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  1. I don't really want to stop her from barking at night if she sees something concerning. I live in the city, alone, in a house with a lot of windows. I'd rather have her feel free to warn me that something is afoot. My concern isn't that she's barking, it is WHY she is barking. I don't want to correct behavior that isn't really wrong. Dogs alerting their owners to strange sounds or sights seems pretty normal to me. The possessiveness and grumbling every time I am near him, I do want to stop mostly because it's annoying. She's not being aggressive. She gets along fine with him and will happily lay at his feet or play with him or let him squish her and love on her. So what I have been doing is putting her on her leash when she starts to get too worked up and demand a down-stay timeout until she stops. She will do it begrudgingly. But again, it isn't really the actions that are concerning to me at this point, it is more trying to figure out what has caused the change in her personality and how do I address that as opposed to scolding/disciplining her for her confusion.
  2. So, I know that generally huskies are not considered to be good watch dogs. Historically, Chula has not been a good watch dog. She would get excited and bark at the door when someone knocked, but it was more anxious energy than anything else. Well, since the ex left, Chula had taken to sleeping on the living room couch. She would wake me up a couple times of night barking like a crazy dog at something she saw out the window. I chalked it up to her world being turned upside-down. I've started seeing someone new, and when he stays the night, she is back to sleeping in the bedroom, usually tries to get on the bed right between us. When he is not there, she sleeps on the living room couch and barks through the night. She also will try to place herself between us during regular hours, or if he hugs me or kisses me, she will stand next to me and woo/bark/grumble. If he raises his voice, even a tiny bit (not out of anger, just in an animated fashion) she will also come stand by me and woo at him. Do you think that she doesn't feel I am a competent pack leader? Can I calm her down by doing something differently, or being more "alpha" for lack of a better term? I'm glad that she wants to protect me and the house, but I feel bad that maybe she thinks she needs to because she is concerned I can't protect her.
  3. This morning's bike ride had Chu feeling cheeky.
  4. Here are a couple updated pics of me! Working on E chords with my niece.
  5. We had two crates. We had a nighttime crate that was by the bed. Then we had a daytime crate in the dining room. She knew which was which and they had different commands. She never had a problem being left in the daytime crate during the day. I got up every 2-3 hours until she was about 12 weeks old (for about three weeks), then she'd sleep mostly through the night.
  6. I would recommend working on "watch me" while he's not walking. And also work on "leave it", so that if he is picking things up he'll spit them out if you say "leave it". For awhile, Chula was picking up pieces of garbage on purpose because she knew I'd say "leave it" and she'd get a treat. ETA - We had Chula in a harness pretty early on. She would consistently choke herself on a collar. I think as long as you're comfortable with always walking him on harness, it doesn't matter as much. If you're planning on joring or mushing, it may be harder to get him to understand the difference between which harness is for pulling and which isn't. In which case, you'd want to work on collar walking. Personally I don't like walking her on collar, not just because of the damage to her throat, but because I feel like she can slip out of her collar really easily.
  7. I also have a harness that has both a front and a back clip, so that I can lead hook up both at the same time and better direct her. It also is semi slip along the shoulders so that if she pulls, it tightens up. It's called the Freedom Harness and it has worked wonders for us.
  8. I worked on "watch me" pretty diligently with Chula. If we were coming up on an area that I knew would be tempting for her to want to snoot around in the ground or pull towards something, she got "watch me" command and after a long time of working on it, she got the hang of it. Of course now every time she sees a squirrel or a dog or a pile of garbage she's looking at me for her treat, even without the watch me command. As for the putting everything in their faces routine, Chula grew out of that around 16-18 months. She still likes to root around in piles of leaves or other stinky things, but she doesn't pick up every piece of paper or dirty bottle laying on the ground anymore.
  9. Chula humps female dogs to get them to play with her. She will typically only do it if the dog is ignoring her and she's trying to agitate them into a game of chase or wrasslin'. Unless the owner of the other dog is upset, I usually let them work it out.
  10. She is fine if I sit near her, she even lets me put her collar on while she's laying there (I usually take it off at night) but I can feel her tensing up. If I reach out to move her after she has refused to "off" and she is in "her" spot on the couch, she tenses up and growls and snaps. This seems to only be a major problem in the mornings after sleep. I can walk up and love on her and kiss her snout in the evenings. It's just mornings when she's had the couch all night. This morning we worked on "off" some more so that I don't HAVE to move her physically. But I need her to be ok with someone trying to pat her on the butt or leg while she is laying there, because I can't have her biting someone else.
  11. I had to do it though, I had no choice. He was mean and scary and awful, not to mention a cheat and a liar. I had to move on.
  12. It makes me sad too. It actually makes me tear up to think about her being so confused. She is definitely very sensitive to her environment. I don't want her to be sad and confused. She's not an aggressive dog in the least and I hate to think anything I've done has changed that in her.
  13. John - Chula definitely enjoys "chase" type games, and will steal things for the sole purpose of me trying to get them back. She has done this since she was a puppy, stealing shoes and sitting with them right in front of her, waiting for me to try to get it back from her. She does it in the yard too, with items she doesn't actually want, she just wants me to try to take them. She will do it with other dogs as well, taking toys she has no interest in playing with for the simple sake of getting the dog to try to take it from her. She will do her husky growls and snarl her lips, but I know it is play. This is very different though. I can tell the difference. She is guarding her place on the sofa. Clare - I'm not sure if I'm trying too hard but I suppose it's possible. I broke up with the ex in October, and he stayed in the house until last week. During those three months I was out of the house a lot, because it was hard to be around him, so I think that we lost some of the bond we had. When I was there, we were often arguing and Chula would get very agitated when voices were raised. I also had ankle surgery in November and that kept me off my feet so I wasn't able to walk her, and we lost that bond too. I've just gotten back into walking her (because I have to, it still hurts me!) and making her heel and follow commands. In some ways, I am starting from scratch. My dad stayed with me too for two months after surgery to help with Chula and to keep the ex from being stupid, so she got used to him being around as well. I really do think she is stressed out and feels like she is the guardian and master of the house. She has always been an anxious dog, and I think maybe this was all just too much change for her at once (change in who is walking her, ex leaving, my dad leaving). I'm hoping that as things get back into a routine, and the house is more peaceful, that she will be happy goofy Chula again. For now, she mostly seems sad and worried.
  14. How much exercise does he get? Can you send someone around midday to let him out and have a run around the garden or a quick walk? Mine is terribly destructive if she is not properly exercised. She doesn't chew out of her crate, thank goodness.
  15. So cute! It makes me want to get Chula a mate.
  16. Chula used to sleep in a crate. We actually had two crates at the time - one that was her bedtime crate in our bedroom, and one in the dining room that is her daytime crate. She knows the difference ("bedtime" vs "time for bed"). But I stopped crating her at night somewhere around a year and a half. Then she was required to sleep on her bed in my bedroom. I now allow her to sleep wherever she likes, though that has led to her claiming the sofa as hers, so that wasn't necessarily the best decision for her. I think that at three months, I would still work on crating him at night. As he gets into his teenage months, he will likely regress in some areas of training (may start having accidents or tearing things up while you're asleep, for instance) and that could get frustrating. You could try getting a separate crate for the bedroom if you are happier with him in there with you.
  17. Chula

