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  1. That is a cross Deffo not a full bc. I've had bc all my life and my mum and dad still have one now. And my older sister has one too. And imo they are really loving and love being around you, if you get an older one and he is a rescue ect then he or she will most likely be calm. We have always rescued ours from shelters ect. I wouldn't steer her away from gettin one though they are lovely natured dogs x
  2. I have recently moved to Narvik 4 hours from Tromsø from England... Hardest thing I have ever done. I have family here but it's been really hard for me as the police hadn't given me the correct forms and I was told the incorrect information. But it is a lovely place and Tromsø is an amazing place! I would recommend trying to get in contact with the police ect to make sure u have all the right forms ect. Feel free to message me if u want to know anything good luck!!
  3. Hazza

    Christmas Tree!!

    Found the perfect tree if we had a bigger house I would have got the prettiest tree I have ever seen!! It was such a beautiful green and had a lot of branches. But the one we have is perfect. Maybe a little too big lol but no problem, I would upload a pic but for some reason my iPad is not allowing me to upload pics anywhere since my update :/
  4. Hey, Soo it's 5 days to Christmas and we are just getting dressed in out warm clothes (it's -8) and we are going up in to the forest to cut down our tree.. It's our first time in our own house together so it's a bit exciting Any tips for having a real tree! We have biught a stand that clamps it in and you put water in it too apartmently it stops the pins falling out so much God Jul as they say here in norway
  5. Hazza


    Yeah I'd have thought so fingers crossed if not I'm sure I can order it from the net p, it's just a pain as we struggle to find places that deliver here so have to send it to family in England then get them to sentpd it here haha
  6. Hazza


    brill. I'm going to go. On the search at the weekend around the so called town haha
  7. Hazza


    Brilliant I will see what I can get thanks guys!
  8. Hazza


    Hey, just a few questions Since we have had a lot of snow and ice around our furball has really dry pads and has take a few bits out of them. He won't wear shoes and quite frankly I don't want to out them on him, as he has to wear them when we was living with family and he hated them. What are your opinions on this! Is there any creams we can get for him p, we have been putting petroleum jelly on them but he licks it off. We are finding it hard to go to the vets as they are only open 11-2 and because of how the system is here we can't take holiday you don't get it for a year so we have to take it u paid and really can't afford to do that right now to just speak with someone and because of the language barrier it's quite difficult to speak with them, tout dosent show on pics otherwise I'd attach one and we also live a good two hours from the vets so it would be a bit of a pain. Sorry rambling on but basically any suggestions about what to put on him pass would be great it's mainly the back feet rather then the front Tia
  9. Hazza


    That's great thanks emma. Lol I know it would take longer than 4 week just was saying it dosent even look like there is fur there now
  10. Hazza


    Hey, Little one had a operation around 4 weeks ago and they shaved a big patch of fur to remove a tumor, the fur was growing well the first few days but now looks really strange, he has had the stitches out , they said it was good and healing well but the fur dosent see, to be growing back very fast now :/ any suggestions on what to do to help....? Also we now have a good bit of snow.. ( just been on a walk up the mountain and the snow was up to my knee) so want it to grow ASAP:) Tia
  11. That's amazing! We have some great views around here, but I don't think my boy would be so chilled out! We have walked for 5hours and he had ten times more energie when we got to the top!
  12. Hazza

    Got Snow!

    We also have snow... Only in the mountains though
  13. I do t no a great deal about this but the moving countries I do know about as I have just moved from England to Norway... So to come here we had to get a pet passport have all vaccinations up to date and then 48hrs before entering another country we had to have worming and flea vaccinations done.. Although we never got stopped at any borders. The only place we got things checked where in England before we got on the ferry. But of course do research on where you are going ect because everywhere is different, and some places do not allow you to take pets in from certain places either. Hope this helps a bit
  14. Hazza

    Blood Boiling!!

    How do I change my location? And we where at St. John's road. Things are a bit touch and go at the moment really trying to get jobs ect but cambridge was just to busy for us and so stressful. Thanks i try to keep calm but there is only so much you keep back then u just have to explode lol. Yes u would have though that they would have thought we would have done research in to the breed and not just said nop can't have him off lead makes me annoyed but there we go they will learn one day (maybe) haha
  15. Hazza

    Blood Boiling!!

    Lol My ipad decided that it was just going to submit something really little
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