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  1. And here I think that the brown and grey coated ones (like Suka in SolitaryHowls sig) look like Coyotes... at least around here they do anyway. Our Coyotes are huge here.
  2. I would have her tested for Coccidia and Giardia... my puppy had that, and your pups poop sounds just like my pups...
  3. My Diesel isn't neutered, he's 6, and he probably never will be. I would never consider breeding him. Why? I know nothing about breeding, and even if he is registered, it's a lot of responsibility. His vet told me it would make no difference in his temperament if I fixed him now, or not. He's a very docile dog, not aggressive. I, honestly, would think about the circumstances, and the informative advice of everyone here. There are far too many dogs in shelters that need homes.
  4. First, thank you for your Service (My brother did his boot-camp at Fort Knox a few years ago) Second, thanks for making me tear up. Third, Welcome to the Forum!
  5. And with shipping they are even more! I was there while she was on the phone and heard a price quote... Totally worth it though! Her dogs are beautiful and very well known!
  6. We had a puppy with coccidia and giardia at the same time! Not fun! But glad he is doing better!! And stick with the TOTW!!
  7. He is looking so much better! (I wasn't around to hear what was wrong?)
  8. My husband massaging my feet! lol
  9. Ugh! I can't stand those kinds of people! My husbands sisters boyfriend is the SAME WAY! He tried to tell me that shaving a husky was okay, because double-coated dogs are hotter in the summer, and need to be shaved to cool them off....
  10. Thanks everyone! I am feeling way better!
  11. I recognized Judy's hands and the colorations of the pups! She is such a wonderful and knowledgeable lady! I recommend her to anyone! We got a pup from her this last March, but she had been born with a bad heart
  12. Awww yay!!! So cute!! Are you by chance getting one from Karnovanda?!
  13. I knew that you were *Supposed* to claim it... but I think it's kind of lame that they're going to *make* you lol. A lot of online businesses might lose business, but who knows! Our government likes to control everything... they don't want Farmer's Markets anymore!
  14. Soon Amazon will start charging sales tax... or you will be given a tax form and you'll have to say you bought X amount of dollars online and then your state will charge you sales tax on it. Lame, if you ask me!
  15. I watch True Blood, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Hell on Wheels, USED to watch Walking Dead but it got irritating, Boardwalk Empire, etc. True Blood definetely left me wondering last night... holy crap.
  16. That is a great price! We get it at Family Farm & Home, which is about 5 miles from us. We also get our Organic Chicken Feed there, too! They seem to be a lot cheaper than Tractor Supply for a lot of things! However, some people say they're more expensive with things... I know their clothes are a lot cheaper than TSC!
  17. To me, if Dog food has a commercial on TV or a rep in a store... they're trying too hard to sell it. Like Blue Buffalo or Hills, or Pedigree. I heard of Taste of the Wild from here and from a few friends. I am lucky I have a store here that carries it for $39 once a month. I stock up. Can't beat that price!
  18. Thank you! I am glad too! And that's the same face he makes when he's got a bone he doesn't want anyone else to have!
  19. My surgery went well, the weeks after didn't... but I'm better now! I had Diesel at home with me, taking care of me. I think it was a great time for bonding, LOL! Snuggling with me while I was laid up in bed He says, "I don't always sit outside in the shade and read... but when I do, I'm reading Nicholas Sparks and drinking Vitamin Water" I picked this cucumber to cut it up for the chickens, because OBVIOUSLY it is massive and probably tastes disgusting. It was about a foot long and 6 inches around, and I set it on the counter, turned around for a SECOND and then it was gone! He carried it around for about 3 days! Snuggling, as I was napping after my first big day out after surgery. It tuckered me out! And I'm someone who's used to running 2+ miles a day! My husband bought me some icecream, and the cat stole the bag! We recently figured out our neighbors have an apple tree (we've lived her for 5 years..last year no one had an apple or fruit crop because of frost...) so my husband went and grabbed some, to see how they were coming along (I want to make and can apple sauce) and Diesel played with them like balls!
  20. Welcome to the forum! Only advice I have: Never let her off a leash unless you are inside a fenced in area with a high enough fence. Huskies have a high prey drive. Don't bathe her, only like once or twice a year..Huskies do better without baths. They are like cats, and clean themselves (at least mine does). Watch her around small animals, it might be best to introduce her to them while she is still young, mine grew up with a cat and has no problems... my chickens on the other hand are fair game, LOL. And be prepared for the shedding! Good luck, and have fun! Enjoy them while she is a pup!
  21. I had my surgery on July 29th...I wasn't nervous or anything However, I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia, and was sick My blood pressure dropped, I was pale, my lips were bluish, and I was feeling dizzy and nauseous. They gave me a bunch of stuff, and then I felt better. I was inches from being admitted over night. I kind of wished they would have. But I got home and slept. And slept. And slept some more. It took me about 2 weeks to feel myself. My husband dragged me to our County Fair though! I got to take the Courtesy Cart around, so no walking. My stomach muscles hurt the most, I think. Although, this week, I woke up with guns blazing and have been going strong all week! Might try some jogging this coming Monday! I'm sorry I haven't been around! I slept the first week after surgery, and then was glued to the couch the 2nd week pretty much. I only had my phone for ties to the outside world...and no forum app on it!
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