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  1. Im thinking that there may be a important general election coming up in May
  2. Also like books and gardening. Ive a tw0 acre garden . Garden difficult as im at 1200ft above sea lv and its extremely windy. Clyde valley windfarm is 3 miles behind me the Southern upland way 800 yards away in the reports of the walk they state this is the worst section . Two years ago in March if not May three guys out walking 12 miles away two died of hypothermia. I in fact did not take the dogs out because I did not fancy getting the max gear on to brave the snow blizzard and bad weather plus the thought of having to dry off two huskys after that slush fest . Ive over the years made log walls around the place and had to make soil as the place is threequarters a playground. Two orchards about 1000 trees ive planted Plums /pears/ apples/ cherry blackcurrant redcurrant raspberry tayberry loganberry strawberry Siberian lily ill bring some seed for anyone intrested its not a showy flower but the perfume it gives off fills the garden. Ive several thousand books a couple of hundred big hardback lots encyclopedias and several hundred books on cooking. Its a favourite part of going shopping browsing charity shops Lanark when I went the St leonards hospice was a favourite my newest place is a mix of Barnardos in Dumfries where you get 5 books for £3 and the other is Shelter.The difficulty gardening here is the season is months shorter than other places ive lived. Its a month behind Dumfries. My daffodils come out in May ive several thousand in banks. Ill most likely miss them as ill be at camp in wales when there out in full display.Ohh ill mention major problems I used to have were invaders moles rabbits hares but gradually sorted them out as years gone on . but sheep other side of fence Monty heard them this morning when out just yard rom him but ignored them baaaing. The major problem is the cows they eat the trees in my garden and climb up the fences and walls breaking them down making it fairly dangerous letting my dogs out at times. Ive still lots of repairs to do before I come away otherwise I could come back to a disaster if they got in to feed.
  3. If you have read my posts I am a goldpanner and prospector. Of the 4000 minerals on earth Ive found one of them it was identified as La Ce Po4 So3 a lanthanide rare earth actually found in North Wales its comprised of small ovoid purple metallic lenses. Identified by Dr Hillary Pritchard a world expert on platinoids. (she used a electron probe) I find new gold rivers yearly There are over 100 hundred goldmines in North Wales check out the story in Goldmines of Merioneth by G W Hall. Id recommend you discount any of his theorys on how to locate the lodes or rock involved he was the prospector for Gwynfynydd ( welsh for white mountain)(the white been quartz which was found to be shot through with gold but not initially)But his knowledge was brought into question and he was replaced by geologist Professor Black . Intrestingly the book has a photo of Miss Gunn a geological student of Prof Black taking a sample off the wall of the mine. The photo is a real photo as she was a total disaster im told by miners who were there at time. Her job was to run assays on all the rock they mined through. Prof Black came on his monthly visit to check on progress and as he walked through the workings they came across a sheet of marcasite. he asked if Miss gunn had assayed it she said no. They rushed off with a sample to assay and he found it was supersaturated with gold. He asked the miners what had happened to the stuff taken from the mine. They told him they had tipped it down the dump. There had been 6 wagon loads and for two weeks he had the dump excavated for all of it. Fact was they had only tipped 2 load over the side of the dump and buried 4 loads in the waste heap as they had suspected that it was something special. It was estimated they had lost gold in the marcasite to a value of £2000000 . I got to know Jack Williams of Clogau and became friends so much so he gave me the location of his secret goldmine that he used to operate when he not prospecting in Clogau. He built his house at Bontddu initially from his first working there. His daughters wedding and other important family events. Ive al;ready said the area holds great intrest for me as lots of things can be found in the area including uranium molebdium copper and in places vast if staggering amounts of gold.
  4. News on Cheyyane seems she has moved from Hamilton where they still give out the old crap about her growling at other dogs invading her space. She been moved to Dunbarton rescue. They got different approach they say if your other dog gets on with her you can take her home. Only problem is Dunbarton 100 miles or more away. They got a fabulous malamute there too.
