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    Thank you for all the replies. I am currently seeing a psychiatrist, and he is pretty good, the problem is, I have a lot of stressors in my life and the high dose meds I am on seem to keep my moods balanced, but I tend to stay depressed. That's part of why i am lost. I am supposed to be balanced, not biased to one side of the spectrum. I am sure there are other meds, one of which I discussed with my psychiatrist, and actually did try it. Switched to what I am on now because my hair started falling out lol. While I don't want to be crazy, I really like my hair lol. I might turn to a forum to see where that goes. I have a forum for just about everything else...fish, dogs lol. Can't seem to find a cat forum that isn't spammed with adult links lol. And this is, as you can imagine, hard to talk to friends about. It was a little easier speaking my mind on here as you guys can't see my face. The last person I tried to speak to about it tried to counsel me as if she were a board licensed therapist. Its even hard to talk to my husband about it.
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    I know this forum caters mostly to dog information, but I thought I would ask this as the forum has a huge member base of different types of people. I have Bipolar disorder, and I am maxed out on meds, yes still stuggle to maintain a sense of balance. Recently I have fallen down deep and can't seem to dig my self out. I spend a lot of time either working or sleeping, but I know this isn't healthy. Has anyone ever suffered from depression to that extent? And if so, what did you do to pull yourself out?I really don't want to try heavier meds as I want to be a mom, not a zombie, so what are some healthy ways I can boost my spirits?
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    My dog is lazy, and per previous owner she always has been, while her brother would run for days without sleep lol. You may just have a chillax type husky, but don't worry, you will see spurts of energy. My dog's laziness does not in anyway keep the husky Olympics from occurring in my house every now and then
  4. I'm going to have to agree that its a wolf cross. Beautfutiful boy though
  5. I love how huskies always have that big cheesy grin on their face when they are racing around. Makes em look so cute and goofy lol
  6. Might I suggest a 6 foot wooden fence? Chances are, if your boy wants to escape (which they have been known to do, hence the phrase "Houdini of the K-9 world) he would more than likely climb a chainlink fence.
  7. a7xAda

    Plan B

    Yes I am actually only about 8 miles from the airport.
  8. What is this stop pulling business? And listening? Huskies do that?
  9. a7xAda

    Plan B

    I am fairly close to you (couple of hours) and if worse case scenario arises, I would gladly help you out. If you can't find a boarding kennel or a friend, let me know. I would gladly watch Balto. Hurley would love it.
  10. I def. wish you the best of luck. I got really lucky with my husky, whom I took in when she was 3 1/2 years old. She is calm, laid back, doesn't run, doesn't dig, doesn't eat cats....doesn't do anything a husky does,........USUALLY. Imagine my surprise when I trusted her a bit too much and I chased her for two miles. Or when I came home to cat food all over the living room. She came from a great family and was well trained, but they will surprise you. I am sure you will be fine.
  11. Watch how much he scratches as he can give himself a nasty hematoma! My dog's ear no longer stands due to excessive scratching. But of course you still got to find out why (just advice for while you are investigating) Does your dog chew on his feet or have dry skin? Aside from the scratching to his ears, does he scratch anywhere else? If you dog has a ear infection caused by yeast, I am told by a couple of vets it can be due to an allergy. Has your dog ever demonstrated potential reactions to certain environmental things or foods?
  12. Such a beautiful group. I am exceedingly jealous and how majestically they sit and pose! :drool:
  13. How did you get them to sit still for that pic in your signature? I struggle to get ONE to sit still lol
  14. Congrats on your new boy! He is a stunner. I would like to give you a word of advise though. BE PATIENT! One of the big reasons that people give up huskies is that they cannot handle the breed. As he is fairly new to your home it may be a moment before any bad habits shine through. As you are not the first owner, I am sure that you are aware of the baggage that a rescue can carry. (Please do not think I am deterrent of rescuing, both of my pets are rescues) I only tell you this as the first dog I ever rescued had a whole slough of bad habits and almost pulled me down a set of stairs when I was pregnant. I did not do research and had to give up the dog as I couldn't handle the bad habits. Just always remember that you are the new role model, and the dog may still act on what he was taught in the past. That being said, congrats again on your new family member. I am absolutely sure you are going to have a great time in your new addiction, and you will be well prepared for kids as these dogs are like having 5 toddlers wrapped up into a medium sized dog
  15. She had been doing that for a good 10 mnutes before I started recording. I still don't know what it was she wanted but after a good rubi of the ears and a tummy rub she stopped lol
  16. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10200522727324356&l=7007704257176094510
  17. She is quite a stunning dog. I may get into shows one day, but right now I'm still learning about the breed lol
  18. Wonderful! Congrats to you and your pup! Well deserved win!
  19. This was one a friend of mine made of my dog.
  20. Someone posted this on my facebook page and I had to share with everyone. Had me in tears laughing!
  21. I passed!!!!! I Get to graduate!!!!!!
  22. Prolly why there is just cause for a small kid to laugh at them lol
  23. I asked him what he was laughing at...he pointed at the picture and said, "You're looking at a "diddle".."
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