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  1. Wow. Is this one still going? Looks like I'm back AND winning all in the same day ????
  2. Looks fab. We're heading back down south this weekend for a week or so and I was thinking little dude would like it there. Photos are fab. Oh and hi ????
  3. Hi guys who knew running around after a 3 year old would take up so much time huh??? Seriously cutting in to my social media time. Lol. I still stalk most of you on Facebook anyway! So there is no getting away from me. I have eyes everywhere Serious note though. Andy I was very sorry to hear about Daughtry big woos from our two. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  4. Howdy HO peeps. How y'all doing? It's been many months since I last visited Hope everyone had a great Christmas? Our first one as daddies was lovely and little dude was spoilt rotten. In fact he was a bit overwhelmed by it all. Our two fluffies are still his best friends, although Kalamity is more his size Here's a recent pic of the hounds to say hi. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. OMG! I am sooooooooo happy for you guys. See what I miss when I'm absent for long periods of time. I am literally beaming from ear to ear big huge snogs from all of us xxxx Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  6. Thanks for posting these pics Lee and Jos. We are really sorry we missed a lot of you at camp but it was a real flying visit. We literally met halfway through the beach walk, drove back to camp (well I walked monster dog and mini pup back along the beach wall), then had an hour at main camp with little dude. We wish we had stayed the whole weekend but we weren't sure how well he would have settled so didn't book ourselves in to camp this year We will defo be at the next one though It's so lovely of you all to be following our journey into parenthood and we can't thank you enough for your kind words and support. The next big step is making the adoption final and we will keep you posted once we have court dates sorted. See you all soon
  7. I'm sure we will find you all. We just head for the noise
  8. Are you lot STILL trying to beat me? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  9. You looked so comfy Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  10. Oh she's fine now. Currently pounding Kodiak into the floor! She'll see those of you coming to camp on Saturday
  11. Not posted in a while about our baby girl. As she's been quite ill Since her first season ended at the beginning of February she has had, for want of a better expression, gunky lady parts! She went to the vet who said it was just vaginitis and she had antibiotics. This cleared it up for about a week and it started again so back we went and more antibiotics were given. At this point we had already booked her in to be spayed at the beginning of April and they said it couldn't be a pyometra. Those antibiotics finished but she was still gunky so a trip to the emergency vet had to be made as it was a Sunday! They pulled her about and prodded and said the same as our vet that it wasn't a pyometra as she had no other symptoms so they gave her more tablets. She was still running about with Kodiak and was just a little off her food but the antibiotics could make her not eat so again we weren't concerned. The next lot of tablets finished and she was ok for a few days but back came the gunk! This was now a week before her spay was due so our vets gave me more tablets for her and said to take her if anything changed. She was still quite bouncy so we waited for her op date. The day arrived and I took her in with little dude, who cried when we left her there, the nurse said they'd ring once the op was over. After a couple of hours the vet rang and was very upset (my heart stopped for a fraction of a second fearing the worst!) she said they'd opened her up and found a massive pyometra!!! In fact if it had been left much longer we could've lost her! The vet was so upset and so were the nurses that they all took it in turns to sit and cuddle her in between patients for the rest of the day. I picked her up that evening and she was very floppy and very bald! The next day she was still a bit floppy but seemed much perkier. By the next day she was wanting to run around with monster dog but we kept them apart for most of the weekend although by Sunday she was running around like a loon and even found the strength to dig a hole in the hall wall! We're 3 weeks from having the op and she's like a different dog. Although she was still bouncy before the op she must've been ill as she's full on puppy again now. Poor Kodiak doesn't know what hit him!
  12. Not to worry Storm. Skye will always be Kodiak's first love.
  13. Kells we're still popping up for the odd day or two with little dude don't know which days yet but we'll be there. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  14. Salty popcorn all the way. It's better for you than eating crisps
  15. Howdy. Thought I'd pop on quickly and show you all how grown up she is now
  16. I'm gutted for you both Linda. Run free Odin. X
  17. So our baby girl is nearly 9 months old now! She's such a good girl and little one just adores her.
  18. Hi All. Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten you and miss you all I know a few of you can see what's going on with us on Facebook so I won't bore you with little dude updates (we have a whole other thread for that!) just wanted to say hi and see how you were all doing? So come on give me the goss. Although keep it short my poor little brain is used to 2 year olds sentences now and has trouble processing long words or words that aren't pirate related (thank Disney Jnr for that!) oh and I thought is drop a couple of updated monster dog and mini dog pics too...
  19. I think we will defo be doing a day trip or two I've been telling little dude all about it.
  20. Sorry guys. We've been busy busy busy Our son finally came home on Thursday and it's been a bit of a whirlwind ever since! He's taken to the dogs very well and Kala is his little BFF. Kodiak is still trying to work out where he came from! It's such an amazing feeling having him home and he's adapting to life with us well so far. We had an emotional goodbye with his foster carer but plan to keep in touch with her with texts and pics. He's slept both nights straight through so far so both his daddies are very happy It's the dogs that have kept us up seeing as Kala is now in her 2nd week of season and although Kodiak isn't that interested in her since his implant he is very whiny and paced all night while she slept in her crate peacefully!!! More updates to follow.
  21. It was fabulous he was everything we hoped and more. Such an adorable little dude. Can't wait until tomorrow
  22. We'd never let monster dog off lead but he is quite lazy and I doubt he'd go far but I'd never take the risk
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