  5. Sad news was listening to 2cellos from Gladiators Now I am free . Monty was howling away to it. Will play now Enigma-Era -Gregorian Moment of Peace
  6. Yes 60 ft leads are good and I take my two out on a double lead and its usually good as I have rope attached to it round my waist. But the brass clip can be undone when they jump start as if starting off with a sled. But the double is good as they have one failing low intelligence in that if off they will choose to go either side of a lamppost or rock making recapture easy. Little comment I saw somewhere ages of huskys my Topaz 16 years old Monty about one year younger. only thing is Montys black coat now all grey. ( ive seen it on Tv a prog about a dog show for dogs that had them made up ,im going to try some hair dye black and orange on both my dogs. Have not got jet sprays but will try with brushes to make them into tigers.
  7. June 5th 1995 I was first person on earth to handle the 2/1/4 ounce gold nugget the" Jamie" Jamie was a gamekeeper having a nervous breakdown and trying to make a new job for himself.Actually he was succeeding successfully in his new job as heed found that a select small shrimp was the food needed to feed baby lobsters. He used to go catch them on a tide in the Mawddach esturary and sell them to select university group. In between tides he tried panning for gold in the forest . I saw him in the valley id been panning he was what I call a kangaroo a hole 2ft deep then heed move 50 yards then the same again. I went and told him he was wasteing his time as the gold started to show at 6ft. I told heed need to dig a minimum of 3ft for a odd chance of getting any thing. Think he managed to get one flake of gold.He left and during weekend id changed site to a location on side of river onto bedrock and was panning gravel and hard clay getting decent nuggettoes of about 0.1 to 0,3 of a gram.I was accumulating a fair amount but a Forestry worker stopped and told us the water to bottom of the river was white from the clay. So I stopped and changed site again. On Sunday the ""gold expert from Leeds """ came down with friend and I went downstream to see them and they were digging at side of big 20 ton boulder at side of river. I told them off /gave advice as they were using a sieve. I told them the river had nuggets and by using a sieve they would throw away the nuggets. ||They like many others ignored my advice. Id been given this advice and had followed it and thereafter started getting nuggets galore.The advice was given by a strange lad from Colwyn bay. Strange because he had a campervan which he had covered in stickers of which you could get in kids magazines in the 1960.s of fake bullet holes. But looking closer all the bullet holes in the back of his van were real. On Monday it rained and as result the river rose and filled in all activity on the river. On Wenesday Jamie arrived at about 5pm and I told him he could do my clay site as that late at night no one would see and any clay in river would not show up for next day. I went down at 7pm it nearly getting dark. He was not there he was actually in the hole that the guys had been in at weekend next to big rock. Note the hole had filled up on Monday with loose gravel so not obvious . He had worked all the loose gravel out easily and was getting down about one foot further than they had gone. Heed got two nuggetoes from the clay site but moved as he thought it too dirty to continue. Anyways I came down and he had all the equipment on massive big plastic arm waders and he using a square letrapp pan that fairly weird to use by shuffling it back and forwards. He had this stone in his pan rattling around and it looked like a zippo lghter a brass one that was old and tarnished he asked us what that was I picked it up out of the pan and looked at it. On one side it had a slight scratch. I said "You bastwerd" " ive been looking for one like this for 10 years. its a two ouncer or im a Dutchman >" It turned out to be 2/1/4. he had in his gold collection a flake two nuggetoes and a 2/1/4 ounce nugget. Note the nugget that brown discoloured colour would have been indistinguishable with other rocks in a sieve and the reason all those using a sieve tghrow away 90% of the nuggets they ""pan". Little point the river involved was the Afon Wen you can make a hole 4ft in a day /5ft in a week/ 6ft in two weeks work. But 8ft the usual depth to full bottom took three months work but you got then 10/15 grams of gold and nuggets per sq yard. usual average was 2 gram nuggets best I got was 8 gram . the ouncer was a 1in /1000 exception.
