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  1. thank you ill look into the law see what it says. thanks Emma. I've had to deal with anxiety and depression since I was 13 it's hard but my animals are really the only thing that helps me. ive had someone open my side gate one night luckily Sasha was inside and Dozer chased them out. Lately this area has been having a look at problems with things going wrong it was a great family orientated area when I first moved here but now it's a bit scary. Ill have a look in to the laws and see what they say. I have a baseball bat under my bed and a cupboard full of swords if I needed them. I don't really want to use them but if it means protecting my son and animals I'll do it.
  2. Hi all bit of a back story as to why I'm asking this question first: I'm now living on my own with my son I'm actually very fearful of being alone it causes my anxiety to go through the roof which isn't helping my case at all.... On Sunday a male has approached a group of kids in the street behind me and followed them he hasn't been caught yet... And this morning I had a male walk through my front yard and he yelled at Dozer telling him to shut up because he was barking at this guy for walking through my yard (my front yard isn't fenced and I live on the corner of a main road) people are always walking through my yard but no one has ever told my dogs to shut up I've had people hit my side fence and bark back at the dogs they were school kids. Dozer is trained to chased people out of his territory which he has done previously and is trained not to leave his yard. He is friendly as can be to anyone unless he doesn't like them which is rare and if he doesn't like them there's a reason for it. Sasha isn't trained to do any of that sort of stuff she knows her basics and a few other tricks. She is very wary of strangers and will bark like she wants to kill them even if they are just walking past. I don't know how she would react if someone was to break in to my house she's inside at night. Questions: 1: what can I train them to do if I ever needed them for protection of any form? Keeping in mind I wouldn't put them in danger if the person has a weapon I'll throw myself in the way before my dogs got in the way. 2: would you teach a dog to bail someone up on command? Dozer has done this previously but not while he was with me. 3: am I able to do any of this without a professional trainer? I don't exactly have the money for a trainer now that I'm paying out everything on my own I can hardly afford to feed myself let alone a trainer. Any my help would be very much appreciated.
  3. it is a lot of fun went to an abandoned amusement park yesterday and going to an abandoned school on Tuesday. oh it was freaky! Beautiful though it's amazing the detail and design that went in to these tunnels back then and it's all done my hand as well. They are over one hundred years old and they are still standing.
  4. Haven't posted here for ages here's a recent photo of myself. For the first time in a long time a actually felt good about myself
  5. As the title says I've discovered the world of Urbex (Urban Exploration). So far I have only been into two abandoned railway tunnels, an abandoned station and an abandoned amusement park that is now a swamp. It's a thrill looking through these places knowing the stories behind them. I'll give you all a little inside on the two tunnels and a station my partner and I visited also photos there's a fair few of them The tunnels have been abandoned for 100 years. Helensburgh Tunnel: this tunnel is one of 7 abandoned tunnels from the old Illawarra railway line. It opened on the 3rd of October 1888 and closed on 30th May 1915. It is 80metres long. Here are a few photos Inside looking towards the northern end. Inside looking towards the southern end A wooden beam we aren't sure what this is there for. Soot and a lights wiring from when Mushroom Farmers were in the tunnel. A place for people to go into when a steam train was coming through the tunnel Metropolitan Tunnel: the creepiest tunnel I have been in by far. This tunnel opened on 3rd of October 1888 and closed on the 30th May 1915. It is 624 metres long and is blocked off at the southern end by a concrete wall. It has soot built up on the roof from the steam trains that ran through these lines. This tunnel has some very creepy stories to it. It is said to be haunted and have a demon in it. There is a story about a swamp creature living in the tunnel and many many more. I had my own personal experience in this tunnel we went about 200-250 metres into the tunnel through mud, water and rocks down there was some writing on the wall which will be pictured below I read the writing looked down the tunnel and seen something while leaning down watching us, I wanted to go farther to see what it was but my partner freaked and we left haha. Not far past the point we got to is water which goes up to the roof at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel runs on a downward slope, this water is said to have bodies in it, no one knows if this is true or not this tunnel floods almost to the roof when it rains heavy. This tunnel is also pitch black even high powered torches didn't light much up. now for some