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  1. And here I think that the brown and grey coated ones (like Suka in SolitaryHowls sig) look like Coyotes... at least around here they do anyway. Our Coyotes are huge here.
  2. I would have her tested for Coccidia and Giardia... my puppy had that, and your pups poop sounds just like my pups...
  3. My Diesel isn't neutered, he's 6, and he probably never will be. I would never consider breeding him. Why? I know nothing about breeding, and even if he is registered, it's a lot of responsibility. His vet told me it would make no difference in his temperament if I fixed him now, or not. He's a very docile dog, not aggressive. I, honestly, would think about the circumstances, and the informative advice of everyone here. There are far too many dogs in shelters that need homes.
  4. First, thank you for your Service (My brother did his boot-camp at Fort Knox a few years ago) Second, thanks for making me tear up. Third, Welcome to the Forum!
  5. And with shipping they are even more! I was there while she was on the phone and heard a price quote... Totally worth it though! Her dogs are beautiful and very well known!
  6. We had a puppy with coccidia and giardia at the same time! Not fun! But glad he is doing better!! And stick with the TOTW!!
  7. He is looking so much better! (I wasn't around to hear what was wrong?)
  8. My husband massaging my feet! lol
  9. Ugh! I can't stand those kinds of people! My husbands sisters boyfriend is the SAME WAY! He tried to tell me that shaving a husky was okay, because double-coated dogs are hotter in the summer, and need to be shaved to cool them off....
  10. Thanks everyone! I am feeling way better!
  11. I recognized Judy's hands and the colorations of the pups! She is such a wonderful and knowledgeable lady! I recommend her to anyone! We got a pup from her this last March, but she had been born with a bad heart
  12. Awww yay!!! So cute!! Are you by chance getting one from Karnovanda?!
  13. I knew that you were *Supposed* to claim it... but I think it's kind of lame that they're going to *make* you lol. A lot of online businesses might lose business, but who knows! Our government likes to control everything... they don't want Farmer's Markets anymore!
  14. Soon Amazon will start charging sales tax... or you will be given a tax form and you'll have to say you bought X amount of dollars online and then your state will charge you sales tax on it. Lame, if you ask me!
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