  8. There was discussion on the Jeremy Vile show on wehter this should happen yesterday. Never got chance to phone in to say yes let him come but that they should get him out of London and show him the sights. A trip up north to see Hadrians wall would be instructive I think.
  9. Ok I mentioned theses things they happen to be true might be dated as it was 20 years ago. I lived in Dolgellau area for 10 years . I was not a tourist .It used to take me two days to go in and two days to depart as it took that going round seeing all friends in the area. Friends who brought there dogs out to the forest all of 14 miles told me of difficulties in Dolgellau. Yes did not look up spelling of Cwmbran . My friend on road to Barmouth had property there that went right down to the waters edge. The local farmer bought up the redundant farm next to him towards Barmouth . He then had his cows move to fresh fields in the new pasture heed got. Instead of driving them around the road through traffic and round my friends property he broke down the hedges and fence on my friends land and drive them through his property. My friend kept repairing his fence even using barbed wire. It ended up the farmer going round my friends house and shooting dead his black Labrador who was inside with all her puppys. Im in tears as I used to like her and she was as good as gold. The farmer claimed they had all been out chasing his sheep. Not sure if police involved. I nearly years ago went back to visit him during time we had foot and mouth come to our area with presents . I only did not due to having friends with farmer at Bonttu. Note while I was there holiday cottages were been burnt down . Local Merribion Glendowwer guy who had been to prison lived on farm near Bron Aber.
  10. A friend lives in a village out of Dolgellau and you need to be English living in Wales and not speak Welsh to experience racism at its worst . As said Dolgellau is a dangerous place. But nothing to the total hatred they have for Welsh who cant speak Welsh. I had a "friend" who lived at Bron Aber who experienced horrors . Hes dead now but had retired there from Cumbrawnn .Suprisingly he was scared as he had been head of the mafia in south Wales. The husky in Tesco had the panels on as help dog . I did not question its authontisiticy so as not to get a husky into trouble if it was wrong. I saw it twice one going round the store and passing it when leaving . I patted him on the way out , Ive new phone would have taken a photo if I knew how to operate the phone. Ill keep a eye out to take a photo. Bora Da or Nos Starr
  11. Ill point out a point of intrest regarding dogs in Wales. When I was the Afon Wen panning quite a few locals brought there dogs to let off the lead and walk them who came from Dolgellau. They could not walk them in Dolgellau as the farmers in the area of the town regularly shot dogs anywhere near there fields even when on leads. Ill add another point I was amazed to see a. husky in Tesco Dumfries at Christmas in the store. He was a helping dog I said hello but did not find out what type of help he was. I did think if huskys can be that well trained that their singing could be of some use in situations plus if trained as dogs for the blind then blind marathon runners could win races.
  12. yes can second Lidl the thighs are greast for myself plus my huskys like them . I do most of the dry complete but they need a bit of meat to go with it once at night Webbox chubroll though my Topaz has dire rear with rabbit version . only need a slice half inch. The complete is available 24/7 and unlike Labradors they dont over feed. Can be more difficult when im out in my van though Monty tends to not eat much. Ill add did not get to sled races as my van in for repair tomorrow (getting new cable as I cant select reverse) Got a weird selection come up on YOUTUBE Enigma -Era -Gregorian Moment of peace Huskys to the fore on that one
  13. Look at the news article that started the story look at latest news it tells of Sled dog races at Loch Morlick with 2500 huskys. On the 26th January Ill see if I can get up there to see whats happening. We got snow here in the Lowlands so they should have buckets full.
  14. It was on ITV lost the plot and fell asleep woke up for end / lost plot again saw pirate man been beastly it ended. Ill not book it for a rerun.
  15. 1Adult two huskys. Ill only come for Saturday as seeing the video has decided me . Too many kids running around for my huskys safety. Ill need to buy another muzzle too. Mine have both been abused by children and hate them. So will have to be on muzzles and keep clear of the rugrats. So wont be fun . Plus I dont drink . Having said that all I need to do is park up some where and get panning in the rivers streams and the treasure wreck to keep me happy. And ive done the exploration and know where to park for free.
