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  1. Haven't posted here for ages here's a recent photo of myself. For the first time in a long time a actually felt good about myself
  2. Gotta love when life gets turned upside down

  3. after all these years I've worked out what I'm allergic to... FLEAS! of all things to be allergic to :( and we currently have them so now I have to go crazy getting rid of them for mine and my cats sanity grrrr

    1. elenamarie


      Powdered boric acid is the ticket. If you have carpeting, nothing works as well. As a bonus it's completely non-toxic to cats and dogs, but it will kill fleas and many other insects. Good luck! Getting rid of those evil things is a real chore.

  4. Is that a giant kit Kat? If it is can I have it haha
  5. going to buy some stuff for the animals involved in South Australia fires they have lost everything the least I can do is buy some food for there animals

    1. mydiamond


      :( oh gee. Do they have a GoFundMe page by any chance?
    2. Bambi92


      Not that I know of I know there's a lady taking direct deposits into a bank account then sending it over to South australia

  6. Couldn't afford to get my babies anything for Xmas this year now I feel bad I'll have to go buy them something lol

    1. Carly


      At least you can buy something from the sale :0)

    2. Dan


      They have you - best present they could ask for :D

    3. Bambi92


      I bought them two treats each :)

      Dan: at the moment there not happy with me I can't walk them or play with them properly :(

  7. nearly 10.30pm and the cold water is still hotter than the hot water! it's still 24 degrees grr

    1. Emma


      wow that sounds hot!

  8. body part donation Bank open floor business: in need of a right eye, two whole needs, a spine and a few others for just in case pile!!

    1. Emma


      lol. for some reason this is reminding me a bit of sweeny Todd. Hope things pick up for you soon. xxx

  9. RIP Admire Rakti - he passed away in his stall after the Melbourne cup race :( sad result to a sad industry

  10. Thinking about taking phoenix trick or treating only problem is its today and I don't have a costume for him

  11. Haha phoenix sees a husky/mal and he says woo woo woo :D

    1. Emma


      bless him, he's learning doggy language. Bi lingual now. lol

    2. Bambi92


      Haha yep when he goes to preschool they will be wondering why he thinks dogs say woo instead of woof haha

  12. getting my wisdom teeth out in Thursday I'm so not looking forward to it hopefully it'll all go fine have to travel over an hour in morning peak hour traffic just to get there though :(

  13. Aw Jase your daughter is adorable! Not bad yourself haha
  14. MRI on the 1st teeth out on the 2nd yep everything happens at once :(

  15. got a ride in an ambulance yesterday :-( i swear my body hates me lol

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