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  1. I'd still be freezing if it was 18 here... 23 we had today, that's my definition of the words cold and winter haha.
  2. It's almost winter here, though I would give Rafeal a wet flannel 'back in the days' when he wouldn't rip it up. He would fall asleep with it on top of him.
  3. Welcome Glad to see our small part of the world on this forum. There seems to be a lot of Huskies on this forum named Luna/Lunar, I think I've lost count! She is beautiful
  4. Tinted Moisturizer after someone got their teeth into the half-full one I had.
  5. The second I clicked on this I heard a plane go by, quite a coincidence
  6. I don't think a USB on a collar should replace a microchip, it's useless if taken off or if you dog manages to break his/her collar. I would ask your vet if the top one is a good idea, if their doing it then you shouldn't have any problems.
  7. We no longer have a heater, have a guess why...

  8. All Huskies are gorgeous, but I must say there's something I really like about Echo's coat and face that make him stand out Perhaps the black/white contrast?
  9. I don't agree as I've seen 'thicker' Huskies that are within the normal size though people can't wait to say "look at those big paws, he's going to be HUGE"!! Pfft... Have you ever been told this?
  10. It's a mouse he's playing with, worked out how to use it quickly
  11. Hope things work out well with you new little addition ...she looks quite young.
  12. It's the same dog in both pictures, He's from NSW.
  13. Just wondering, how could the OP prove it was their dog since she had to give it to her? Surely ringing the police shouldn't be enough to do that??
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