  16. We got our own Killer on the loose Jack Shepherd who sentanced to 6.5 years in jail for homicide plus as yet to face court for violent assult on barman . £25,000 reward offered by Daily Mail for info leading to his arrest. He s suspected of living in Thailand having jollys as he dont give a stuff about justice or even his wife and kid in Wales.
  17. Having never been im not sure about whats happening and the cost.Ive only got to park up my van . Is it £113 for the week ? and £31 for a night ? As that would work out at £62 for two days. If I book for one night can you suggest one good day?
  18. Yee godlets im looking at things on YouTube tons of videos and treasure hunters metal detecting. On a walk now from Moelfre to Amlwch. Notr when looking Charter other side of seaweed on rocks. But note of caution on Parys hill lots of places to park up and lots of holes with water pools , The water will be very dangerous with copper and arsenic in it.
  19. Little point im intrested in gold hence why I live in place where I can walk my huskys plus 7 miies and 14 miles from gold rivers that supplied the gold 500 years ago for the Scottish crown jewals
  20. My reaction is quite different to most replys. After seeing horror storys of people buying Huskys in pubs and taking them home and them killing little dogs and babys ive another approach. I was on understanding Huskys dont recognise little dogs as being as same species as them . They assume there a kinda rabbit and if it gets intresting they will rip it to pieces. So I act accordingly and would never let them get too close or ever leave alone together.
  21. YEs very sad for your loss.I try look for brightness out of sadness and my thoughts are this. A husky looking for a new home could now find one with you. I came back to Husky owners after the conflab with server change and passwords ect. Because id seen in Scottish Daily Mail story of dogs in Lanarkshire rescue centre including a singing husky. All details I misdirected in piece in Sports section under Hamilton as its the Hamilton section of Rescue Cheyannes is at that rescue centre and been there a long time. they would not let me have her so upset at there decision.
  22. Diving gear will get you onto the wreck site on the bottom . Its only 20ft down and can be seen from the rocks straight on to it. But it needs thought to get the gold.Major diving teams had attempts in the 1970,s and came to very nasty blows. When I visited I did something ive never done before I lept in the air crying Eureka as on my third pan of gravel I got gold flakes. Whilst working the site I discovered several things that the gravel I was panning had all the same minerals as I got panning the Mawddach a major gold river in the Coed Y Brenin near Dolgelau. I had noticed that exploration was taking place at Parys Mountain further up and when visiting the geologist spotted the geological map showing a wedge or Ordivician rock crossing Anglesey I subsequently found the gold with considerable black sand coming into the beach from a small stream. Also gold in the sand at Benllech. Ive not managed to google map but on the corner of the wreck site is a caravan park with also stationary caravans and met one of the occupants of a caravan he a diver who had been diving the site for years. He had not found one piece of gold and offered me a lobster for one flake of gold. But he showed me pewter plates and objects he had recovered from the site. I am saying this as divers have been trying for gold on the site now for decades and a guy living next to the site has not had a single piece of gold.Plus we got Vince turning mad in old age claiming he has sole rights because he has found a nugget there when diving and got permission from farmer to dive. Id suggest the caravan park has as much right plus since he has residents diving the site and a visitor attraction it might get messy.Since Vince has done this Prog on Welsh CH4 it will attract thousands of divers in 2019. My conclusion is diving might be a exciting prospect but your chances of gold will be negligible UNLESS you are a very good gold panner(Vince is not) I was a professional goldpanner and Vince tried for decades to have me stopped as he said there was not enough gold for the amateurs to pan. He tried over the years many techniques of getting gold involving asking people when they were going home before moving in the next day into the hole being worked. He has with friends come in panning a yard from me and his friend the other side of me to intimerdate me. He has over the years consistently claim jumped me. My favourite story about Vinces prowess is that he Chairman of British gold panning association (people used to phone him up telling of new finds heed be there next day) was organising the 1994 World