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  1. It's all good, I just thought it was funny....BUT I mean if she wants to take them for a few days. She would return them w/in a couple hours. LOL
  2. These are my dogs not Rachaels. LOL
  3. I live outside city limits so there is no leash law. I actually had a dog charge and corner me outside one time and I called animal control and they said there was nothing they could do unless the dog attacked me. So I just have to be a responsible dog owner and make sure my dogs are taken care of.
  4. I'm just happy no one got hurt. It could have gone a lot worse. Just a reminder that Tuff has our back and he won't let anything happen to us just as I won't let anything happen to him or Aspen. I think ppl with huskies have really deep bonds with them.
  5. Every morning I take the dogs on their walk at 7am. There is never anyone out and it's nice and quiet. Well this morning a lady who runs with her dog was out jogging and she didn't have her dog leashed. It came charging across the field that is the same size as a football field right at us. Here I am with both dogs attached to the walking belt and me. I am trying to hold them back while this lady doesn't have a care in the world. It charged at us and Tuff bit him. Not hard enough to draw blood but I had to yell at the lady to call her dog back. I was soooo angry. Tuff put himself in front of me and his sister and protected us. I was proud of him. I always knew he was protective of us. When it's just us at home he will lay across me when we sleep if he hears something. Mind you he is almost 100lbs. He's no light feather. LOL. I can't stand ppl who don't think they need to have their dogs on leash. When she finally called her dog back I heard her say my dog was trying to pick a fight. SOOOOO annoyed. Guess we will need to go earlier. Any ways that is my rant and yes huskies CAN be protective.
  6. Hi and welcome!!!! My oldest Tuff is allergic to eggs and also has seasonal allergies. I had to put him on apoquel which is a allergy med from the vet. His itching could also be due to dry skin. Are you bathing him frequently? I only give mine a bath 2x's a year. Too much and it can strip their coat and can cause itching. My dogs are on a grain free, corn free food. I think watching what you give him and seeing how he reacts and eliminating things that cause irritation is a good start.
  7. I just recently went through a flea nightmare. I ended up having to take the dogs to the vet for an oral flea medication. I also put some stuff in the backyard that kills fleas, ticks, bugs....etc. Then the vet suggested using Borax in the carpets to kill any fleas in the house. I sprinkled it on left for 10 mins and then vacuumed everything up. I no longer have fleas. Within an hour of the oral flea meds my dogs were almost flea free. I would call your vet and see what they have. It's about $20 a month for each of mine. I tried EVERYTHING before I went this route. I mean I tried natural treatments, flea baths, every kind of flea spray and powder you can think of. Good luck!
  8. Ya Aspen has been down because of the fleas so I am hoping she starts feeling better now that we have a handle on it. Ok it makes me feel a lil better. Poor girl can't get any peace. LOL

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