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  1. Just phoned to book and woman on other end had no idea about huskys been there and was quoting £22 a night £38 for two nights and then things got too much. So wont bother as I did get the comments from our admin id not be welcome as such. Ill pass and spend my time better in wales on anglesy next to the wreck of the Royal chartwer plucking Australian gold from the beach besides im diabetic and cannot drink or gorge on barbeques . ill just enjoy the company of my two huskys in the sunshine.
  2. If you were in the EU and they banned termite killer you might be a tad upset if then you then had to fight the decision in a parliament in Europe against the uber green activists. But having been Australia (Queensland Anakie gemfields) id suggest a few more green people needed there as the poor little Koalas having a bad time when I there. Anyways hi from Scotland my two wanting out to lay in the sun outside.Spring happening here possibly tad early due to hot weather my daffodils coming into flower.(im weird in when things happen im at 1200ft above sea lv and it kills seasons by s month. being in Scotland200 miles away from where I was born also kills season by a month. Usually my full daffodil show is in May.
  3. One of the reasons I voted leave was because the EU banned the sale of high powered vaccumn cleaners to save the planet. Ive a HOOVER and a VAX that are completely crap at hoovering up husky hair. In fact I was thinking of starting a section where we could vote for best vaccumn cleaner for huskys as ive had a load of crap ones over the years. Might even get a few site sponsors from intrested manufactuers but they can get short shift if they expect good review for crap product. Id be willing to do tests mind on ones they would like to send me. Got a carpet cleaner that worked all of once but failed when husky hairs destroyed it. (was being used to clear up after husky accidents).
  4. Just seen a article in Daily Mail online about GOT star berating people for getting Huskys. Ive written a comment or two plus adding recommendation to look in our site here for info. Also added bit about Brexit as it a reoccurring theme of intrest in the comments. ( the banning of high powered vacumn cleaners by EU)
  5. Is Pete Docherty a member of this forum as he was on Tv in Margate showing off off lead huskys on beach at Margate . Notable for being lead singer of Libertines and herion addict.
  6. Im thinking that there may be a important general election coming up in May
  7. News on Cheyyane seems she has moved from Hamilton where they still give out the old crap about her growling at other dogs invading her space. She been moved to Dunbarton rescue. They got different approach they say if your other dog gets on with her you can take her home. Only problem is Dunbarton 100 miles or more away. They got a fabulous malamute there too.
  8. Sad news was listening to 2cellos from Gladiators Now I am free . Monty was howling away to it. Will play now Enigma-Era -Gregorian Moment of Peace
  9. Yes 60 ft leads are good and I take my two out on a double lead and its usually good as I have rope attached to it round my waist. But the brass clip can be undone when they jump start as if starting off with a sled. But the double is good as they have one failing low intelligence in that if off they will choose to go either side of a lamppost or rock making recapture easy. Little comment I saw somewhere ages of huskys my Topaz 16 years old Monty about one year younger. only thing is Montys black coat now all grey. ( ive seen it on Tv a prog about a dog show for dogs that had them made up ,im going to try some hair dye black and orange on both my dogs. Have not got jet sprays but will try with brushes to make them into tigers.
  10. June 5th 1995 I was first person on earth to handle the 2/1/4 ounce gold nugget the" Jamie" Jamie was a gamekeeper having a nervous breakdown and trying to make a new job for himself.Actually he was succeeding successfully in his new job as heed found that a select small shrimp was the food needed to feed baby lobsters. He used to go catch them on a tide in the Mawddach esturary and sell them to select university group. In between tides he tried panning for gold in the forest . I saw him in the valley id been panning he was what I call a kangaroo a hole 2ft deep then heed move 50 yards then the same again. I went and told him he was wasteing his time as the gold started to show at 6ft. I told heed need to dig a minimum of 3ft for a odd chance of getting any thing. Think he managed to get one flake of gold.He left and during weekend id changed site to a location on side of river onto bedrock and was panning gravel and hard clay getting decent nuggettoes of about 0.1 to 0,3 of a gram.I was accumulating a fair amount but a Forestry worker stopped and told us the water to bottom of the river was white from the clay. So I stopped and changed site again. On Sunday the ""gold expert from Leeds """ came down with friend and I went downstream to see them and they were digging at side of big 20 ton boulder at side of river. I told them off /gave advice as they were using a sieve. I told them the river had nuggets and by using a sieve they would throw away the nuggets. ||They like many others ignored my advice. Id been given this advice and had followed it and thereafter started getting nuggets galore.The advice was given by a strange lad from Colwyn bay. Strange because he had a campervan which he had covered in stickers of which you could get in kids magazines in the 1960.s of fake bullet holes. But looking closer all the bullet holes in the back of his van were real. On Monday it rained and as result the river rose and