photos: outside the tunnel opening. Inside the tunnel looking towards the southern end. Looking towards the southern end Looking towards the southern end Looking back out of the tunnel The darkness looking south The pipe you see in this photo is used to pump the water out of the tunnel when it was drained in 1995 now for the writing: This is the first piece of writing on the left side wall Right side wall Left side wall down from the above These three photos were taken by my partner on a different day he went further in not to much further then I did. left wall Left wall The last thing writen on the tunnel before the water got too deep to go any further. We we are also starting a YouTube channel about abandoned places around Australia if anyone is interested in that stuff please subscribe to our channel and share it we have only just started it so there is only one old video of my partners on there at the moment there will be more uploaded soon we did a video today at Magic Kingdom which will be uploaded some time soon. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKJRv85Y3aTOu7H6WxbrFBA Hope you enjoyed the little history and photos
  6. Liv, as everyone else has said skipping meals isn't the way to go and you'll do more damage then good. Not that I can talk I usually only eat one or two small meals a day. Im only a bit taller then you by a few cm's and I use to be 50-55kgs and had that body everyone was jealous of for years (which I sort of hated but now I'd love it back) now I'm 60-65kgs and that's a big difference looks wise but in saying that I have had a child and went from 50kgs to 90ishkgs by the end of my pregnancy and I still have some of the baby weight that just won't go away. Your defianately not fat I don't understand how anyone can justify themselves calling other fat especially someone young and who is obvisiouly not fat at all. As long as your happy within yourself and happy with what you look like no one else's judgemental words matter. Your beautiful inside and out don't let them get to you xxx
  7. Thanks all ill try and stick around more have a lot going on at the moment
  8. *waves* thanks all I love trains especially steam trains and Locos
  9. Thanks glad to be back hehe
  10. For anyone that's interested in trains here are some photos from the Sydney Transport Heritage expo there are also some videos my partner did on this day on his YouTube channel if anyone is interested this is his channel there are plenty of videos there. http://www.youtube.com/sydneytrainsvlogs if your able to please subscribe here we have Steam Locos 3642 (left) and 3237 (right) Steam Loco 3237 this is Regent Street Station (Mortuary Station) Steam Loco 2705 not the best photo sorry there were hundreds of people around. This is Steam Loco 3642 (left) and 3237 (right) departing for the Great Train Race. sorry for the sideways photo. Steam Loco 3642 a bus that was there (I don't have any info on them as I don't know anything about them) inside one of the red rattler cars inside of Car C3426 Some information on Car C3426 not the best photo. This is F1. These photos are from the night they brought the Red Rattler set out for the first time in over 10 years if my memory serves right not exactly sure on dates so don't quote me on the number. Here we have Loco 4833 and Red Rattler set F1 trailing. Bit of info on F1: F1 was formerly known as M1 (Mortdale based set) it was preserved and in that time the Millennium M sets entered service (will put photo below of a Millennium so you can see what it is) so they renumbered M1 to F1. (Info from my partner I'm not that smart haha) This is a Millennium (M2) photo credit to my partner Here we have C7396 side view of F1 photo taken through a window. Inside of the red rattler inside view again. side view inside Loco 4833 And because I love Locos here's a random photo I edited of a Loco at Wondabyne. here we have Loco SSR CEY 006 Hope you enjoy the photos sorry there are so many. x Loco FL220. Named after the horse What A Nuisance Loco 4833
  11. Hi all Havent been on for a while a lot has changed some for the better some not so much. Dogs are all well, still brats haha! My son is doing well he's almost Two already time goes by so fast why can't kids stay small I have a new partner which would have to be one of the best decisions I've made in a very long time as hard as it is at the moment with everything that's going on with him I couldn't be happier to have found someone that makes me happy and that shares a lot of the same interests as I do. Now for a few photo a few of Sasha, Dozer and a random one of me. random photo of me the only day I've felt good about myself only to be put down after I got off the train to the point where I had to punch a wall my babies sasha made herself comfy on my bed sasha and part of my son lol she moved my blanket like that I think she was attempting to make a barricade but it didn't work well. Hope everyone is doing well I'll try and stick around a while longer this time round. Really liking the new layout of the forum as well I can see it without my glasses yay! Haha
  12. Gotta love when life gets turned upside down

  13. Aww how adorable! Has to keep that rep up lol
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