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  1. Forgot these 2 photos. My daughter with Patch, her long coat husky and the other is what came out of one leg after using No Knot Spot. Did make an error in part of the main post but it won't let me edit it for some reason. Please ignore the No Snot spot bit. 😂 If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  2. Hey Guys, So I thought I would share with you some of my recent experience with bathing and grooming my huskies. Now bathing is normally a hand full at the best of times and would normally end up in 4 bottles of shampoo, even more so with Keiko and his masses of fur☹️. Now my daughter is a Scentsy consultant and said to me about trying out the dog grooming products, so I ordered the Shampoo and the No Knot Spot for their backends as this is a nightmare also. My shampoo arrived and after bathing 7 dogs, to my amazement, I still had just under half a bottle. Next came the grooming, now, Ki
  3. I have to agree with Rob. Looks like he has some terrier in him but huskies are not big dogs anyway. A couple of mine are zero breed huskies and they are only 21 inches at the shoulder.
  4. We're all booked as well. Can't read any of Marc's topic though. Not sure what's happening but all I'm getting is is a white page with the title at the top. Can't wait for May now.
  5. So sorry to hear this Rob. He was certainly a lovely lad and will be missed by all. R.I.P Iwan. Run free over the bridge.
  6. Keeonah


    Most of you will have read the piece I wrote about Nishka. It was titled Husky Won't Eat. It turned out that the problem was a rare form of bowel cancer. Unfortunately Nishka tonight lost her fight against this horrible disease. She was my daughters dog and the mother to my boy Charlie. We are all totally devastated but know in our hearts that she is no longer in pain. Run free over Rainbow Bridge sweet girl, Holly, Griff and Skye are waiting for you.
  7. It's all a matter of trial and error and what is right for your husky. People scoff and say "you shouldn't feed that to your husky" or "you should feed them this". I say you should feed them whatever they are happy eating. My pack are so fussy it's unreal and it's taken me forever to work out what they are totally happy with. I even went through a period when all they would touch was Wagg and that stuff is terrible but cheap. They now have, Natures Menu free flow Chicken, one 2k bag does 2 days, mixed with a double kibble from completely different ends of the spectrum. One bag is Acana Prairie
  8. Thanks Rob. I'm a little bit loathe to do that at the moment as it will just cause more friction. Going down the "nice" route at the moment. I f that fails then I'll be killing it all. had thought about a flame thrower though! WHAT DO YOU THINK??? 😂
  9. Ok guys, the verdict is that it's something she's eaten. Namely the ivy that keeps growing through the fence from next door. Had all this last year and it nearly came to blows with her son. They were told by the housing association to get it cleaned up but they seem to think that what they cleaned up last year will also do for this year. They've told the housing association that they have no qualms with me ripping it out and throwing it back over but I don't see why the hell I should clean up their mess. Anyway, Gwynne is on antibiotics and Pro Kolin. Total rest and boiled chicken and rice so
  10. Thanks Rob. Don’t normally get to concerned with my lot but I am this time.☹️
  11. Currently awaiting vet appointment for Gwynne. Yesterday she refused her Dentastick in the morning, unknown. Since then she has rapidly deteriorated. She has severe diahhrea, is very lethargic which, most of you will know, is certainly not Gwynne. This morning she still has the diahhrea and has started to lose the use of her legs. We originally thought it might have been sunstroke but she hasn't really been in the sun. We have segregated her from the rest of the pack to try to help keep her comfortable. Vet appointment is for 12 noon. 🤞
  12. An update for you all. This little girl had gone downhill again. She hadn't really eaten a great amount since the last post. Nibbles here and there. Back to the vet again. The vet said she had a kidney disease and needed building up and advised a specialist food, Royal Canin Renal, so we got her some high protein food and I ordered the specialist food that was recommended on line. She wolfed the food down but once again it was short lived. The specialist food turned up the following day and she ate again but struggled as it was getting stuck to her mouth. She went through a couple of days an
  13. It's now official. Lynne and I won't be coming to camp.😞 Can't tell you how gutted we are but I hope you'll all have a fantastic time as normal. Dan has taken the caravan and will be attending his first ever husky camp with his husky, Mowgli. I'm sure you'll all make him feel welcome. Keep the photos coming please, I'll be keeping a close eye on the forum 😂.
  14. I would advise you get as much information on the ownership of a husky as quickly as possible as the rescue are likely to, and should, ask you questions on how you would treat your husky. They are completely different to any other creature you may have owned but are far more rewarding. Good luck and if you need any advice just ask. Welcome to the forum.
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