filled in all activity on the river. On Wenesday Jamie arrived at about 5pm and I told him he could do my clay site as that late at night no one would see and any clay in river would not show up for next day. I went down at 7pm it nearly getting dark. He was not there he was actually in the hole that the guys had been in at weekend next to big rock. Note the hole had filled up on Monday with loose gravel so not obvious . He had worked all the loose gravel out easily and was getting down about one foot further than they had gone. Heed got two nuggetoes from the clay site but moved as he thought it too dirty to continue. Anyways I came down and he had all the equipment on massive big plastic arm waders and he using a square letrapp pan that fairly weird to use by shuffling it back and forwards. He had this stone in his pan rattling around and it looked like a zippo lghter a brass one that was old and tarnished he asked us what that was I picked it up out of the pan and looked at it. On one side it had a slight scratch. I said "You bastwerd" " ive been looking for one like this for 10 years. its a two ouncer or im a Dutchman >" It turned out to be 2/1/4. he had in his gold collection a flake two nuggetoes and a 2/1/4 ounce nugget. Note the nugget that brown discoloured colour would have been indistinguishable with other rocks in a sieve and the reason all those using a sieve tghrow away 90% of the nuggets they ""pan". Little point the river involved was the Afon Wen you can make a hole 4ft in a day /5ft in a week/ 6ft in two weeks work. But 8ft the usual depth to full bottom took three months work but you got then 10/15 grams of gold and nuggets per sq yard. usual average was 2 gram nuggets best I got was 8 gram . the ouncer was a 1in /1000 exception.
  11. There was discussion on the Jeremy Vile show on wehter this should happen yesterday. Never got chance to phone in to say yes let him come but that they should get him out of London and show him the sights. A trip up north to see Hadrians wall would be instructive I think.
  12. Ok I mentioned theses things they happen to be true might be dated as it was 20 years ago. I lived in Dolgellau area for 10 years . I was not a tourist .It used to take me two days to go in and two days to depart as it took that going round seeing all friends in the area. Friends who brought there dogs out to the forest all of 14 miles told me of difficulties in Dolgellau. Yes did not look up spelling of Cwmbran . My friend on road to Barmouth had property there that went right down to the waters edge. The local farmer bought up the redundant farm next to him towards Barmouth . He then had his cows move to fresh fields in the new pasture heed got. Instead of driving them around the road through traffic and round my friends property he broke down the hedges and fence on my friends land and drive them through his property. My friend kept repairing his fence even using barbed wire. It ended up the farmer going round my friends house and shooting dead his black Labrador who was inside with all her puppys. Im in tears as I used to like her and she was as good as gold. The farmer claimed they had all been out chasing his sheep. Not sure if police involved. I nearly years ago went back to visit him during time we had foot and mouth come to our area with presents . I only did not due to having friends with farmer at Bonttu. Note while I was there holiday cottages were been burnt down . Local Merribion Glendowwer guy who had been to prison lived on farm near Bron Aber.
  13. A friend lives in a village out of Dolgellau and you need to be English living in Wales and not speak Welsh to experience racism at its worst . As said Dolgellau is a dangerous place. But nothing to the total hatred they have for Welsh who cant speak Welsh. I had a "friend" who lived at Bron Aber who experienced horrors . Hes dead now but had retired there from Cumbrawnn .Suprisingly he was scared as he had been head of the mafia in south Wales. The husky in Tesco had the panels on as help dog . I did not question its authontisiticy so as not to get a husky into trouble if it was wrong. I saw it twice one going round the store and passing it when leaving . I patted him on the way out , Ive new phone would have taken a photo if I knew how to operate the phone. Ill keep a eye out to take a photo. Bora Da or Nos Starr
  14. Ill point out a point of intrest regarding dogs in Wales. When I was the Afon Wen panning quite a few locals brought there dogs to let off the lead and walk them who came from Dolgellau. They could not walk them in Dolgellau as the farmers in the area of the town regularly shot dogs anywhere near there fields even when on leads. Ill add another point I was amazed to see a. husky in Tesco Dumfries at Christmas in the store. He was a helping dog I said hello but did not find out what type of help he was. I did think if huskys can be that well trained that their singing could be of some use in situations plus if trained as dogs for the blind then blind marathon runners could win races.
  15. yes can second Lidl the thighs are greast for myself plus my huskys like them . I do most of the dry complete but they need a bit of meat to go with it once at night Webbox chubroll though my Topaz has dire rear with rabbit version . only need a slice half inch. The complete is available 24/7 and unlike Labradors they dont over feed. Can be more difficult when im out in my van though Monty tends to not eat much. Ill add did not get to sled races as my van in for repair tomorrow (getting new cable as I cant select reverse) Got a weird selection come up on YOUTUBE Enigma -Era -Gregorian Moment of peace Huskys to the fore on that one
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