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  1. They're pretty used to getting dressed up, lol. Thanks! Sophie hates masks so she'll always give me glares, haha.
  2. She does have an etsy shop though. https://www.etsy.com/shop/zapcouture
  3. My friend who owns the other red husky made the tutu's for all the dogs. I got the blue crown collar at the festival for Sophie, Megan got her purple and pink one from a dog event or pet store i believe, and my friend with the red husky got hers at the festival too. Then the wings the red husky and aussie are wearing were from a pet store.
  4. The dye is a dog safe chalk, i work as a groomer so i just took Yuki and Sophie in to chalk them there. You just brush or rub it into their fur, spray it with water, then dry it. It comes out on its own after a while or you can wash it out. The ears are always my favorite part to chalk lol. The chalk had already started to wear off for the festival unfortunately, this was Sophie right after i chalked her.
  5. Megan and i went up to Michigan for the renaissance festival again this year. The pups had so much fun and we got some many comments and people wanting to take pictures of them. Unfortunately a cat won the dog costume contest even though there were so many great costumes and it was a DOG event. Oh well, i felt bad for the poor cat that was freaking out and obviously didn't want to be there. Sophie was great and was able to show off her perfect stay for the pictures lol. Hanging out in the car on the way there. All ready for the festival! Cute husky puppy giving Sophie kisses. Masks we got there to match their outfits! "Yuki did you just touch my butt?" Yuki snuggles on the way back.
  6. Thanks everyone, his old owners called him a woolly husky and after talking to some aussie owners i'll probably just call him a wooly husky. The more i get to know him the more husky he looks and acts, lol. I took him to the lake a little while ago and he broke his long leash....luckily i just calmly followed him and grabbed the broken part of the leash when he saw a rabbit. So that was really scary....but other than that part we had a lot of fun.
  7. Thanks everyone! He's a great lovable boy who snuggles with me all night, and he is my fourth pack member now!
  8. Thanks! He's fitting in quite well and the girls love him, especially Kay.
  9. Well sort of, he's such a little guy. If anyone remembers i took in this guy in March when he was lost and looking for his owners, we found them the day after i took him it. Well someone on facebook tagged me in a post asking if the husky in a craigslist add was the same boy. I knew immediately that it was the same goof and decided to go pick him up after talking to my parents (They were attached to him when we took care of him for a bit). After talking to his owners that weren't the same people i gave him back to, they said they got him from another lady who only had him for a month. They also trimmed up his fur because he had too much for them to handle, especially with him getting ticks from the dog park. So this is my newest member to the pack, LUKA! Not sure if he's a pure wooly husky or some kind of mix, i feel like he's just a small wooly. And here are a couple new pictures of the girls and some with their friends.
  10. Thanks everyone. I'm glad we found his owners so fast, they were really worried about him.
  11. Someone on facebook found this boy but couldn't keep him in her apartment with her kids. I told her i would foster him until his owner was found, so i went and picked him up Sunday morning. Saturday evening the person who found him found an add just posted about someones lost husky mix and it was him. We called his owners and they were so happy he was found and safe, they then came to pick him up. He had a short but fun filled time here with my girls, Kay was depressed and walked around crying for a bit when he left.
  12. Thanks. Here's some new pictures from sledding Sunday.
  13. Thanks, it's because he's a little white fluff ball. Him and Kay are amazingly cute together. I got them off of dogtagart.com. Cloud is in charge, lol. Well at least with Kay and Sophie, no ones in charge of Maya.
  14. I only have three, the other dogs in these pictures are Megan's (Mobezilla's) and another friend of mines.
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