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  1. So, just as an update to this in case anyone else ever runs across a similar issue - I purchased Banixx spray on amazon and it seems to have done the trick. Her hair is growing back in white, but it looks sort of funny because she has white roots and pink tips at this point. The fur on the back of her leg is coming in, too. I have absolutely no idea what is in Banixx, but it got good reviews and it worked for Chula. Hopefully the bald spots don't come back, as it's kind of expensive to use every day multiple times a day.
  2. Thanks for your thoughts. I think the first spot was from being stuck in the kennel while it was wet and rainy. They probably just didn't bother to dry her off properly and she got yeasty. I'm super hesitant to kennel her again and have taken to using a dog watcher instead but it's so much more expensive when your dog needs an hour walk every day. As for daycare, unfortunately she needs it. She is a super unhappy dog when she doesn't get that interaction twice a week. Walks don't cut it, she needs play. I've heard good things about apple cider vinegar so maybe I'll give it a go, otherwise I'm going to have to try another vet I think.
  3. Hey y'all, I haven't been on the boards in a long time, but I have a mystery health question. Chula has always struggled with allergies/hot spots. Every summer she gets them, usually on her paws, sometimes on her lady parts. They are yeasty and smell not good. Switched her food to Orijen a few summers ago and the lady parts infections went away, at least. That said, I boarded her for five days in September and noticed when I picked her up that she had a patch on her hind leg, under her butt floof, that was red, bumpy, and losing hair. The hair she did have was pinkish in color. Figuring she'd licked herself while stuck in the kennel, I tried topical stuff I had on hand to treat hot spots. While she had no itching and no other signs of discomfort, it didn't get better and the spot continued to grow, so I took her to the vet. They tested her and said she had minimal yeast/bacteria, gave me some wipes, and sent me on my way. The fur in that area has gotten a little bit better, but it is still orangish-pink and it is not growing in all spots where it fell out. She had also developed a spot near her snout and one on her paw, but those cleared up really quickly with the wipes and the hair has grown back perfectly. Then last week, I noticed a new spot on the side of her leg. It is again pink, but it doesn't appear to be losing much hair. It's just rusty colored. I have been using chlorhexidine spray and an anti-yeast shampoo, but no luck. I noticed another spot on her elbow after picking her up from daycare yesterday, again in this case it does not appear to be losing hair, just rust colored and there were two tiny sores that looked like the beginning of hot spots. I have not seen her licking herself at all, except for normal grooming. Is this something happening at the kennel? I don't understand. She is not itching. She is not lethargic. Her food/diet has not changed. She's on a daily probiotic. The vet seems unconcerned, but I'm worried and it looks terrible. Maybe I need to get a second opinion from another vet. You can see the spot on the side of her leg in this picture. It literally went from no spot to big, rusty spot overnight. One day she had nothing, next day she has pink fur. If you've had any similar issues, I'd appreciate your experience! Thanks! ETA - I also have attached a picture of the back of her leg from before I took her to the vet. I don't have a more recent one of the way it looks now, which is similar, just with pink/orange fur.
  4. That's expensive beer, too! She stole the bottle from my dad when he wasn't paying attention and hid behind the shed. I think she got about a quarter of it.
  5. For such a pretty creature, she sure takes silly pictures.
  6. Outside the vets...she looks way too excited to be getting her jabs.
  7. Chula


    Holy crap!! Where all have you been?
  8. Chula


    ^^Awesome! I'm jealous! I need to get back to traveling.
  9. This morning's bike ride had Chu feeling cheeky.
  10. Chula


    Here are a couple updated pics of me! Working on E chords with my niece.
  11. Chula used to sleep in a crate. We actually had two crates at the time - one that was her bedtime crate in our bedroom, and one in the dining room that is her daytime crate. She knows the difference ("bedtime" vs "time for bed"). But I stopped crating her at night somewhere around a year and a half. Then she was required to sleep on her bed in my bedroom. I now allow her to sleep wherever she likes, though that has led to her claiming the sofa as hers, so that wasn't necessarily the best decision for her. I think that at three months, I would still work on crating him at night. As he gets into his teenage months, he will likely regress in some areas of training (may start having accidents or tearing things up while you're asleep, for instance) and that could get frustrating. You could try getting a separate crate for the bedroom if you are happier with him in there with you.
  12. Chula


    Me and Chu's most recent shot...and a bonus of me without any makeup! I'm old!
  13. Awww I love upside down nikko! Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  14. Chula


    My best angle. Sadly! And Chula taking care of me on the couch while I'm wearing the boot.
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