    Husky Weight

    My Chula is thin, tall and lanky. At 7 months she was about 30 pounds (14kg). She is currently 23 inches and about 42-43 pounds (19.0 - 19.5 kg) depending on the day. She went through a growth spurt at around 10 months and has stayed pretty much the same weight since she was a year old. She is now almost two and a half. People frequently comment that she is too thin, but the vets say she is perfect and that most dogs are actually overweight. Even show dogs tend to be on the heavy side.
  18. She is definitely missing the ex. I sometimes feel bad about it. She's just on edge in general, and I can sense that she's sometimes actually afraid. But look how comfy she is on her couch!! She's so sweet.
  19. I think I would try finding a pet sitter, and do short trials with them to make sure it goes smoothly. I would set up a web cam in the yard and maybe in the dog's area if there is one, and let the person know that. With one dog, I think I will probably try to find both a boarding place that would be a last minute option, and ultimately a pet sitter that will stay at my house while I am gone. I am a bit weirded out by people being in my house, but she'd be much happier at home. ETA - I agree with Clare, make sure the individual has experience with huskies. I'd want to make sure the person understood that huskies run away!
  20. I'll try the blanket routine because I would like to be able to stop her from always being on the couch, but I think I'm also going to have to make her sleep back on her own bed. She never did this when she was sleeping in her own bed. She also had a toy that she randomly got protective of. I worked on her with it for awhile and now she will give it to me freely. It's just the couch that's still a problem, because I don't want someone else to come over and try to move her and get bit. She's really stressed out, there has been a lot of change. I'm sure it's just the place where she feels safe and she doesn't want to have it infiltrated.
  21. I agree with crate training. Even if you end up not wanting to use it on a long-term basis, it's a really valuable thing to have a crate drained dog. That way if she ever needs to stay somewhere else, even at a vet's office, or go to a boarding facility or a daycare, she can be safely and happily crated. Mine is still crated while I am at work, but I now feel comfortable leaving her for a few hours, and she's not crated overnight. She still happily goes into her crate in the morning for "bed time" and snacks. We crate trained ours when she was 9 weeks and were able to leave her for 4 hours at a time almost right away without accidents, except when she was ill or had just been de-wormed.
  22. I never thought mine would be protective, but since my ex moved out, Chula has become very protective of the house. She barks at noises, barks when the mailman comes to the door, and barked when I had a male visitor (she seems ok with women visitors). When my male friend gave me a hug, she got very nervous and barked and tried to come between us. I have never seen her show protective tendencies outside of the house, however.
  23. I'm not a huge believer in needing to dominate my dog, but ever since the ex left, Chula and I have been in a nonstop battle for who is in charge. I think all of the change has her confused. She has, for the first time, been aggressive towards me and I need to put a stop to it immediately. I have been allowing her to sleep on the couch at night, she seems happier out there and I like that she barks when she hears a noise. It makes me feel safer. But, she seems to have "claimed" the couch for herself. When I try to move her off of it in the morning, she growls and snaps at me. She has NEVER growled or snapped. I do not think she would break the skin, but she is definitely warning me to leave her alone in her space. Do I need to stop letting her on the couch until she understands that it isn't hers? I don't want to leave a leash on her at night in case it got stuck on something and I didn't hear her. We have been working on getting back to our new normal. I've gone back to NILIF pretty stringently as it had definitely gotten lax with all of the discord and changes at home. The only major problem we have seems to be the couch. I don't want to be afraid of her!
  24. Chula

    Hi Guys

    Aw, thanks everyone! It is going to be a transition in all senses of the word for both me and Chula, but I know we will be fine!
  25. Chula

    Hi Guys

    Thanks Andy. I was really scared of losing her. I don't know what I would have done!
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