me, and well mom has to put on 20 layers to go sit outside. So now he just sits at the back door and barks and barks. So ya the chill is soooo gone.
  9. His leg is looking A LOT better. There was a lot of swelling and bruises after but it is looking good. He had to stay the night at the vets which has caused a lot of separation anxiety. Even if he can see me when I step outside he freaks. We go back to the vet on Friday for a checkup and get his temp to make sure he has no infection. We had some bleeding the 2nd day home but we got it stopped. We pulled my bed into the living room and all of us are sleeping together so he can get some sleep. It seems to be working really well. He's not a fan of the cone of shame but he only have to wear it to bed. He follows way to close with it on and there is a cone up my butt every night. Starting to feel violated. LOL
  10. Tuff is out of surgery and waking up. The Dr. said everything went well and he was waking up from anesthesia. Don't know if he will be able to come home yet tonight or not.
  11. I take CBD oil with THC for my fibro pain. In Oregon it's legal and I have found 1 brand that works great. I've tried several. It's really about finding a brand and an amount that works for you. Taking it regularly helps as well. I also use a topical rub with CBD in it as well.
  12. Surgery is tomorrow and I have been busy getting everything ready. Baby gates up, all of his crate blankets and bedroom blankets washed. Steaming the floors and vacuuming. He goes in at 8:30am tomorrow and I will worry every second that he is there until they call me to tell me he is done.
  13. Thanks everyone. I just called the vet and he is scheduled for Thursday the 8th for his surgery. He will be able to come home that day which is good for him, me and his sissy. Aspen has never spent 1 day without her brother and Tuff has only spent 3 days away from me his whole life and he's 7.
  14. Thanks, I'm home with them all day so he won't be alone, and he enjoys his crate so it shouldn't be a big issue. He does pretty well taking his meds if I wrap it in a piece of turkey bacon or lunch meat. Anything else and he just spits it out. LOL We live in a small town so there is no physical therapy for animals here. The vet gave us a plan on rehab with massages and slow walking. We are trying to get it done soon so he doesn't miss too much of winter and before the ice comes.
  15. So Tuff has to have ACL surgery. Anyone have any experience with it that might have some tips or some advice on recovery? This will be his first major surgery minus having his man parts taken. LOL. I'm a little nervous.
  16. It's all good, I just thought it was funny....BUT I mean if she wants to take them for a few days. She would return them w/in a couple hours. LOL
  17. These are my dogs not Rachaels. LOL
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