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    I am a full time college student with a tortoiseshell cat and a Siberian husky mixed with hound and possibly German Shepard puppy, both of which we have rescued. I am about to get married in May to the love of my life!!!
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    Reading, going for walks, collecting DVD's, volunteering at a humane society

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  1. I can't vote because truthfully it doesn't bother me one way or the other which direction it is going. Half the time it is going in the A direction and the other half is the B direction it just depends on how it comes unraveled.
  2. Should I even be allowed to have another dog. I mean how did I not think to just bring him in. It was only 15 minutes I should have known to bring him in.
  3. It is fast approaching the one year mark since Balto passed away and my husband and I have been talking about getting another one. I am not sure if we will ever be ready not to own just a husky but any dog for that matter. We still feel awful for not bringing Balto in with us when we went in while working at his moms house because Charlene was hungry and needed a diaper change which took 15 minutes. We even checked him before going in and he was safe in his harness but in 15 minutes he chewed through it (he has never chewed through it in the 1.5 years we had him). Will we ever be ready? Will there ever be a good time to get a dog even if not a husky.
  4. Thank you. He was the best dog I ever had. After he final started to get along with Charlene if she would cry he would run to where she was check on her and then come get us and go back in the room and sit there until we came and picked her up and then he would go on and play but any time she was in the pack in play or crib and would start crying he was the first one in there and if we were not right behind he would come get us and make sure we were right behind. Anytime she was on the floor playing he would just come over with his toy and lay by her and watch her to make sure she was doing ok. I was so sure they were going to grow up to be best friends and would and would play together. I am just so hurt he was only out there for maybe 15 minutes if even that and then he was gone. I felt like I should have brought him in but of course hearing my daughter cry I immediately did my mom duties and it was only to put her in her swing after I checked her diaper and cuddled with her to make sure she was ok. Even though I have vacuumed the house I still see little husky tumbleweeds.
  5. First I just want to say thank you to everyone who welcomed me on this site and helped me with Balto when I thought I was at my ropes end. He was such a great dog and I loved him very much. Now to the story: Balto was outside on his harness and lead while we were working on my mother in laws roof. Balto has been on this lead I don't know how many times and has been really good on it. Well baby woke up from her nap and my husband cut his hand so he went inside to get it cleaned and some bandage while I went to grab the baby and and put her in her swing. Well we came back out after being inside for maybe 15 minutes and Balto was gone!!! His harness was still there as he chewed through his harness!!!! That shocked us as he has had that harness for over a year and this is the first time he ever tried this, so we grabbed little britches and got in the truck and went looking for him calling his name and everything but he never came and we never saw him (his mother in law lives out in the country) well a few days later after still looking we see a little white fluff ball on the side of the road and we stop and sure enough there was Balto dead as he was hit by a car I felt terrible and cried like a baby. We buried him and said nice words. He will be missed especially by little britches as that was her dog and there would be times where only he could calm her down if he stuck his nose close enough so she could touch it she would instantly calm down. Now that I no longer have a husky I am no longer a husky owner. Eventually Zach and I hope to adopt another husky but for now we just want to grieve our loss. Again I thank everyone for the great year I had on this site, and everyone I have met. I will miss all of you and all the great advice plus all the great pictures (pictures are my favorite)
  6. Yes Balto is warming up to her nicely
  7. Looks like they had tons of fun with it!!!
  8. He looks so much better in the second picture! Thanks for rescuing!!!!
  9. Thank you. I never thought I would have a picture of them this close together
  10. Well I just killed 2% of my brain cells watching this
  11. I wish my dog would stay in the house but no he wants to go outside and as soon as he hits the nice cool air he is running around like a nut ball. There was some snow on the ground and I thought we would never get him back inside.
  12. Here is Charlene practing supervised tummy time and her dog watching her to make sure nothing happens.
  13. I agree with helping the girlfriend with the clean up and huskies are extremely stubborn (sometimes I feel like talking to a brick wall and getting the brick wall to sit may be more successful then sometimes getting my husky to sit)
  14. That looks like a ton of fun. I love being out in the woods, so this is like a dream!!!! Glad you had a good time
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