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  1. Some new pictures of me that Megan took. Unfortunately that hat burned up with my car, but i'm getting a new one lol.
  2. The girls getting a bath. I want to see your husky spinning around.
  3. Maya pretending to be a cheetah. I want to see your husky in the air.
  4. Maya playing with her favorite toy! I want to see your husky pouting.
  5. Was it this link that you clicked? I clicked one of the other links and that popped up for me too. Only this link works. http://1award.co.uk/addvote.php?vote=9517
  6. The only way the girls mess up the house is with their fur! I want to see a husky face-plant!
  7. I have a pet store one! Sophie at pet supplies plus. I'll just copy Megan, i want to see your husky on his/her favorite hike!
  8. Alright so here's me, i don't like getting my picture taken so i don't have many photo's of myself. With Sophie
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