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  1. Thank you guys! We won the first round (I had no idea there would be another round). But whatever happens next, at least we can say we finished the first round in a full glory!
  2. Thank you guys there is literally 7 more votes needed for my post to win this competition! I am very excited!!!
  3. Thanks!! Just a few more..
  4. We need literally 14 votes to win...
  5. Hi everybody, it has been a while since I posted, but I need your help right now. I am a co-editor of one philosophy blog and the interview I did with Prof.Jennifer Radden on depression has been nominated for the 3qd Prize in philosophy. In order to win it, we need some more votes-and today is the last day we can vote. If you would like to help, please click the link below and then tick the box next to the following entry: "Imperfect Cognitions: sadder but wiser? Interview with Jennifer Radden" and then click VOTE at the bottom of the page. One person can vote only once. -thank you for your support! http://www.esurveyspro.com/App/Polls/DirectPoll.aspx…
  6. Hi, Some updated pics of my two lovely girls. I hope you enjoy it:)
  7. Hi there, I am looking for a FOLDABLE dog scooter in good condition. I can pay up to £200 or swap it for Raleigh Pacific Hybrid bike in a VGC. Located in Oxfordshire. Thanks
  8. Yes and a minute later they disappeared in my two kids' mouth!
  9. Thanks, Best of Breed Puppy means no more no less that she was claimed the best Siberian Husky puppy (6-12 months) out of all SH pups (boys and girls) attending that show. She got rosettes and treats plus big box of chocolates
  10. I am pleased to say she won the Best Puppy in Breed at Westbury Open Show last Sunday. We are all very proud. I will update some pics soon! X
  11. Oh good luck then, we shall miss this one, but will be somewhere near Bristol is September.
  12. Congratulations! I did nott alk to many people as I was too stressed lol but if you noticed a noisy pair of kids messing about it was us:) Lunar is a sister of Sparki, a daughter of Solar and Flynn and a grandaughter of Flynt from Ireland, if you saw any of them! Where are you going next?
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