Gold panning Championships at Wanlockhead . Heed arranged a lorry load of gravel to Wanlockhead to fill the buckets with gold to be panned in record times to win. Me and another guy had a few trys at this gravel and were finding very small pieces of gold in it. Heed picked a river to get gravel and such was his skill heed picked a river that had gold instead of no gold. Little piece of info the river was near Cummnock . Ive not been personally yet as Cumnock has a very bad reputation. Saw a woman last year who gave me better info its New Cummnock that has the crime drugs and poverty incidently its often in the news its where Dumfries House is that Prince Charles saved for the nation and now turning into a mega millions housing estate for millionaires. All I can say is good luck with that and the neighbours. Id love to drain the site and get the gold there but not being a diver ill leave it to the divers out there .But im a goldpanner and seeing the gold he showd off on tv I could do better in a day on site than all hes got in months diving. Plus also I cracked the secret of the site. So im geed up top get there as its going to be in some ways so easy to surpass vince by the gold I could get. I could also arrange to show you guys say in week before Husky camp or week after. Ill omit to show you the secret of the site that's money. But gold flakes you can pick up ill show you how and when you get emm there yours to keep. I used to get in trouble showing people how to pan gold because they would change and start saying there nolonger any for them to find. To you id say get a geological map from British geological survey and dig into any river or stream that has Ordovician rock crossing it
  23. Wetsuit not needed wellys at most you can get gold in your walking shoes. A gold pan very good but not essential a good pan useful that you can semi pan in is basic needs. But major help you could still get is a turkey baster from poundland. Its for sucking up sand gravel in cracks to your pan to swirl round with water. Ill add a weird device to you but not to panners but a sharp knife or one ive used to massive reward is a scriber. But do be aware that you will damage them by use or in case of scriber left it somewhere on river bank. Dont go squawking too much on social chat as said Vince threatened me and Imm not wanting conflict but suspect that mobile phone footage of him will down any thing getting off as hes very adverse to publicity of a bad nature. The site is virtually uncovered at low tide so got a fare few hours to look .its rock shelf right up to the cliff face and when water out you can walk to the wreck. A bout a hundred yards of rock then the sea , I ofter saw a seal ten yards out looking back. its like a harbour wall you get to the edge of the rock and its a straight 20ft drop to bottom and that's where the wreck is at 20 ft. It got barged into the corner and was along side this rock shelf like a harbour wall and just got battered to death till it sank. The villagers from Moelfre were on the hill behind and the wind was lashing waves foam hundreds of feet high. Only one man escaped trying to bring a line ashore. The bodies were carried hundreds of miles down coast and to Isle of Man 599 drowned. From Moelfre its a 5 mile walk round the cliff path. From further up there car parking near the dunes and gold in LLygwy beach (cant find my notes so wrong spelling. but found reply from modern gold miner magazine who I submitted story to as they wanted more photos april 1992 that reply. In fact but keep quiet the gold can be got with tide in, literally hundreds of gold prospectors arriving back home (Liverpool 50 miles away) with the goldrush riches of their lives died because they would not throw there gold away and drowned with the weight of it. Hence gold dust and gold sovereigns are scattered all over the rocks and beach for miles.The Sydney minted soverigns are especially valued by coin collecters last price I heard was £35,000 each. 5 00 were found by diving team in 1974 when they lifted the rudder plate. Ive been dying to get back for decades but have had no transport till last year. But not know to Vince there are several gold occurances on Anglesey in fact the National Museumn of Wales asked me for samples as they not got a single piece, I spotted in someones rockery the premier gold rock of gold mines Clogau shale and was told where they had collected it on Anglesey. Round the husky campsite the premier rock to locate and put on your maps is Ordovician rock the Clogau shale in that series is a sure fire bet for gold. Might get some huskys from America if this story gets there . One other thing ive got to suggest to those without motorhomes to get around ect. My motorhome cost £2500 to buy tax insure and mot. It has had a few