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    I am a full time college student with a tortoiseshell cat and a Siberian husky mixed with hound and possibly German Shepard puppy, both of which we have rescued. I am about to get married in May to the love of my life!!!
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    Reading, going for walks, collecting DVD's, volunteering at a humane society
  1. Officially 6 weeks and 3 days!!! This is going to go by extremely slow

  2. Such an eventful past few days

    1. HuskyGuerl


      its awesome though!

  3. Here is Balto's best puppy picture. I want to see your husky playing with their favorite person
  4. voted!!! Can you vote more then once?
  5. Oi. Just on my bosses bad side because she didn't follow my doctor note and thinks I should be where she put

  6. Fingers crossed that I am able to go into the shelter here and train the dogs on weekends

  7. I was stressed at having my first puppy that just happened to be a husky (not the smartest move in the world but wouldn't trade him for anything) so I went on my facebook page and looked up husky groups, well I went to the first one and they sent me here and now sadly I am addicted (obviously I haven't even been on here for 2 months and I already have over 300 posts.
  8. Balto just had his first AKC puppy star class!!!!

  9. Ugh more snow :(

    1. HuskyGuerl


      we havent got snow yet but alot of rain..there is snow all around us though its crazy

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