vauge probs but nothing major. Its a exambulance they go for between £1500 and £2000. One good sovereign from wreck site will keep me happy for years Note Vince inn google trying to claim credit for biggest nugget found in Britain . Load of tosh Its gold from wreck found by real gold panners hundreds of years ago but look at it its a typical Bendingo nugget with chunky square pieces of quartz in it. I told Vince it worth a lot in Australia. Because it was the law to have all gold melted and sent to Britain but each mint in Australia kept one big nugget that came there way and out of all big nuggets found in Australias gold history only three still exist . Google one its called the Maitland bar found by a chinaman. Vinces one was 3.5 oz Note to dish confusion biggest nugget found is in Cornwall 17 oz other a 17.5 oz found near that ballykissangel pl;ace in Ireland..Then big nuggets found near dolgallau in the Mawddach below the falls. The Royal Charter had the militia arrive from Liverpool in three days so lots of the bodies had been picked clean within that time and lots of wealth villages on Anglesey were to be had after . They had a insurance value of £750,000 on entire cargo and they recovered that amount in three months then left. Not sure if they found it but one nugget on board the ship was valued at £500. Remembering what year it sank gold was £3 a ounce at the time so it must have been a 100 oz nugget.
  24. I was thinking of coming last year as the area is of great intrest. Ill book in a week or so . Ill come early and camp up in the country for a week or two. Team Husky will be hitting the area for GOLD. The area is stiff with gold its the Dolgelau gold belt running through it. Ive a major find in the area to locate .( ive tried to get to spot 20 years before but very tight roads and lanes meant I could not park up what so ever within 5 miles. I was told in Dolgelau by a old man that his grandfather was a member of a prospecting team in Victorian times, They found a major gold vein crossing the river. They found the owner of the mineral rights and asked permission to buy or rent the rights to establish a goldmine. The owners said NO. They had the mineral rights as a reserve location for other minerals and were not selling. Nearby across the water 50 miles is Anglesey and a major treasure wreck called the Royal Charter(google or you tube). I told a goldpanner about a story I d written about it and how id found gold there. That guy Vince Therkettle is now presenting a prog on C4 welsh about the discovery. Im after one of the 20,000 sovereigns on the ship all minted in Sydney mint 1859 with little s on them to signifie where minted. They are worth thousands. Its easy to find gold flakes and nuggets at site( seeing possible amount vince has its easier than he makes out. Only one problem is last time I saw Vince he threatened me and said it was all his. Note in 1974 divers were threatening themselves with knifes and throwing dynamite in water at each other. I met a diver (not one into violence who showed us artifacts off the wreck) I also showed a policeman a friend ( he knows Vince he had been investigating Vinces activitys in around Dolgellau) the gold to be panned onsite. Just saying as hopefully I can arrange meeting between police and any threats. They lost 20000 oz of gold dust its that that is easy to find.There was also 400 400oz bars on board 399 were recovered. Force of storm that sank it made one of them to be virtually welded to a iron beam. Little added piece of info ive found gold coming into the beach half a mile up and gold in beach 15 miles down and around. It had come all that way from Australia with the goldfinds of Bedingo and Ballarat goldfields and sunk on a Welsh gold field. History buffs half a mile up is the largest medieval mine of copper Parys mountain that has millions of grams of gold in the waste deposits. Note very difficult deposits to extract gold from . 7 million tons of arsenical pyrites and 11 million tons of iron pyrites. Note on getting to wreck site a few mile walk on sand from carpark in dunes. Last time I there I had two border collies but had to retreat from wreck site as all the rocks covered in jellyfish. So more excitement than huskys to be had in area.
  25. SSPCA got back to us saying Cheyanne did not like dogs in cells next to her but ok passing other dogs on leads but when let off lead with other dogs was very aggressive on her personal space so they think not great with other dogs on reflexion id think it was just husky hissy fit. As mine growls if I comb her. I just react with stern word. They say they waiting for right home rather than have her coming back or injuring another dog. She been in cells for months (October ).
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